Wednesday, February 29, 2012

I Am On Vacation!

My husband and I live a comfortable life, but we are about to go through some pretty big changes!  I wrote a post all about it, so go read it and come right on back!  Click Here!

Because of these big changes, we are forced to take a week-long vacation from work and cash in  some of our paid time off.  We are really hating this, I assure you.  =)  Since I get to gobble up every ounce of hubby-love for 7 days straight without any rude interruptions from work I will be stepping away from the blog while we are on "vacation."  We have TONS of fun stuff planned like bathing Zombie, going to the dermatologist, some housework, and we're going to finish it out with a mini road-trip!

While I'm gone, I've got some pretty amazing guest bloggers lined up to keep y'all entertained.  Some days, I might even have TWO guest bloggers.  Never can tell...I'm crazy that way.   Hey, seriously... leave these ladies some serious love!  =)  Have a great 7 days and I will see y'all on March 8th!  Can't wait to tell you all about our adventures!!! =D 



Part Five: The Ceremony

If you are really new, you can click on the "All About Our Love" tab up there at the top.  There, you'll see some of our engagement pictures and you can read about our love story from the very beginning!  

Part Five:  The Ceremony

Mr. Robinson, his best man, and the pastors waited in the bar (haha) until it was time for the ceremony to begin.  He tells me that they were all asking him if he was nervous, and he said no.  Mr. R was telling his pastor, Pastor Bob, about his high school soccer career, haha.  They came outside and took their places at the alter.

Daddy and I drove up to the courtyard, where the ceremony would be, in his '57 Corvette.  I was so excited.  I couldn't wait to his face.  I remember being nervous to walk down the aisle and have everyone stare at me.  It was silly, because our wedding was small.  Also, I tend to enjoy attention a little.  I think I was afraid of tripping or bursting into tears.  

Daddy and I got out of the car.  He was so sweet, he tried to fluff up my dress...the poor man knows nothing about dress fluffing.  We both tried to pull ourselves together.  It had been a short, yet emotional, drive from the Bridal Cottage to the Courtyard.   

I could see my groom.  He was 150 feet away, but I could see him.  I could see him in his ivory jacket and I knew he looked handsome.  I could feel his smile.

  I smiled.    

Daddy and I made our way down the aisle.  I swear, that was the longest walk I've ever taken.  My dress made a swishing sound against the aisle cloth.  To me, it felt so loud, but I know it wasn't.  :)  The orange fabric we used as an aisle runner...oh, it was perfect.  We kept it all!  I have over 300 feet of orange fabric in my craft room.  One day I hope to make curtains and tablecloths and valances our of it, and use the cloth to decorate our home.  

The contrast of the orange against the green grass and my ivory was just perfect.     

The entire court yard was beautiful.  I didn't go look at the wedding site before the ceremony.   I wanted it to be a surprise.  It was.  It was so perfect!  Thanks to our wedding planner, I had no clue what to expect.   

Mr. Robinson wanted our wedding to have a bit of an Indian flair.  He spent some time over in India on a mission trip, and fell in love with the culture.  One common tradition in Indian weddings is marigold curtains used as decoration.  We couldn't use real marigolds because they would die by the time the florist had strung them together.  They also would have cost us our first born, haha.  So, our fabulous local florist strung together fake marigolds, and hung them from the oak tree over the court yard.  

Flowers and moss were everywhere, even arranged in lanterns hanging from the oak tree.

 Thank goodness for pictures, because when daddy and I got to then end of the aisle, all I could see was Mr. Robinson.  And that smile.  Oh.  It gets me.  {Pictured below}  Also in the picture below, you can see the alter we had built.  Isn't it splendid?!  It was built for the wedding and we got to keep it...all 13 feet of it.  

We had two ceremony officiants:  
{LEFT} Pastor Rick, my pastor from childhood.
{RIGHT} Pastor Bob, Mr. Robinson's pastor.  

First, Pastor Rick prayed over us and the ceremony.  Then, he read one of my favorite passages from the Bible.  I've known for years that I wanted these verses read at my wedding.

Ruth 1:16-17
Where you go I will go, and where you lodge I will lodge.  Your people will be my people and your God will be my God.  Where you die I will die, and there I will be buried.  

Pastor Bob charged Mr. R and I with the responsibility of confessing if there was anything that would make our union unlawful before God.  He explained why the hour was so sacred, solemn, and worshipful.  He asked Mr. R and I both if we would accept our vows and take them seriously.  We both said "I Will."  Pastor Bob asked, "Who gives this woman to this man" and my Daddy responded with, "Her Mother and I."  (We were informed that it is tradition for the father to say "I do."  But I wanted him to give me away on behalf of my family.  My Momma is one of my best  friends.  I didn't want her to be left we changed it up a little here.)  

