Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Google+ MINUS

I hope that most of you have heard about the whole Google+ Monopoly going down on March 1st.  If not, read this informative post.  Basically, the convenience of "following" Bloggers is going away.  Google+, or as I like to affectionately call it, Google-, is forcing us to use circles & stuff to follow each other.  Circles are dumb.  Unless they are topped with diamonds.  ;)  

Anyway, you may notice that I added the Google+ Widget to my right sidebar, right underneath the "Blog Archive" Widget, but above the "Followers" Widget.  It looks like this...

Click here to create your own widget.  If you don't do it now, you'll be OUT OF FOLLOWERS on March 1st.  I'm pretty pissed I'm a lady, and I'm angry with Google for forcing us to do this.  But anyway, that's just the way it is!  Moving on...

I also JUST posted another wedding day post!  :)  Part Four!  It's pretty awesome...go read it!  :) 


Gahhh, I loved being a bride!  Can I go back?!

Part Four: It's Time

I'm telling my wedding story, one post each week!  If you are new, I hope you'll click on the "All About Our Love" tab to read our love story from the beginning.  OR, here are the previous wedding posts in case you missed them!  

Part One

So we were ready!  It was finally time.  A golf-cart came and got the flower girl.  

Another golf cart came to get my mom and my bridesmaids.

Then, it was just me and my daddy.

I started crying...I kept telling myself to pull it together.  I just remember feeling so many emotions.  I was happy because it was my wedding day.  I was heartbroken because my daddy was crying.  I was nervous about walking down the aisle in front of all of those people (even though we had a relatively small wedding.) I was excited to be his wife and go on our honeymoon!  I was sad because the wedding was here and would soon be over.  I was thrilled to have everyone I loved the most in one place to celebrate our love.  I was already missing my parents - the bond between us had grown so strong in the months approaching the wedding.  There were many emotions going through my head and my heart, but I was mostly just happy.    

Daddy and I got into his vintage 1957 Corvette, and drove to the beginning of my aisle.  I kept trying to get daddy to talk about sports or something - anything!  He was emotional, I was emotional.  I didn't want to walk down the aisle crying.  I brought up football.  

While we were on our way, my flower girl, Gracie, was lighting a Memory Candle in honor of and in memory of her mother, my aunt, who passed away two years earlier after loosing her fight against breast cancer.  This was also the acoustic guitarist's cue to play one more song for the guests, and then the wedding party would enter the court yard.    

Once the candle was lit for my Aunt Lati, Gracie took her place with my bridesmaids at the beginning of the aisle.  Gracie went first, dropping flower petals on my 150 foot orange carpet - with the bride on one end and her groom on the other.  

Behind Gracie, my bridesmaids walked down the aisle one at a time to "Pass It On" played on an acoustic guitar.  We used to sing that song together in church when we were little girls.  It is an old, Southern gospel song that most of the guests probably did not recognize.  But my girls did, and it meant something to us.  I loved being able to bring something special about our friendship into our wedding.  Like I said in post one, those girls taught me how to love unconditionally.  Their friendship helped build me.  Gracie was the best flower girl!  She took her job so seriously, it was the most precious thing.  

Daddy and I got out of the car.  He helped with my dress.

We took our places at the beginning of my aisle, and I saw the ceremony site for the first time.  It was breath-taking.

& I hope you'll come back next time to see it!  :)

Monday, January 30, 2012

Guest Posting Over At...


Click here to read my guest post!  


Wish Out Loud {for the perfect, affordable closet}

Hey Y'all!  Today I'm linking up with some pretty cool ladies for Wish Out Loud.  It's a Blog Hop and you should go join in!  You have 5 more days to participate and you can do so at any of these three blogs:

Ashley at Chickadette
Robin at Fly Far. Fly Free.
Krystina at Cup 'a Hot Chocolate

If I may encourage you in one more way, let me just tell you about my opinion in link parties.  I like them, but sometimes I get bored because I feel like you are forced to blog about one thing.  You'r post has to be about Pinterest or crafts or recipes or whatever...but this linky party blog hop is AWESOME because you are not limited at all.  Just write about something you wish for.  How easy is that?!  You can wish for something and shallow like a cup of hot chocolate, because it's cold outside and Krystina's blog title got you thinking about it.  Or you can wish for something deep and meaningful like Ashley does.  It's a lot of fun, and I hope you'll go do it because sometimes a fellow-blogger can help your wish come true.  So cool.  So go.  Go now! :)  But wait...read my post first.  

