[Pandora Bracelet]

I've known about the Pandora Bracelets for a while now.  I never considered myself to be a "Pandora" girl simply because everyone has a Pandora Bracelet.  Maybe not everyone.  But a lot of people have them, and I'm not really into things that are ordinary.  However, this is the story of how I came to love Pandora.

On our magical St. Maarten honeymoon, Mr. Robinson wanted to buy me some jewelry.  We looked at necklaces and diamond stud earrings.  I decided I wanted some pretty, but small, diamond studs.  We went shopping three different days and each time, we went into different jewelry stores and looked for the perfect earrings.  Um...did y'all know that diamonds are freakin' expensive?  Like...for real.  And they're "cheaper" in the islands.  But they were expensive.  Every set of earrings we found were either out of our price range or microscopic.  When we came across a Pandora store, my first reaction was no.  After second thought, I asked if we could go check it out.  Once inside the store, I was fascinated by all the different options.  We decided that Pandora was the way to go.  It was a much cheaper alternative to diamonds (even the microscopic ones!) and we could add to the bracelet over time.  

I chose the simple, sterling silver bracelet. 

When we bought the bracelet, we also bought two charms.

Pandora Silver Letter R
for my new last name

Pandora Forever Together Charm 
because we will be

At the end of our honeymoon, we realized that we had some extra left over!  Instead of saving it like responsible adults, we decided to go buy some more souvenirs!  So we bought one more charm and two clips to hold all the charms in place.   

Pandora Rock Star Black Rhodium Clip
I picked this clip because my husband is a rock star :*)

Pandora Blue Tendril Clip
It was a "birthstone" for the month of September - when we got married!
Pandora Pineapple Charm
The Pineapple represents St. Maarten.  The island is made up a French side and the Dutch side.  They are technically two countries occupying one island.  The amazing thing is that you don't need a passport to commute between the two "countries" because the two countries exchanged Pineapples as a symbol of hospitality.  St. Maarten is known as "The Friendly Island" and we thought a Pineapple charm would be a great way to remember the best vacation of our lives.

Pandora Cinnamon Candy Stripes
This was a Christmas gift from my husband to mark our first Christmas together as husband and wife!

 Pandora Heartfelt Charm
This charm was a surprise gift to mark our first Valentine's Day together as husband & wife, as well as the one year anniversary of our first date!  

I adore my Pandora bracelet!  I love the memories that rush back to me when I look at it, the sounds it makes as the charms touch, and I love how each charms changes the shape-sound-movement of the bracelet.  I'm so glad that we started the bracelet on our honeymoon and can add to it for years to come!  :)


Tamara Honea-Throneburg said...

Ohhh this is cool! I might just have to do a post about my bracelet!

Anonymous said...

I am blowing up your blog but I just loooove my pandora bracelet! I love it because you can make it your own. It doesn't have to be your typical charm bracelet. It's so personal.

gosialein said...

I like the way you started your collection, it's great that your husband supports your collector's passion :)

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