Miranda, my sister & Maid-of-Honor, pulled back my bird cage veil and secured it with a bobby pin so that Daddy could give me away with a kiss on the cheek.  :)

After Daddy stepped down and took his seat with Momma, our musician played our song.. "God Gave Me You."  And the acoustic guitarist / "singer" butchered it.  Oh, well.  Everyone has to be able to look back at their weddings and laugh about something, right? 

He was a last minute hire because our first choice had an emergency come up and was unable to play at our wedding.  We pretty much had to choose between this man or a DJ playing in our wedding.  We wanted an acoustic guitar, so without even hearing him, we chose him.  He was a wonderful guitar player.  But when he sang out song...I could almost smell the Marlboro Reds.    

While we were professing our hunka-hunka-burning love, guests fanned themselves with the orange, silk fans they found in their seats.  

We had planned an outdoor wedding.  The building (you may have noticed) behind our alter, is the old plantation home where we had our reception.  The plantation home was actually small, and we would have been unable to move the wedding & guests inside.  John, our wedding planner, insisted that we have a fantastic Plan B in case it rained.  I decided that we would order fans and umbrellas.  If it rained, the guests would receive umbrellas.  If it was sunny, the guests would receive fans.  Whatever we didn't use would get returned.  We would get married in our beautiful and perfect courtyard, rain or shine.  Even though it would have ruined my hair and makeup and dress for the day, I think it would have been incredibly romantic to be married in the rain.  Thank God, it didn't rain.  We put fans on each guest's seat and sent the unused umbrellas back.  The fans were a huge hit - all of the guests loved them!  We're talking South Carolina summer, here.  It helped keep the State Bird, the mosquito, away and the guests stayed cool.  :)  I also loved the old, Southern feel of looking out and seeing ladies fanning themselves.  

When the song was over, we were instructed to repeat after Pastor Bob, with Mr. R going first.  Our vows are so nontraditional, but I love them!  They are more spiritual and really reflect how seriously we take our vows.  They aren't just vows to each other...they are vows to God.  

Mr. Robinson's Vows to me.. 
Being guided by the Holy Spirit and assured in my heart this is the will of God.  I, {Mr. R}, do take thee {soon-to-be-Mrs. R} to be my wife, and before God and these witnesses I covenant to love you as Christ loved the church and gave himself for it.

My Vows to Mr. Robinson
Being guided by the Holy Spirit and assured in my heart this is the will of God,  I, {Soon-to-be-Mrs. R}, do take thee {Mr. R} to be my husband, and before God and these witnesses covenant to love you and to honor you (This is when I started to cry and my voice breaks) as the God ordained head of our home.  

Then, we exchanged rings to symbolize our vows. 

I give you this ring as a symbol of my love and devotion in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.  Amen.  

Then Pastor Rick lead the Unity Cross Ceremony as an alternative to a unity candle or unity sand ceremony. 

He read from Genesis, quoting that without a helper, man was alone.  He gave the strong, outer cross to Mr. R, who then placed it on the base.  Pastor Rick then read from Genesis about the creation of Eve and how she is called "woman," which means to be soft.  He gave the delicate, inner cross to me and I placed it on the base inside of Mr. R's cross.  Pastor Rick added three pegs to hold the two crosses together.  One peg represents The Father, another peg represents The Son, and the third peg represents The Holy Spirit.  He ended with "What God has put together, man is not to separate or put asunder." 

If you are able to look past my amazing dress, handsome husband, and our googly eyes...the complete unity cross is between us.    

Pastor Bob closed out the ceremony:
"For as much as Van and Kristina have consented together in Holy wedlock and have witnessed the same before God and this company, and have declared the same by giving and receiving rings and by joining hands, I pronounce that they are Man and Wife in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.  Amen.  May we bow together in prayer?"

{We were so mad.  I hate to say that we made over a prayer...but we wanted to KISS.  Haha.  We were not expecting a prayer at that very moment.  I'm sorry.  But this is my blog and I will tell the truth!  I wanted to kiss my husband!}  

And we were pronounced husband and wife!  He kissed the bride!  He kissed her real good.  On our wedding video, Pastor Bob can be seen licking his lips.  He can also be heard saying "MMM..MMMM...MMM"  Haha.  That's not creepy at all.  