Yesterday I mentioned my walk-in closet plans and, like a spaz, I didn't link up when I said I did.  Silly wabbits.  Sorry about that, ladies.  So...here is the link.  For real this time.  Wait for it....

Click Here! 

Did you look?  Did you read?  I hope so, because this week I am wishing for some help.  I am horrible at making decisions.  My husband has decided that I can turn an extra room that we don't love into my dream closet.  The problem, though, with dreams is that they cost money.  Don't worry...I'm not going to ask for money.  Haha.  I would just like some input, some ideas, some suggestions.  And like 99% percent of the world, I've got to find a way to create & live a dream {closet} on a budget.  

I've created a Pin Board.  That's not really helping me out, though.  I have SO many ideas!  I have so many choices...

the choices
Do I want to (can I afford to) paint the walls first?
There are a lot of nails in the walls, can I use them or am I going to have to pull them out?
Can I pull the nails out without having to repaint? 
Do I want a more permanent hanging system, like wire racks?
If I get a wire rack that is drilled into the wall, that room will always be a closet.  What if we have kids?  We won't have a room to use a down-stairs nursery.  Then we'd have to put our baby or toddler upstairs, alone, with the possibility of throwing him-or-herself down the stairs and dying.  
Should I just go with a rolling rack then?
Wouldn't I need several rolling racks?
Or what about stationary racks?
Can I display my wedding dress in my closet without spending 7 billion dollars?
Should I put a vanity in my closet so that I can put my make-up on in the room?
My make-up gets kind of messy...or I can get messy, rather.  Shouldn't I just leave my make-up station in the bathroom?
What about my scarves - how can I store/display those?
What should I do about my accessories?
Where can I put my purses?
Should I hang up everything - clothes, bathing suits, lingerie?
I wish I knew what would work best without having to go through the whole trial-and-error thing.  It's hard to make all of these decisions with no prior experience to base my judgement on.  Oh, and calling in a professional is absolutely not in the budget.  So, if any of you have ever worked on a walk-in closet or a closet-room, or anything of the like, will you lend me your advice?  I'm a little scared.  And I know I'm over-analyzing and just making a huge, dramatic issue out of something I should just be THANKFUL for and happy about.  But, I'm a girl & I'm pretty sure all of you are girls.  So you get it, yes?  

Thanks your help in advance, beauties!

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Saturday Snipit!

Good Morning!  I am SO pumped about today because my husband had to work a half-shift, which leave me home alone, which means I get to start working on my WALK-IN CLOSET ROOM EXTRAVAGANZA!  :)  Oh, you don't know what I'm talking about?  Click Here.

So, that's how I'll be spending my morning.  I am having SO much fun!

Later, a movie date with my Mother-In-Law.  We didn't start out on the best of terms, but I think things are getting better.  My husband was her only child.  Her husband worked and works a LOT of crazy hours.  So...it was just the two of them a good bit of the time.  She had a hard time accepting that she wasn't the leading lady in his life anymore.  I was, afterall, his first girl friend.  Anyway.  What-evs, we're going to see The Descendants.

ALSO...Ashley from Chickadette made a new  button & is looking for eager swappers.  Her new button is cu-u-ute!  I love her writing style.  She seems totally uninhibitied and awesome.  And she's tatted up.  I have mad respect for an inked-all-over momma.  So, she' cool and you should go check her out & consider swapping buttons with her.  K?  

<a href="http://chickadette.blogspot.com/" style="border:none;"><img alt="Chickadette" src="https://lh6.googleusercontent.com/-6iiEezZZiHE/TyNwsbKF_rI/AAAAAAAAAh4/OKvWTDhrh50/s144/click.png" style="width: 125px; height: 125px;"/></a>

Have a perfect Saturday, errybody! :)

Friday, January 27, 2012

I was Tagged - Take 2

I was tagged today, for the second time.  I must be pretty awesome.  :)  

I probably would not participate again, except for the fact that I adore the gal that tagged me.  If you don't know Moo, go to her page - immediately - because she is the bomb.com (hehe, cyber-humor!).  

