Monday, December 5, 2011

Our Love Story: Part Seven

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I bought my perfect dress.  We hired a wedding planner.  Mr. Robinson rented tuxes.  We selected our wedding party & contacted everyone who we needed beside us on our wedding day.  We hired a photographer.  We picked out the cake.  We booked our perfect venue.


He proposed.

It was a perfect March day.  March 15, 2011.  We both took a few days off from working at Ruby Tuesday to run some wedding errands with my very supportive parents.  They were paying for the wedding, and they were very excited for us!  My parents were so great about giving me everything I wanted for our dream wedding.  All they asked in return was to be included.  They wanted to share this exciting time with us.  So, March 15th we got up early that morning and went to a bakery at the beach.  The four of us had a blast tasting so many kinds of delicious cake!  Mr. Robinson and I were well researched and already knew that we wanted a guitar shaped grooms cake and an Indian-inspired wedding cake.  After we chose a cake and set everything up with the baker, we went home for about an hour.  We were meeting the wedding planner at our venue in town, but we didn't have anything else to do in the we went back to my parents' house to wait.  Mr. Robinson and I had a tiny little squabble over something.  I don't remember what it was, I just remember him acting a litty grumpy or on edge.  He has this little camel pack that he uses as a bathroom bag when he travels.  He put it on his back and went outside to talk to my dad.

I thought it was very strange.  Why did he need his bathroom bag?  It would be like me taking my straightener to lay out on the beach.  No sense.  They were outside talking for a very long time.  I peeked through the window, desperate to figure out what they were up to!  I seriously thought that he was wanting to leave and go back to his apartment.

Finally they came inside, acting a little strange.  It was time to go, so we went to our plantation wedding venue.

We were at our wedding venue with my parents.  We were walking around outside, scoping out the grounds, and waiting on our wedding planner to meet us to discuss the layout of the ceremony and reception.  My parents were walking around, everyone was acting a little odd.  I chalked it up to the fact that the idea of me and marriage was very new to all four of us.

Mr. Robinson asks me to sit with him on a bench in the corner of the courtyard.  So, we sat.

My mom and dad are kind of aimlessly wondering around us, circling us.  My dad says something about a tree he wants to show us. Weird, right?  So I tell Mr. Robinson that I wanted to go look at this tree.  He says no, we have to sit on the bench for a while.  Again, weird.  So I'm looking around the courtyard....  There are several rosebushes around and I'm looking at all of the pretty flowers.  There is a huge, old oak tree and I'm oogling over it.  I'm twisting and turning in my seat, trying to take it all in.  He is talking to me about something, but I'm only half-listening.  Whoops.

Finally, he huffs out one BIG sigh and asks if I will just LOOK AT HIM ALREADY!  (haha).  So I turn to him.  I notice out of the corner of my eye that he has something in his lap.  I look down at this hands.  There it is.  It's my ring.  I wasn't expecting it yet!  I knew that I would eventually have a diamond on my finger, but I was not concerned with jewels.  I loved this man and for all I cared, he could tie a piece of string around my finger and it would mean just as much to me as any stone.  What mattered was that we loved each other enough to spend forever together.  I was so surprised!

I honestly was so overwhelmed that I don't recall exactly what he said.  I wish that I did, but the truth's all a blur.  I even forgot to tell him "yes!"  The fact that I didn't answer him at all amuses him to this day.  In our wedding book, he wrote the proposal story and calls me an adorable spaz.  :)  I just hugged him and cried a little.  My parents had swooped in (unnoticed) and taken pictures of the whole thing!

 It was a most exciting day!  It's a little frustrating that I looked the complete opposite of glamorous, but that is definitely not what matters the most.  Our wedding planner soon showed up, and we began planning out our special wedding day and we both had HUGE smiles plastered on our faces!

So...the question is:  Did I Know It Was Coming?  .

Not. At. All!  I knew that at some point I would be getting a ring, yes.  I knew the reason I didn't have one at this particular point was because of money.  I knew that money was not the most important thing to us and I could care less about a ring.  I loved him so much back then...and now, I love him even more.  It's so amazing.  Sorry, sidetracked.  :)  But we had only been planning for two weeks and I didn't expect him to come up with the money so soon.  Even with them acting weird, I had no clue.

:)  I love how unconventional our proposal story is.  I also love that we got married at the same place we got engaged!  It's something a little different.  Part Eight is next!    


Amber said...

Love your love story! I love to see how two people's paths just happen to cross at just the right time and how it grew into the relationship they have now. Thanks for sharing! Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting on our wedding invitations. It was such a fun project to make. I loved having so much of my own hands in our wedding details. It made some very personal touches that I wanted incorporated into our day. I love that scrapbook paper was well. One of my favorites! Ha. Have a great day!

Anonymous said...

Ahh! I've been reading your blog for...oh about an hour now! Haha! I am so glad I came across it. I laughed a little. I cried a little. And I decided to comment on this one because this is EXACTLY how my engagement went. We were already planning the wedding and had booked our venue before he ever proposed. He proposed at our venue, right in the spot we would be standing when we got married! It was perfect! Y'alls love story is beautiful and God is so amazing for doing such great things like this in peoples lives!

Your newest follower, Stephanie!

Mrs. Robinson said...

That's AWESOME! & I thought there was only one of me...haha! Thanks for the sweet comment & for following!