We were presented as Mr. and Mrs. Robinson for the very first time.  
We were both ecstatic!  Everyone stood and clapped, and I felt famous!  

We walked down the aisle as husband and wife!

When we got to the end, John (the wedding planner) was waiting on me!  He said "Well, what do you think?!"  I said "I think I'm ready to consummate it!"  Little did I know, my brand new husband had a microphone under his tux so that the videographer would be able to hear what we were saying.  So yes, our wedding video has me - the blushing bride - expressing interest in immediate consummation.  Classy.    

And it was over.  

I know that the reception is "the fun part," but the ceremony was the most important part to us.  I feel like it flew by.  I honestly, barely remember a thing.  If I didn't have pictures and a video to go back and watch, I don't know that I would have any memory of it other than how horrible the musician was.  Brides-to-be, hire a videographer!  The wedding day is SUCH a blur.  You'll want a video.  Trust me.  

So, the ceremony was over.  
Next time, you'll see the after-pictures we took!  

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Going On Vacation ~ Needing Guest Bloggers!

I know that I'm publishing two posts back to back, but it's completely necessary!  If you read my most recent post, you know that my hubby and I have taken a week off from work and are going on VACATION!!!! 

As my previous post explains, this little vacation is pretty last minute.  We already had plans for Wednesday - Saturday, and Sunday is we are going on a little road trip Monday and Tuesday of next week.  I need two things from all of you fabulous people!   

  1. I have never been on a road tip.  Do you have any tips?  Must-do's that are not location-specific?  Photo-prompts?  This will be our ONLY vacation this year {other than a mission trip} and I want it to be two completely perfect days!
  2. I am looking for GUEST Bloggers to fill in while I'm on vacation.  Even though I will be at home, I won't be posting.  I am looking for people to post March 1 - March 4th, and then one on March 7th.  E-mail me if you are interested in filling one of my slots!  =)  



Big Changes for The Robinson's!

I want to share some very exciting news with you guys!!! But first, a little back-story.

Mr. Robinson and I met waiting tables at a Ruby Tuesday.  We dated briefly and were soon engaged.  Mr. R had recently graduated college and had been looking for a grown-up job in his field.  He kept applying for different jobs and looking for places who were hiring, and couldn't find anything.  We started getting nervous because we would be married soon!  Neither of us had a very good was scary.  Finally, he heard back from one company.  It was a finance and loan company.  They wanted to hire him, he accepted the job.  We didn't really ask any questions.  He was excited.  The word "salary" was a magical, musical tune to our ears {waiters in SC make $2.17 an hour, folks.  Learn to tip or learn to stay at home}.  So my soon-to-be hubby accepted a job because it was his only real option for supporting our little family.

It didn't take long for him to realize how much he hated his job.  It broke my heart because he came home miserable every day.  He was having to go out to people's homes and try and collect payment for their past-due accounts.  One of his coworkers has had a gun pulled on him before.   He's been looking for a new job for a while.  It's hard to find a new day job when you already work a regular 40-hour-week day job.  He met with several different people to talk about jobs, he updated his resume, and it just felt like he was trying so hard and not getting anywhere.  A few opportunities opened up, but to me, they didn't seem right.  I tried to be encouraging to my husband....after all, that's part of my job as his wife.... but I also tried to remind him that just because he was ready to jump ship doesn't mean he has to jump onto the first ship that comes along.  It was hard on both of us and we struggled..

So we took it to God and started praying.

We prayed together and separately.

We talked the new-job topic to death.  His current job offers us amazing benefits, and we argued over benefits a lot.  We were both exhausted.  He even asked me once if I wanted him to be miserable. {Which I don't, of course!}  But maybe my fear-of-change was stopping me from getting on board with another job.  A new job could mean that we'd have to move, which mean I'd probably have to give up my job.  With my job, I'm next in line to be VP of a company.  It was just a lot on us, you know?  There were big decisions to be made and I wanted both of us to be 100% positive that we made the best decision out there.

If you've ever stood in front of several doors and had to pick the best one..knowing that this decision would affect the rest of your know how stressful it can be.


Eventually, God closed all of the doors except one.  Behind this particular door is a 100% commission based job.  There is no starting salary or base pay.  We've been hesitant...
We had dinner at a cute little local Mexican restaurant with Johnny, the regional manager.  He was really cool.   We bonded over our love for guacamole dip and Mexico.  We asked lots and lots of questions.  We asked all of the questions we should have asked before Mr. R took the job he has now. 