So...I am to answer her 11 questions, make up 11 new questions, & tag 5 people.  But....naturally, I'm a rule breaker.  So, I'll answer Moo's questions.  THEN, I'll dip out.  :) 

1. What one event in your life would you say has shaped you into the person you are today?

One event.  That's a toughie.  I'm gonna go with the day my parents drove an hour and a half to go to church with me when I first went to church with my now husband.  When our relationship was first blooming, I was not living right at all.  I was doing some pretty horrible things, and eventually got to the point where I knew I was going to lose Mr. Robinson if I didn't pull myself together.  He had invited & invited & invited & invited me to come to church with him.  I always declined.  I was a waitress and had to work Sunday's.  When I realized I was about to lose the first good man I had ever been interested in, I told my boss I would no longer be working Sunday's.  She needed to know why.  I told her I was going to start going to church.  She looked me in the eye and said to me, "I know the live you live.  Going to church?  Yea, right.  I don't believe you.  No, you cannot have Sunday's off."  I was hurt, I was upset, I felt like I was trying to make a change - an improvement - and wasn't allowed.  So, I threatened to quit.  Even though I was fully supporting myself at the time & my parents were very adamant about not supporting the life I was living, they offered to help me out if it came down to me quitting.  I think it's because they knew that this time was different.  So I got the whole work-thing straightened out and didn't have to quit or be fired after all.  I picked a day to go to church with Mr. Robinson - but was TERRIFIED.  So my parents drove an hour and half to be there with me.  My mom was crying a little, I think.  My dad shook his hand and said, "Anybody that gets my girl to walk through the doors of a church is alright by me."  It was a turning point in my life, and I'm so glad my parents were there to encourage me.  I wasn't received a lot of encouragement from my drug-dealer or bar-hopping friends.  If that day hadn't happened, I probably wouldn't be Mrs. Robinson today.  

2. Do you truly like people? (haha. I think this is funny)

Um, no.  No, I do not.  I am easily annoyed by people in real life.  BUT, I am praying about it and trying to do better!  I am trying to have a more compassionate heart.  I am really nice to people in blog-land because writing gives me time to THINK before I speak.  I'm trying to carry that over into real life.

3. Do you read someone's blog you don't necessarily like? We all know we do it... :)

In a way, I guess I do.  I don't KNOW any bloggers in real life, so technically, no.  I do read some blogs that I don't really love.  I can think of three blogs right off the top of my head that I find painfully boring.  I do, however, read them anyway.  Why?  I think the girls who write them are nice.  

4. Is there anything in your life that you wish you could take back?

Well, I did learn almost all of my lessons the hard way.  I wouldn't give up the lessons I learned, but I do wish I hadn't insisted on learning so many things "the hard way."  

5. If you are married- did you write your vows or do traditional vows? 

Ooooh - good question!  Neither!  We opted for spiritual vows and they were AWESOME.  I've been meaning to sit down and watch our wedding video so that I can write them down and frame them.  When I do, I'll add that to my "wedding posts" so come back! 

6. What would you say is your ONE guilty pleasure?

Smoking a Camel Menthol Silver cigarette.  I have actually pretty much quit.  BUT when I'm super mad or when I'm drinking, which is ultra-rare, I can't help myself.  I know it's unhealthy.  I might smoke two glorious cigarettes a month.  Don't judge me, yo.  Old habits die hard.  

7. Do you want to work? Would you not work if you had the opportunity to do so?

I have a job.  I work in the family business and have the opportunity of running it and being the VP in probably the next 5 years.  I wouldn't trade that opportunity for anything, but if not for the family business...you better bet your bottom dollar that I would be a house-wife!  

8. What would you say is your biggest accomplishment so far in your life?

Becoming a Christian.  It's the best part about me.  Arguably, it's the root of everything good about me.  The accomplishment there is knowing, believing in, and investing is what I know to be true.  & trying my best to live a life that reflects that.    

