Friday, December 16, 2011

Packaging Edible Gifts

Hellur!  :)  

With the holidays oh-so-rapidly approaching us, I wanted to show y'all some pictures real quick-like of how I gave the gift of food somewhat recently.  

These were actually a birthday present to my sister, but you could use any kind of paper you wanted.  I used girly scrapbook paper.  If you are giving food as a Christmas gift, you could use Christmas-themed paper, or even wrapping paper.    

All I did was cut off the top of a Ziplock bag so that the Ziplock label & brand name disappeared.  I took a pretty piece of scrapbook paper that suited the occasion (like I said, use what you've got!  And be theme-appropriate) and folded it in half.

I placed the piece of folded paper of the top of the bag and stapled the corners together.  Ta-Da!  :)

And this is how I packaged an edible gift.  Functional & cute.  My favorite.  

How do you package edible gifts?
Are you giving any edible Christmas gifts this year?


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