Monday, November 28, 2011

Our Love Story: Part One

My husband and I met at Ruby Tuesday.  It was September of 2012.  I was the head hostess (and had been for about four long, dreadful months) and he was the newest waiter.  Both of us were students at the local Universty, but had somehow never met before.

When he first started, there were no fireworks or butterflies or anything spectacular.  We didn't have much in common.  Mr. Robinson was a Christian and I... I was a pot head dating my drug dealer.  Mr. Robinson was surrounded my people who loved him, looked out for him, and attended church with him.  I was surrounded by people who I either smoked with, bought marijuana from, or partied with.  We were so different.  We were on two totally different paths.  It amazes me that this love story includes a wedding.

Mr. Robinson got the job at Ruby Tuesday through his roommate, Jeff, who had been working there for a while. Jeff was a Christian and everyone knew about it.  I remember asking Mr. Robinson, once, if he was "like Jeff" and his answer was "yes."  I kind of laughed it off.  I didn't believe him.  While Jeff talked about God all the time and sort of pushed his beliefs on everyone, Mr. Robinson did not such thing.  Not to mention all of the tattoos he had.  Christians don't get tattoos, or so I thought.  When Mr. Robinson started showing me his tattoos and explaining how most of them were scripture related, I started to understand.  He wasn't quiet about his faith and he wasn't hiding it.  I realized that day that we had never really talked before.  I started to realize that I was a little stuck up and it was a hard thing for me to realize.

A little bit of time passed, a couple of months or so, and nothing eventful happened.  I remember making a little bit of an effort to speak to him and be friendly.  I didn't like learning something negative about myself and wanted to change it.  It's amazing because being with Mr. Robinson has made me a better person on so many levels, and looking back on how it all started makes me realize that it started with him unconsciously inspiring me to be a better person.  {And now...he inspires me to be a better person every day.}

I will always remember the first time he flirted with me.  I will remember it because what he meant as flirting was interpreted as an insult, and I accepted it as a challenge to make him want me.  While I was hostessing, I made a habit of wearing low cut shirts.  I was not a very good person, and I'm not too proud of the way I once was, but without honesty, I can't tell you our story.  So, back to the story.  I have big boobs and I liked to show them off.  I enjoyed the attention.  One of our coworkers made a comment about my boobs being being, and Mr. Robinson proceeded to tell me that he thought my boobs were gross.  Looking back, this is hilarious.  He was trying to flirt with me, but was so adorably unsure of himself that something a little awkward came out.  I was upset over the notion that he was unaffected by my low cut shirts, and silently vowed to drive him and his hormones crazy.

I flirted shamelessly, I wore the most risque tops I could get away with at work, I would press myself up against him when the opportunity presented itself.  I hate to say it, but I enjoyed tempting him.  I enjoyed knowing that he wanted me even though it went against everything he believed.  But somewhere along the way, I realized that I was starting to actually enjoy talking to him.  I started to genuinely look forward to seeing him and working with him.  We started to spend time together outside of work.

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