Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Spaghetti Jar, Olive Oil, Picture

We've all seen the picture in a jar of olive oil on Pinterest right?  If you haven't, all you have to do is go to my Pinterest page and look through my boards.  You'll find it.  :)  You should totally be following my on Pinterest anyway.  I'll forgive you just this once.  :)  Anyway, this is my little take on the project.  Enjoy!

It all started right before our very last wedding shower....

We had a small wedding and a lot of people were not invited.  That did not stop all the little old ladies from wanting to throw us a wedding shower for everyone.  To avoid hurting people's feelings or adding any stress we told our churches that we did not have a problem with them throwing a shower for us, but would prefer if they waited until after the wedding to avoid any controversy.  So, that's what they did.  

Since the wedding was behind us by the time the showers rolled around, we thought it would be nice to bring some pictures from the wedding for everyone to see.  Somehow, three copies of this pictures was ordered by mistake.  It was a picture of the decor from the reception.  The amazing thing about this picture is that all three living grandmothers are in it.  Cool, huh?  :)  I knew this was the perfect picture to dunk in olive oil.  :)


I used: 
  • an old spaghetti jar
  • the cheapest olive oil I could find (it took the whole bottle)
  • and one extra 4 x 6 wedding photograph that cost $8.  Don't get me started on wedding photographers and how much they charge.
I love the way the olive oil affected the colors of the picture without damaging the photograph.  The top (or bottom, as pictured here) of the jar has a funky shape to it, so I turned the jar upside so that I could see the grandmothers.  It has not leaked any olive oil so far.  

What do you use old spaghetti jars for?  
Have you tried this project?  How'd it turn out?     


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lauren @ our big fat farm wedding: crazy ever after said...

$8 for just one picture???. Omg! That's outrageous. Hopefully you don't get married again, but if you ever hire a photographer for something else make sure you buy the rights to your photos so you don't have to pay their ridiculously high prices for developing. I love how this turned out btw. Beautiful!