Thursday, December 29, 2011

Thriving Love Thursday (5)

Good Morning!  Thanks for coming back to my 5th Triving Love Thursday!  I do hope you'll grab a button, write a post, and link up!  

The Rules are....

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Write a post about what you've done in the past week to show love to the people you love the most.  Remember, there is always someone out there willing to give what you are withholding.  How did you help your love thrive?

So.  How did I help love thrive this week?

As you all are very aware of, Christmas was last weekend.  There was thriving love all over my beeswax.  Everyone was in a great mood, everyone was all huggy-touchy-feely.  There were only two things everywhere I went:  Christmas spirit and love.  I helped love  thrive for everyone important to me by searching out thoughtful gifts that the person actually needed or could use or just suited them.  My husband and I helped love thrive by visiting every single immediate family member we could find on Christmas Day.  :)

I bout some sexy santa lingerie about a month or so back.  I surprised my husband with it on Christmas Eve before we went to sleep.  ;) 

Mr. Robinson is a Red Velvet nut.  I made him red velvet chocolate chip pancakes from scratch on Christmas Morning!  That helped our love thrive and made for a very happy husband.

I helped love thrive by spending about 3 hours of QT with my mother-in-law Monday.  We actually had a better time than I had imagined.  Amazing things happen when you allow your heart to be open.  :)  I would love to have a better relationship with my in-laws, specifically my MIL.  The time we spent together on Monday really helped, and it gave my husband some time to bond with his father.  

Tuesday night I went out with my two best girls.  I left a little love note for my husband telling him what a good man and husband he is.  I hid it in the computer, a place I knew he'd be since we got a new computer for Christmas!  :)   Small love notes are a great way to help someone know you are thinking about them even when they are not around.  

Again, I have to brag on my husband!  I was a bit of a crybaby yesterday when I found out that he was not giving me a birthday present.  He said the restaurant we were going to was my birthday present.  I turned 23 yesterday and was not all that happy about it.  I was having a bit of an emotional day.  My daddy posted the sweetest ever birthday wish on Facebook.  Cue tears.  And then my husband casually mentioned that dinner is my gift.  The first thing to pop into my sick and twisted, quick-to-anger head was "what kind of fat cow does he think I am?  He thinks he can just stuff me full of food and I'll forget that he didn't give me a present?!"  He tried to make me calm down by saying that we had just been so busy with Christmas and everything that he thought I would enjoy a nice night out, just the two of us.  And he had told me we were going to a very nice restaurant.  But what did I hear out of all that?  "Because of Christmas, I forgot about your birthday" or "Your Christmas presents were also birthday presents!"  With my birthday being only three short days after Christmas, my birthday is almost always pushed to the side.  I mean, who am I to compete with Jesus?  :)  But I did not want that from my husband.  Cue more tears.  Instead of getting mad or frustrated with me, he was the sweetest.  He assured me of how much he loves me, of how I'm the most important person and thing in his life, and that he treats me special.  (All of which are true...I know he loves me, values me, and thinks I'm special.)  He tried to calm me down and assure me that he knew what he was doing, that going out to dinner was not a last minute cover for forgetting, and that I would love my birthday present.  I was a huge baby, sobbing on the phone.  I basically acted like a big, spoiled brat and I'm so embarrassed of myself.  But, my husband was absolutely right.  He took me to the Melting Pot, a place where dinner is $100 for two people, not including the tip.  And since we were both servers, we always leave good tips.  The service was exceptional, so we left a $40 tip!  The food was amazing.  If you've never eaten at The Melting Pot, look up the closest location to you right now and GO!  It's the best food you'll ever eat.  I don't know about you guys, but we don't just go around spending $140 on dinner.  So this was a big treat.  AND it was about 2 hours away from home.  I was a happy girl who had earlier in the day pitched a temper tantrum and was received love as a response.  My husband absolutely helped our love thrive.  Because he didn't get mad at me, I was quicker to apologize.  He loved me when I was not acting very lovable.  And I love that man.  :)  Thanks, honey!  

And now, I want to hear from you!  How did you help love thrive this week or what did people do for you to show love?  :)  I want to hear allllll about it!      So grab a button, write a post or add this button to an existing post, and link up!

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