9. Do you want children? 

Maybe...some day.  Not any time soon, I know that much!  We've talked about not having kids at all, maybe having kids later in life, and adopting when we are ready.  There sure are lots of options!  I know that I occasionally get bit by the baby-fever-bug.  And if we do ever adopt, I would also want to TRY to make a baby as well.  There is just something amazing about taking a part of me, a part of him, and creating a person.  I want to look into the face of someone who has his father's eyes or her mother's complexion.  How awesome that must be.

10. Do you agree with the statement "less is more"?

Sometimes.  I like simplicity as well as loud, tacky, quirky, gaudy.  It depends on my mood.  It depends on the topic.  Um...less is more in terms of calories, earrings unless they are diamonds or jewels, and the height of my heels.  Less is NOT more in terms of spoiling me, expressing love, flavorful foods, and so on.  :)  It's really hard to say.  I'm a walking contradiction.      

11. Name your favorite day that you've lived so far in your life. EVER.

My wedding day.  Duh.  Click here.  

Friday's Letters


Dear Friday,  I am so happy to see you.  You don't even know.

Dear Amber,  I have read every single one of the "Share Your Story" posts you've featured.  Every Friday, I learn something new or meet somebody new.  Thank you for doing this!

Dear My Nail Lady,  Thank you for making my nails fa-reaking adorable yesterday! 

Dear Kale,  I learned some pretty cool stuff about you today from Christin when I read this post and this post.  Come to find out, you are packed full of anti-cancer stuff AND a chemical that helps boost DNA cell repair.  That's pretty awesome.  I plan on buying you next time I'm at the grocery store.  

Dear Zombie,  I'm sure you think that our visit to the vet this morning was made because I hate you.  I swear I don't.  I love you.  And you are a fat, healthy, good boy!  You weighed 7.7 pounds!  You got a clean bill of health!  You didn't whine or cry when you got your shots.  And it only cost us $232.00 for the visit + 6 months of pet-meds!  So, I guess that means we'll both spend our day pouting.  

Dear Healthier Lifestyle,  You are working!  It's so much fun loosing weight!  :)  I've almost lost 10 pounds...if I could lose this last pesky pound I'd be able to say I've lost 10.  When I get there, I'll only have 30 more lbs left to drop!  :)  I've enjoyed eating healthier...I've enjoyed the extra energy!  I'm loving that I am starting to fit into some of my old clothes again.  I can already tell a difference in my  body & in my self-confidence level.  If I could get back to where I was in 2007, I would be unstoppable.  


Dear TreadClimber,  I haven't been on you since I was in the 11th grade.  That was about 6 years ago.  Today, when I get off work, we meet again.  Let's try to play nice and be friends, okay?  :)  This is my first day working out in a super long time, so I know I might look like a stranger.  But I promise, you'll recognize me soon if you just go along with it for a while.  

Dear Husband,  We've been off-beat lately.  I don't like it.  I love being married to you, but sometimes I miss being wooed, and sometimes that makes me cranky.  A cranky me usually starts arguments.  Please put those pieces together soon...

Dear God,  We have so many prayers.  We are praying for Mr. Robinson to find a job he enjoys, we are praying for guidance on the mission trip to Kenya, we are praying for our marriage, we are praying for so many things.  Thank You for all of the blessings You've already sprinkled on us.  Thank You for saving us.  Forgive us if we aren't thankful enough.  

Dear People Looking For Jobs,  STOP coming into MY OFFICE on my LUNCH BREAK.  I'm eating.  Does it look like I want to hand you an application?  No!  And while I'm at it, I could care less what position you're applying for.  I could care less that this is a factory.  Do not come in here to ask for an application  like this: "Yo, y'all hirin'?  Lemme get a app-la-cation."   

Dear New Blog Layout,  I like you a-lot!

  What's on your mind this beautiful Friday?  :)   

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Farts & Fights

Keepin' it real guys...you know how I roll.
This blog is about farts and fights.  

Two days ago...it was Tuesday.
And I farted in front of my husband for the first time.
(We started dating on February 13, 2011.  I almost made it a year!)
It was a total accident.
I was mortified.
I think I played it off...
I'm about 99% positive that I convinced him that he was hearing things.

Last night, we got into a pretty huge fight.
For us...that means me crying in the kitchen, snot everywhere.
Him in the living room, mean-muggin, playing games on his iPhone.
We went to bed mad.  Or at least I did, I have no idea if he was mad.  Probably not.  He did try to talk to me, but I wanted no part.  
So, sue me.  
I know we seriously violated two HUGE "marriage rules."  

