Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Oh, How Pinteresting! #5

The Vintage Apple has made me look forward to Wednesdays almost as much as I look forward to Fridays!  Her pins are always interesting, always different, and she always includes a little humor.  I hope all of you will go link up for this super fun link~party!  :)  This is my 5th time linking up!  Just wanted to say that.  

Maybe this is a little boring...and if it is, I do apologize.  Most of my pins lately have consisted of recipes.  I have gotten SO busy that I don't have time for crafts in addition to cooking, and wrapping presents, and decorating our home!  Crafting and DIY-ing has taken the back burner.  It breaks my heart.  I do, however,  have many cooking obligations coming up this month!  Here are some of the yummies I've been pinning.

Homemade Ranch.  Shut.  Up.

I'm actually getting a little sick of looking at food online.  :(  Follow me on Pinterest!  I promise I have a really fat DIY folder full of great ideas!  I even have a folder that includes things from our very own home!  :)  Click Here!   You know you want to!   


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