After dinner, Johnny told us to talk & pray about it.  He told Mr. R that he wanted to hire him and would be calling him on Monday to see if we had any questions or if we had made a decision.  So, Mr. R and I got in the car and came home.  We both felt at complete peace...the job seemed like a great opportunity, even if it would be a little risky at first.  Even though we both felt at peace, we wanted to pray and make sure that the peace we felt was from God and from ourselves.


Saturday, Mr. R called Johnny and accepted the job.  This morning he went and signed the contract.  This coming Thursday through next Wednesday, we will both be off of work!  :)  {Because...with his current job, he gets two week paid vacation, and I get two weeks paid vacation from my current job.  Once he leaves his current job, his paid vacation time is gone and mine is useless.  Since we will be living off of my income at first, there is a good chance he will be able to take off one week for a mission trip, but that's it.  Which renders my paid vacation time useless unless I want to sit at home by myself.  SO, we are taking a week off from work, with pay, and when he returns from vacation he will put in his two week notice."

We are very excited!  God is so good..this should be a scary time.  We will have one steady paycheck from here on out.  How much money he makes will depend greatly on how hard he works.  I know he can do it, though.  I believe in that man more than I believe in myself most days.  I know he will work hard, I know that God is on our side, and I know that we are both at complete peace about this big change.  It's risky, but we are YOUNG.  We are newlyweds.  We h ave no kids, we have no mortgage, we could sacrifice a million things before having to go into poverty...NOW is the time for us to take a risk.  My husband hates his job and it makes him miserable and exhausted.  Maybe this job will, too.  BUT at least we'll know we tried.  At least we will know of two jobs that aren't for him, rather than sticking with a job he hates from fear of hating something else.  Everything about this feels right.  We aren't worried a bit.

This was the first big decision we've made since we've been married that will really change the course of our life together.  It felt so adult.  You know?  I love the little {or in this case, big} things that remind me that we are married.  It makes mundane tasks or scary decisions a little extra fun!  Exciting times!

Keep us in your prayers, y'all!  =)  And for those of you who knew of his job situation and offered to pray on our behalf, thank you for doing so.  We greatly appreciate it ... God answered our prayer!


Monday, February 27, 2012

Fresh Fruit & Mrs. Robinson's {Healthy} Fruit Dip

I can't take any credit for the Fresh Fruit...that's all in God's hands (& might I say, HE is a genius!)...but I can take credit for this little fruit dip recipe I came up with not too long ago.  I was craving something sweet, but didn't want to mess up my diet...and some magic happened when I just threw together whatever I had!  Now, I make this all the time.  It's fine in moderation, but I will tell you to be careful not to overdo it on the dip.  The calorie-count can easily get away from you.   

Last night, our church showed the movie Courageous, and afterwards served cookies and brownies and cake. A few of the ladies from our church are also healthy eaters, so we decided to bring some healthy snacks to church so that we'd have something to eat after the movie.  I put together a fabulous fruit tray, featuring all kinds of different fruit, but the fruit dip was an absolute hit!  I had tons of people come up to me and ask for the recipe.  I was so excited - not only because I made this little recipe up, but also because my FRUIT TRAY made a bigger impression on some people than all of the sweets.  Anyway, enough talking...onto the good stuff! 


Regardless of what you are eating, it's good to know the nutritional facts.  Even if you aren't counting calories, where is the harm in being informed?  Regardless of calories, carbs, sugars, or whatever...what good is a particular food giving your body?  Is it high in protein or a particular vitamin?    In my fridge, I had cuties, mini bananas, and kiwis.  I cut up one of each for my fruit tray, and here are the nutritional facts for those three fruits:

The fruit dip is made from:

 Greek Yogurt
A good source of Calcium, Protein, & Vitamin D

Philadelphia Fat Free Strawberry Cream Cheese
A good source of Protein

Step 1:  Chop up all of the fruit into bite-size pieces!  :)  

Step 2:  Put some of the Strawberry Fat Free Cream Cheese into a small bowl...I never measure, which is why it's difficult for me to figure out the nutritional facts.  I just eyeball it to make enough for the amount of fruit I'm eating.  

Step 3:  Add an equal amount of Vanilla Greek Yogurt.  (Don't be afraid, all you STRICT recipe-followers! If you mess up, it'll still taste good  It's yogurt and flavored cream cheese!  There is no wrong way!)  

Step Four:  Stuff your face.  :) 

How do you cure your sweet tooth?  