(1) Never go to bed angry
(2) Always kiss goodnight

Well...that's dumb.  Sorry.  If I have to work the next day & I'm mad at my husband, I'm not going to stay up all night crying and fighting.  Besides, I don't know about y'all, but when I get tired, there is a steady incline of grumpy and unreasonable behavior.  So yes, I believe in going to bed angry.  

I also am not going to give out pity-kisses.  No way.  That's not my style.  If I'm mad, I need some time to get over.  Giving a fake, limp kiss will not do anything.

I know the argument against this type of behavior is:  well what if one of you dies?  I'll be honest and not so romantic.  If my husband were to die in his sleep after we went to bed mad (which is bound to happen, I don't care who are) I would be sad that my last words to him were angry words.  A pitiful little kiss that neither of us wanted would not have prevented the sadness and heartbreak I would feel if my husband died in his sleep (or in general).  We do (and did last night) say "I love you" before falling asleep.  The fight didn't make us stop loving each other...but neither one of us wanted any "sugar."     

I did see this quote on Facebook today...

"Want to improve your marriage?  Start by transforming complaints into positively states goals."

& that concludes today's talk on farts and fights.  haha 


Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Walk-In Closet

My husband I are blessed in the sense that we have somewhat stumbled upon a HUGE house!  We are living in the house my parents built in 1998.  It's enormous and we have plenty of room to grow.  However, I've already lived there.  I lived in a house that my mom decorated, so it's been really difficult for me to think outside the box she created.  I'm running into problems such as...

Books go here.
No, the phone book goes in this drawer.
That's not where cups and glasses go.
This room is a tv room - not an office.

Do you understand why this has been so hard?  I am all about thinking outside the box.  Heck, I live outside the box.  I love everything odd and quirky and weird and different!  So why I am having such a hard time with this is beyond me!  

The closet in the Master Bedroom is amazing.  It's huge.  Hubby has one side, I have the other side, and we still have room for all of our suitcases and a huge gun safe.  But our bedroom just feels so TIGHT.  I hate it.  Beside the master bedroom is a a teeny-tiny bathroom.  Beside the teeny-tiny bathroom is what I have always called "The Den."  My parents used it as an extra TV room and had my dad's PlayStation hooked up in there.  Here's the basic floor plan.

Last night, we were laying in bed and I told my husband that we need to just get rid of the den and make our bedroom HUGE.  He said that would be a great idea.  OR I could just take over the den and make it a walk-in closet!  Famous last words, folks.  My brain immediately went into over drive!  I gave him the Husband of the Year award.  I kissed him.  I was so excited!  He drifted off to dream land and I laid in bed, wide away, for hours.  Day-dreaming and drooling over what I will soon make a reality.  I am SO excited!! It's an idea I never would have thought up on my own because, in my mind, that room is an extra TV room.  Do we use it?  Nope.  Will I now?  Ab-so-lutely.  

SO, I've been on Pinterest.  There are tons of amazing ideas there for walk-in closets.  They key will be finding ideas that I can use in the space I have.  Also, we have no money so we won't be calling in a construction crew to change the build or structure of the house.

Okay, enough yappin'!  Are you ready to see the pins?!?!

You are creating a dressing room for only one person... you. Let your imagination run wild and create the best possible room that is not only practical but suits your personality perfectly.

Wall Color = White

Source: houzz.com via Kristina on Pinterest

Source: houzz.com via Kristina on Pinterest

Can I pretty please frame my wedding dress & have it displayed in my dream closet?!

I'll also take a dress form and the biggest mirror ever, please.  :)

A wire closet system would probably be my most affordable option.  

Source: google.com via Dana on Pinterest

After doing a ton of research, I think that this is the system that would best suit my room.  It's $99 and I would need two of them.  Click Here to see it on the ClosetMaid website.  

That will take up two of the four walls.  Then another wall will be used for the mirror & dress form.  And The fourth wall for my framed wedding dress or accessory storage?  Can't forget accessory storage!

