Friday, December 30, 2011

Breanna's Love Story!

So maybe y'all remember Breanna from My Beautiful, Crazy Life. She did a guest post for me a little bit ago, and she showed us how to make a Christmas ornament out of those adorable little clear glass balls that have an endless number of possibilities and she did such a great job! (And I just did a great job with that run on sentence, no?) I think it was last week when I asked for some guest posts because I was running out of useful things to say.... and she stepped up to the plate! She wrote down her love story (yay!!) for the first time (double yay!!) and sent it to me to feature (triple yay!). So....dear readers, be super sweet to one of my favorite bloggy friends: read her adorable little love story and show her some comment love! Also, you should go follow her. Again, that is and she is amazing. :) So...time for me to stop and you to swoon....

Eric & I in San Antonio
Our love story starts back in high school. We met the summer leading up to my Junior year and his Senior year. It may seem funny, but we actually didn't go to the same high school. It all started when I went with a friend of mine to their prom(Eric's school). Well for me it didn't start here, but for him it did because he had spotted me amongst the crowd. He began asking his friends if they knew the girl in the black dress(me), but they didn't have a clue. The night went on and Eric left soon after that remembering the girl in the black dress. A few days later I added Eric on facebook (I was one of those people who thought if we had a mutual friend than it was okay to add them). Not a few hours after adding him he commented on my wall saying "Hey, How's it goin" and from there we started our everlasting love affair :)
It doesn't completely end there though. We continued to talk back and forth for a week or two on facebook sharing a few cheesy lines here and there. The line from Eric that I rememember him saying the most was "We are going to be really good friends." It wasn't until June 14th, 2008 that we met in person, and of all places at the mall. My friend was with me luckily, because I was a nervous wreck. I had butterflies so bad that my head hurt the entire time, but it was a perfect day for the both of us nonetheless.  
The next time we met up was in my home town which was a 35 minute drive from his. I remember this so vividly. I was up at the high school returning my computer when he called and told me he was at sonic. After about 10 minutes, I had one of my friends take me there to meet him, and from there he would take me home. When I got into the car I had a half melted ice cream cone and a 44 oz strawberry limeade waiting on me. Well of course the ice cream was so melted(which was my fault for taking so long) that I ended throwing it away to keep from getting it all over his car(which it already had in the first place). Now here comes the unluckiness on my part, I went to pick up the drink, but in the process the cup holder punctured the cup leaving a huge mess everywhere. I was so embarrassed. Here was a sweet guy who had surprised me with my favorite treats, and in less than 5 minutes I had ruined that special moment. Instead of being mad, he just kept reassuring me that it was fine, and he ordered me another one. So much for making a good impression right? Wrong! He found the incident to be funny, yet cute all at the same time, and to this day we laugh about it.
We met a few more times after that, but it wasn't until June 21st, 2008 that we had our first real date out on the town. He had picked me up, and took me to his home town, San Angelo. It started off with a romantic sunset on the lake making bracelets out of cross stitch thread that he had picked up at hobby lobby before picking me up! It's kind of a tradition we started where we make matching bracelets out of 3 colors of our choosing, and wear them until they fall off.  After this we went to a coffee shop called Bakerstreet. We shared a coffee and a muffin while we listened to a guy play acoustic guitar. We will always remember one of the songs he played(Wonderwall, by Oasis), because in that moment it was perfect. From there we went to the KOA to a spot that Eric went to often. We sat on the hood of his car and gazed at the stars, more like at each other, but nevertheless it was incredibly romantic. The last place he took me was to a party. He says he took me there to meet his friends, but I know he just wanted to show me off :) The whole time we were in there people kept asking us if we were dating, and we just kinda looked at each other not knowing what we were. We knew that we had feelings for each other, probably more than just feelings, because I knew from the moment I met him that he was beyond amazing, and he was the guy I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. We got in the car, and the first thing Eric asked was "So are we dating"?  I couldn't help, but smile and say yes.. It was probably the most informal way to ask it, but to me it was perfect.
We have been dating now for 3 1/2 years, and are going strong. We don't hardly fight about anything, other than who loves each other the most. We constantly spend time together doing random things that we consider to be fun that most probably wouldn't. Above all he is my best friend and soul mate. I couldn't be more blessed to have such an amazing man in my life who loves me for me. To this day, our love story is still being written, but the love story that has been created thus far is more than I could have even imagined. He is my dream come true.
Our 2 year anniversary in Cancun!

Thanks, Breanna!  What a precious and heartfelt story!  And how amazing is it that y'all went to Cancun?!  I wish you both the best luck in life and in love.  



Jackie said...

What a wonderful story. It always so nice to hear about great relationship success stories. May you both have many great years together.

sandra said...

Wow, Eric is so lucky to have you and you to have him!