Friday, February 24, 2012

Lookin' Spiffy

I updated my blog, made some changes, and I'm loving them!  :)  Thanks for not making any rude comments while my blog was looking all wonky.  And, thanks for following in general.  I try to keep it lookin' spiffy 'round dese here parts fer ya.  {That's Southern for "make-over"}

{1}  The New Header & Color Scheme.  Check out that chair.  Isn't is fabulous?  The chair was pulled out of Mr. R's parent's garage when he moved into his first big-boy apartment.  When I saw that chair, it was love at first sight...for the chair & me.  Later, after a brief courtship, we got engaged and had engagement pictures taken.  I had my sweet fiance stuff the chair into my cross-over SUV and tote it all over the place for our pictures.  No worries, it was totally worth it.  The picture in the header is on a framed canvas in our home and that ugly, old, fabulous chair is in our living room.  & then a blog layout was born.  :)  

{2}  Tab Changes  I have a brand new tab called [Create] that you just have to check out!  It's awesome and I love it!  I'm not even going to ruin the surprise by telling you what is in that tab.  You'll have to find out for yourselves!  Also, I recently made a tab for my Pandora Bracelet that we started on our honeymoon.  One more tab change that is a must see is the [Button Swap] tab because I deleted all of my old buttons and replaced them with shiny, new buttons to match my new blog!  If you have one of my old buttons, I ask that you please replace that old, cruddy button with a sparkly new one.  

{3} Your Buttons are gone, as you may have noticed.  A lot of the buttons on my side bar were outdated.  I had a few buttons from "MegaBlogs" who never talk to me, and I don't think that's what buttons are really all about.  Not for me, anyway.  I want to try something different...I'd love to swap buttons, but let's get to know each other first.  I'd love to do a post about my favorite bloggers and stroke y'all's bloggy-egos a little.  So, starting from scratch, who is up to button swap?!  As mentioned above, I have new buttons and I've made three sizes.  If you need a different size, let me know and I'll work on it! 

{4}  Twitter  I love connecting with other bloggers on Twitter, so if you wanna be tweeterific friends, click here!

{5}  Rearranged  I moved some things around, and I just want to point out, quickly, where things have gone.  On the left side bar is some quick info about myself, as well as my largest button.  In the footer, you will find labels that I use + blog archive +  a list of my most popular posts.  On the right side bar, you can  follow me with Google Friend Connect, Google+, or by e-mail.  Pick your poison.  Beneath that is where your buttons will go soon..I hope!  :) It depends on you, really.  If you are looking for recipes or crafts, check out the [Create] tab.  If you are looking for pictures or love-dove stuff from our courtship, engagement, or wedding check out the [All About Our Love] tab.  

So?!  What do you guys think about the new blog stuff?!  :)  I'm excited, but I would LOVE some feedback, suggestions, or anything else you have to offer.  I did it all myself using pictures I had, Microsoft Word, Paint, Photobucket, and Pixlr.  So, I'm an amateur..please be nice with your constructive criticisms...haha!  You can leave a comment or e-mail me at  Happy Friday!  


Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Pardon The Mess..

I know that i literally JUST redid my blog.  But I'm not happy with it.  It's not "perfect" and it doesn't look all fancy and inviting and reflective of my odd personality.  So... I'm FIXING it and I'm not stopping until I am 100% satisfied with the way it looks.  

You'll notice that all of your buttons are gone.  I took them off.  I'll put them back up... I just needed some space.  I still love you guys..promise.

Meanwhile.... anybody got any tips for a CLUELESS blogger who can't afford Photoshop?!  Haha

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

I'm Over Here....With The Girl From That Thing....Talking About A Really Important Topic

I'm sorry...Post # 3 for the's totally worth it, though.  pinky swear.

Meet Ashley Marie from Chickadette


I have only good things to say about her.  And I truly hope that if I am ever a mother, I am the kind of mother that she is....she's gorgeous and nice and creative and has tattoos, and somehow still has time to blog.  Ah-mazing!  Anywho..I'm on her blog RIGHT NOW and you just have to do two things for me!  

(1)  Click Here to read the post on how to remove Word Verification from your blog.  And before you blow this off, please note that it is probably on your blog, too.  It was on mine and I was pretty sure that I had opted out of the whole Word Verification thing.  So...just DO this for us all, pretty please.  It only takes a few seconds!  I've broken it down into 7 of the easiest steps on the internet WITH pictures.  It doesn't get any better than a well written post on a pin-up model's blog with the intentions of making Blogger a better place.  So, go do it.  Immediately, please.  :) 

(2)  Become Ashley's newest follower & fan!  :)