I also have a black cedar hope chest that I would move into my dressing room.  I would want a chair.  There is a built-in bookshelf type nook thing that I could use for shoe storage.  It current houses books, while I'm SO excited about moving into the living room!  My mom kept books in that little nook, so I put all of our books there.  However, books in the living room = a million times more me!  I'll of course want a chair or a bench in my dressing room.  

I've seen where some people create a vanity and make-up table in their dressing rooms.  I don't think I'll do that.  I make such a mess & our bathroom is huge.  I don't really need my own space for just makeup.  That would completely CLEAN OUT our bathroom.  Haha.  Besides,  I enjoy sharing space with my husband.  I just need more closet space.  We are good on bathroom space.  

SO, what do you think?!  Anybody have any pins or pointers they'd like to share?  Or just compliments?  You know I just looooooove a good compliment.  

Oh.  & I have a brand-new Pinterest board for my closet!  Check it out if you'd like!  

Oh, & I know that I already did a Pin-Party link up today.  I know.  I'm doing ANOTHER one.  This is a post full of pins.  You can't stop me from linking up.  ;)


Part Three: Getting Ready

For those of you just joining in on Our Wedding Story,
Part One:  Things That Went Wrong
Part Two:  The Wedding Party
Or, click on the "All About Our Love" tab up at the top.  There you will find our love story from the beginning!  I hope enjoy Part Three!

We got married on September 10, 2011.  

Our wedding ceremony started at 5:30 p.m. under an oak tree in the court yard of a beautiful, South Carolina plantation.  

I woke up that morning at 7 am and had a very full day ahead of me.  

Even though my day started early, I was a very lucky bride.  I did not have to spend my day pointing or coordinating or stressing. Why?  We had a wedding planner!  His name is John Marshall and he was the best decision we made as far as wedding planning goes.  BRIDES-TO-BE:  If the budget allows, hire a wedding planner.  Because of John Marshall, the day of the wedding was stress-free, blissful, and perfect.  He took care of everything messy and left me and my wedding party to be pampered and whisked around town in a cloud of powder and hairspray and lip gloss.  Perfection.  :)

 I have a confession to make.  But before I spill my guts, I want to show you this picture and explain it's importance.

This picture is (from left to right) Lizzy, myself, and Brittany and it was taken at the Rehearsal Dinner.

This picture is important because it took me 2.5 hours to curl my hair.  I teased, curled, sprayed, and curled again.  I even followed a YouTube tutorial.  I did everything right!  My hair looked amazing and perfect before I left, but as soon as I stepped out into that Southern heat and humidity....the curls fell.  They were beautiful, and then they were gone.  My hair is just too long and heavy for curling iron curls and I should have known better.   

Why am I telling you this?

I am telling you this because...my deep, dark, dirty confession is...I did not shower after the Rehearsal Dinner.  I showered the morning of September 9, 2011 and did not shower again until AFTER the wedding reception on September 10, 2011.  So..the smelly cat is out of the bag.  I did not shower before my wedding.  My hair stylist told me what everyone knows, that dirty hair is easier to work with - especially for up-dos.  She forbade me from washing all of the product out of my hair.  I knew that I would sweat at the wedding and at the reception....so that means that I knew I would be showering before any consummation would occur.  So, there it is.  I didn't shower.  I was a dirty bride.  But, for a good cause!

Now, back to getting ready!  :)

The girls came to my parent's house early that morning, and we all made our way to the beauty salon to have our hair and make-up done.  

Why, yes, that is a GIANT Red Bull can in front of me.  :)  

I knew that I wanted an up-do for the wedding, but do you have any idea how difficult it is to hide 2.5 feet of hair?  It was crazy.  The hair-do felt very, very heavy.  But I also felt very, very elegant and I would not change that feeling for the world.

Here's a sneak peak of how it turned out:

We also had our make-up done! Everybody.  :)  We rented the beauty salon for the morning, and had it all to ourselves!  I am so glad my mom did that for us.  It made the day ever better.  It was very important to us that every single person, whether in the wedding or in attendance at the wedding, felt like royalty.  And it was so much fun being pampered all.day.long.  It truly was the best day, and for so many precious reasons.

