Thursday, December 22, 2011

Thriving Love Thursday # 4

Welcome to Thriving Love Thursday #3!  I am thrilled that you are here.
Read the rules, grab a button, and link up!

The Rules
(1) Place the Thriving Love Thursday in your post
(2)  Write a post about what you've done in the past week to show love to the people you love most.  Remember, there is always someone out there willing to give what you are not.  How did you help your love thrive?  

If you are new and need some suggestions, have a look at the things I did to help love thrive since last Thursday! :)

  Did you know that I received The Versatile Blogger award this week?  I did!  And it was the greatest feeling.  :)  I helped love thrive this week by passing the award on to other deserving bloggers!  :)  It felt so great to know that someone out there likes my blog!  I hope that the ladies I gave the award to felt just as fuzzy on the inside as I did.  

The most important relationship in my life is the relationship I have with my husband.  In a Bible study I am currently participating in, I learned something that was very difficult to hear.  I have learned that for everything I withhold from my husband (whether it be sex, good meals, companionship, love, etc), there is another woman out there willing to give "it" (whatever "it" may be) to him.  I am bound and determined to give my dear, sweet husband everything he wants and needs.  This week was difficult for me because I had a migraine that lasted from Monday until Saturday.  Even after the migraine was gone, I was still exhausted.  So, to be perfectly honest....I was a little bit of a slacker this week.  My goal has been to come up with 5 things per week that I did to help love thrive.  5 things in a week is not a lot.  I am embarrassed and ashamed of myself because it wasn't until this past Tuesday when I realized that I've been a little negligent of loving on my man.

Life gets in the way sometimes doesn't it?  However, I wanted to start this Linky-Part-ay to hold myself accountable for being a good wife.  :)  So even though I flaked out on a few days...this party has served its purpose.


I am embarrassed...I'm not even gonna turn this into something funny.

On Wednesday, he did write this on our "i love you" board.  Ya know, I married a great guy.  He drives me crazy sometimes and he is no-where close to perfect.  But at any given moment, I could brag on him without pausing or saying "um" for like 20 minutes.  So when he happens to do really sweet things on the day before my Thriving Love post, I can't help but brag on him and the ways he helps our love thrive.  After all, relationships are two way streets.  Both people have to put forth an effort and keep the good faith!  My husband is a doll baby for writing this on our "i love you" board even when I've been less than constantly-attentive this week.  

And finally.... I helped our love thrive last night by doing something I can't tell you about because I checked "no" when asked if my blog has inappropriate content.  :)

There ya are!  Link up and tell us how you helped your love thrive this week!  


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