Thursday, December 29, 2011


Can you believe that 2012 has snuck right up on us?!  

Crazy how we have an entire year to prepare for it and BAM, it comes out of nowhere. 

I try not to make resolutions for the New Year, really I do, because I'm not very good at keeping them.  Which neither are most people, I think, but I hate jumping on a bandwagon that I know, without a doubt, I will be falling right back off of in about a month, tops.  However, my dad told me about this person he went to high school with, who is now married and has children.  They make family resolutions!  Cute!  So, for 2011, their resolution was to go to Sonic as a family every single Tuesday.  And the amazing thing is.....they did it!  Wow!  The memories I bet they made.  My dad was even jealous and said he wished that our family had done something like that when we had the chance.  They were looking for a new resolution to make as a family for 2012, and my dad asked me for advice since I'm so creative and amazing.  :)  So naturally, the thing to do would be....come up with ideas of things I would like to do with my family.

So...I know that the "365 Project" has been done to death and is pretty much a cliche.  BUT...we are newlyweds, so it's different.  And I'm not going to call it the 365 project, because that what everyone else calls it.  I'm going to call it something different.  Maybe "A Year in The Life?"  Kind of like the scrapbooks people make called "A Week in The Life."  We'll see.  But I love the concept of capturing a new image every day  for an entire year...the first entire year we'll ever spend together.  

I would really like to be a better friend in 2012!  Wedding planning kind of took over my life in 2011.  I got engaged, planned a wedding, changed jobs, got married, went on a honeymoon, came home, moved, and then boom!  The holidays were here!  It was February just yesterday, I swear it!  So yeah.  I'd like to reconnect with the people I've basically stopped talking to.

We are living in my parents house.  It is cluttered to the max.  It was a full house when we moved in, and we brought two apartments worth of stuff with us.  So...we have some work to do!  I NEVER choose to be clean or organized for a NYR, but....Lauren over at Our Crazy Ever After pretty much is making me do this.  Just kidding.  But she has started a "De-Clutter The Crap Iniative" where she features different bloggers and we talk about organizing our homes and hold each other accountable.  She will be featuring this resolution kind of just happened.  :)  If you are interested in participating, go visit her!  Click here.

Aaaaaand Mr. Robinson and I would both like to shed our winter coats.  :)  We'll see how that works out.  

What are your resolutions?   


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lauren @ crazy ever after said...

Why thank you for the plug. Let's hope this works out famously. Here's to getting our poop I'm group for 2012. Looking forward to sharing your ideas with my blog pals.