Many brides around here have what is called a "Bridal Brunch" on the day of the wedding.  Is that a Southern thing?  I have no idea.  We just did not have time for such a thing, but I really did want to spent some special time with my bridesmaids that morning.  We were together ALL DAY, but I wanted a period of us not rushing to just, savor the moments.  So, after we were all "ready" we sat on the floor of the salon and had a Bridal Tea.  :)   One of the gifts I gave my bridesmaids were hand-painted monogrammed tea cups.  John Marshall, Wedding Planner, made something magically out of the set-of-four plain white tea cups I thrifted!  Our cups matched, but we all kept our own.  We sipped green tea, and it was so great and precious. 

 And, we also had some food.

Of course.  :)

This is my Flower Girl, Gracie.  She is one of my first cousins.  Her mom and my mom were sisters.  Her mom died from breast cancer a few years ago.  Her father is from Honduras, that's why she's so tan and beautiful.  If this story sounds a little familar, it's because I have a tattoo for Gracie's mom, my Aunt Lati.  I wrote about it here.  

A Little About Gracie
She is 8 years old.

For several years now, she's been telling us that someone needs to hurry up and get married because she is getting too old to be a flower girl.  

She is the sweetest, most beautiful little girl in the world with such a giving and kind heart.

After we all had our hair fixed and our make-up perfectly applied, we scooted across town to "The Bridal Cottage" at the wedding venue.  This is where we all got dressed for the wedding!  We didn't have "Bridal Tea" here because my wedding planner was not allowing any food or drinks (other than water) into the Bridal Cottage since all the dresses were in there.  :)  

Mr. Robinson and I did not take any pictures together before the wedding.  This is truly one of my biggest regrets.  A lot of couples now-a-days choose to meet up before the wedding, spend some time together, and take pictures with each other.  I thought that I wanted to be conventional and traditional, and see each other for the first time at the wedding.  I wanted to look down that aisle and see my grooms facial expression when he saw me for the first time, dressed in white and on my daddy's arm.  Now, I wish we had given ourselves that special, alone time before the wedding.  My aisle was so long that I couldn't see his face, so I missed his first reaction.  We had a 150-foot aisle runner.  But, it's okay.  I have a pretty good imagination.  :)  We still decided to do pictures of me with my bridesmaids, and of him with his groomsmen before the wedding. 

While I was getting dressed, I asked the photographer where we would be taking these pictures as and how we were going to make sure the groom didn't see me before the wedding!  Everyone got very quiet.  The room was suddenly tense and nervous...and nobody would answer my question.  

Does anybody want to take a guess as to who decided to show up at the party right then? 


Come to find out, the groom was not there.  

This part became kind of a blur because I was so angry.  I just knew that he was not going to show up.

At that point, his mom and I were a little less than friendly.  It's no secret that we had some problems adjusting to each other.  A few nights before the wedding, I dreamt that his mom had talked him out of marrying me.  I just knew that my dream nightmare was coming true.  I was in such a panic.  It was hard to enjoy myself until he showed up - which he did (obviously, since we got married).  Do you have any idea how difficult it is to take pre-wedding pictures with the wedding party and family members when you aren't even sure that your Groom is going to show up?  Looking back, it was so silly of me to really think he was not coming.  He loves me and we couldn't wait to get married.  He (for whatever reason) was under the impression that he didn't have to be at the venue until 5 as long as he and his groomsmen came dressed and ready.  Just a reminder, the ceremony started at FIVE THIRTY.  It was just some mis-communication that clearly did not warrant his execution, so Bridezilla went back into her cave and the day ended up being perfect.  :)  John Marshall and my daddy had a little phone conversation with him, and the groom and his groomsmen showed up very soon after.

So, Mr. Robinson took pictures with his groomsmen.  

When they were done, the photographer handed over my wedding day gift to Mr. Robinson and photographed his reaction.

Yep, I gave him boudoir photos that I had secretly taken.  :)  I put my favorites in a little album...and I'm guessing that he liked them.  

Then, I took pictures with my bridesmaids.

And the photographer gave me the gift from Mr. Robinson.  

 It is a beautiful sign about marriage.  He knows me so well!  I love it - it's pretty, sentimental, and decorative.  That has Mrs. Robinson written all over it.!  

Now, we are ready for the wedding!  :)  Because I had a wedding planner, I did not see the space where the ceremony would take place until I was walking down the aisle with my daddy.  I can't wait to show y'all every detail...