Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Our Love Story: Part Three

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So, Mr. Robinson had left town.  It hurt broke my heart to know that I had caused him that much pain and had caused him to leave town and move back in with his parents.  We still worked together, his parents only lived about 45 minutes away from town, but things were different.

We missed each other.  

Slowly, we started spending time together again but we went super slow and took the babiest of steps.  He was afraid of being hurt again, I was still afraid to commit to someone like him & I was afraid to cause him any more was a delicate situation that we handled with a lot of care.  He still picks on me because once, out of frustration, I asked him why he couldn't just be gay.  I missed him, you know?!  I wanted him in my life but I couldn't be his girlfriend.  His deep feelings for me meant that a simple friendship was impossible...and it was frustrating.During this time, I learned that he could draw.  I had been wanting a new tattoo (at that time, I only had two) and asked him if he would draw something out for me.  I gave him an idea of what I was looking for in my next tattoo....and he came up with a sketch.  He had been wanting another tattoo as well, so we took off a day of work & went to go get tattoos together - as friends.

On January 24, 2011...I had a picture my best friend drew for me tattooed onto my rib cage.  Holy Guacamole, it hurt some kinda bad!  But I love it!  We can't find the original drawing, which just breaks my heart, but I guess the tattoo is a permanent reminder.  :) 

He'd been working on a sleeve for a while, and it's still in progress, but on this day he had the vines added.  

Later on down the road, he told me that while we were getting our tattoos, he kept waiting for our sketched-out artist to ask if we were together.  He'd prepared an answer.  "No, but I've been in love with her for a long time."  =)  

Our friendship was really starting rekindle.  I knew that he loved me, and I knew that I was falling for him.  However, I really enjoyed our day together.  I enjoyed his company.  I know that this time, our friendship was here to stay and that I would NOT be messing it up.

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