Thursday, December 8, 2011

My Husband: The Good & The Bad

My husband is the love of my life and the source of {most of my} insanity.

Who, me?  

I don't say it enough.  I don't think it enough.  He's amazing.  I take him for granted every single day.  It's the little things he does for me, ya know? 

He plays guitar for me.  He tells me I'm beautiful.  He loves my hair and my cooking.

He proposed with the most perfect the most perfect place...with the most perfect words that I'll never remember.  He loved me so much back then, and it blows my mind to think about how much our love has grown since that day.  He loved me enough to borrow a nice shirt from my dad (he was out of clean clothes...we ended up staying longer than planned) so that he would look nice in the pictures.
I, on the other hand, didn't even shower that day.  Haha.  

We took engagement portraits and he lugged this chair allllll over the place.  

He loved me enough to let me look the prettiest I've ever looked.    

He loved me enough to take me to St. Maarten on a fairy tale honeymoon!  More importantly - he loved me enough to create a fairytale for me in the Middle of Nowhere, SC.  

He loves me through all of the kitchen experiments I make him eat.  He doesn't even laugh.  He finds it all endearing.  How amazing is he?! 

He loves me SO much that he even pretends to like crafts for me!  I am telling y'all what.  I lucked out with this guy.  When I think about all of the losers I almost ended up with...I just..I just love my husband so much more.    

Thank God for my other half.  :)  

On the other hand..........
The man drives me crazy, y'all.

His flip flops HAVE to stay in the living room.  Why?  Beats me.  They just do.

He cannot throw anything away.  I mean ANYTHING.  He will put things near the trashcan but never in the trashcan.  That makes perfect sense right?

We have to eat hot dogs at least once a week.  I can be in the process of making him a gourmet, from-scratch mean when he groans and says to me "But I want dags" (dags = hot dogs).

I hate Christian rap music.  I like regular rap music.  It gets me in the mood to party and thug-out.  I don't find it spiritually uplifting, regardless of the words.  He has to listen to Christian rap before church every Sunday.  I've asked him thousands of times not to make me listen to it.  He still tries every single Sunday.

He only puts clothes in the dirty-clothes-hamper if they have a stain on them.  Yep.  He refuses to wash clothes unless they stink or have spots.

He has a werewolf's hairy neck.  That he, for whatever reason, refuses to do anything about.

He will tell me something.  I'll say no.  And he gets alllll mad and says "I wasn't suggesting that we do *something* I was just relaying information."  and expects me to believe that BS.

I can be talking, and he'll pull out his cell phone and start playing games.  He claims he can still hear me and retain information.  But he can't.  And he knows it.  And he knows it drives me crazy.  He does it anyway.

When he says "I miss college" I hear "I hate being married to you."  Even though that's NOT what he means.  He knows that's how I feel.  Does he stop saying it?  Nope.  Does he stop putting it on Facebook?  Nope.

He doesn't cook.

He doesn't clean (well).

You know how people say elephants have a perfect memory and they never forget everything?  What's the opposite of an elephant?  My husband.  He forgets everything.  I will tell him "I spent $30 on Amazon to buy you a Christmas present."  Two days later, he looks at our online statement, & flips out about me throwing money away on useless things behind his back & not telling him about it.  Um, hello? 

Did I mention that I adore him with everything in me?
So far, marriage has taught me the art of patience and silence.  If something he does drives me crazy but isn't motivation for divorce...I should probably keep my mouth shut.  I've learned that just because we were raised differently, doesn't mean that one of us was raised incorrectly.  I've learned that we will always be two people, doing things two different ways, and that both of us can be right.  I'm still working on learning that different doesn't mean wrong.  He can think differently from ,me, process info differently than me, and do things differently than me.  That doesn't make him wrong.  It's a learning process.  It will continue to be a learning process.  Meanwhile, I'm having the time of my life and as far as I'm concerned, I couldn't have picked a better person to learn from.  And we couldn't have a better Teacher.


What have you learned about marriage?


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Danielle and Trev said...

This is too funny. I love your blog. Learning how to be a wife is DEFINITELY a (fabulous) journey! I love that guy for all his quirks. He even makes things that could be annoying endearing. Hooray for hubbys!!