[Our House]

The Story:

My parents built this house when I was in the third grade, and I lived there with them until I went off to college.  The four bedroom, five bathroom house is nestled deep in the woods on a private {gator-infested} lake.  Attached is a two-car garage with a bonus room above.  When I was a senior in high school, my parents started spending their summers at the family river house.  The river house was only 30 minutes away, closer to town, and on a recreational river.  It was also much, much smaller and easier to keep up.  As time went on, my parents decided to move their permanently for a variety of reasons.  They wanted to sell the home I grew up in, but I begged them to wait.  I didn't want to live in the house at the time, but I didn't want strangers living in it either.  Fast-forward and I've met the man of my dreams.  We are engaged and house-hounting.  We fell in love with an adorable little home in a new neighborhood...but his lack of credit + my bad credit meant we could not get a mortgage.  Renting was always an option, but it wasn't what we wanted.  My parents graciously offered my childhood home to us at half the market value.  We still couldn't get a mortgage, so my parents have allowed us to purchase the house directly from them.  It might take the rest of our lives, but we're currently in the process of buying the house.  :)  

Making the house our own is such a task, but we're getting there!  :)  Feel free to check out what we've done so far.            

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