Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The "I Love You" Board

I feel like all of my great ideas come from Pinterest.  Maybe one day I'll have an original idea.

Not today!  :)  Have you seen this on Pinterest? 

I just thought this pin was the cutest thing, ever.
It is decorative.
It is romantic.
It is a great way to keep the romance alive!  :)  

So I made one out of scrap pieces of paper in coordinating colors.  I hand wrote "I love you because" because we don't have a printer at home and I'm Cricutless, and I was being impatient.  We are constantly leaving sweet little notes for each other.  :)  

Mine is not as cute as the one I found on Pinterest, but I've accepted it and moved on.

I know that handwritten decor is not as perfect or photogenic, but (to me) there is just something special about it.  

We proudly display our "I Love You" board on the dresser in our bedroom.  It's right in front of the light-switch, so we look at it every day.  Excuse the mess on the floor.   

Do you have an "I Love You" board?
Do you leave love-notes? 

Is your floor cluttered and gross?  :)



Tamara said...

I love this! Too cute!

Holly said...

I love it! Looks great:)