Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The Goodbye Post

One day a few weeks before we moved I was sitting at my desk at my old job and it started to rain outside.  The clock read 11:27 a.m. and I thought to myself it shouldn’t be raining.  You see, it had rained at exactly 3:00 p.m. every day for the past two weeks.  The fact that the rain came early is not life-altering in the slightest, but it comforted me.  In a weird way, I think God was reminding me that even when the timing seems off or when events seem to happen out of order, He is still in control.

Mr. Robinson was ready to serve God and go anywhere he felt led to go, and I was holding us back.  I was comforted by a familiar environment and fearful that God had not given me any talents that I could use beside my husband – and I did not want to leave my home.  My husband was ready and willing from the start, but it took me a little longer.  Eventually and all of a sudden, I was ready.  I felt the call and I felt at peace, and to stick with the metaphor…it started to rain before I was ready.  God is so good like that, isn’t He?  Thousands of things had to fall perfectly into place and when they did, life as we knew it would never be the same. 

With everything changing, it seemed only natural to me that I would start a new blog.  I’m so happy that I started My New Wife Life last October, and because of this I was introduced to such an amazing community of supportive women that I consider my friends, even when others can’t seem to understand.  I’m still a new wife, but it’s different now.  When we first got married, we were seeking the “American Dream” complete with a big house, adorable dogs, and desk jobs.  It’s the life I thought I always wanted – I wanted to be settled.  It was a typical life.  But now?  There is a good possibility that we’ll move around a lot and never have a forever home, and that’s okay.  My home is where my husband is…my home is where our Lord leads us to go….and that’s okay.  It will be an adjustment, it will be an adventure, it will change everything, and I hope you’ll follow us on our journey through seminary and through whatever happens next.  Except now, we'll be here.  Along with the new blog, I've created new everything.  I have a new blog address, new e-mail address, new twitter, a new Facebook page...the works.  Exciting stuff.  I hope to see y'all around.  :)  


Thursday, July 26, 2012

Bosom-Buddy Guest Post #4

hello friends of mrs. robinson! i am so excited to be here today while she is on vacation! lucky her.. huh? definitely makes me excited for my vacation - but i have to wait until december. i've never wanted to rush winter - but with the combination of this drought and extreme heat warnings.. winter is looking pretty wonderful right now!

i should probably introduce myself a little bit.. :) 
my name is jennifer and i am the author of one43. i like to describe myself as this.. 

i have a passion for christ. relationships are my hobby. i'm a coffee addict. happily married to my best friend. i love to be creative in every aspect of life.

here are some photos of me and my best friend/partner in life!

my faith is so important to me. something i'm continuing to grow in and always up for openly talking about with others! :) today i wanted to talk about something that i struggle with.. something that i consider to be one of my weaknesses. my desire to is be real. to be open, honest and genuine with all my readers. so here it is - grab a cup of coffee, tea, soda, water.. or whatever your beverage choice is and let's talk about women who pray!

what does it mean to be a woman of prayer? what is the importance of a prayerful woman? how does one become a woman of prayer? 

these are questions i ask myself daily.. prayer is one of my biggest struggles as a Christ follower, a wife and a sister in Christ.

when it comes to reading, memorizing, and studying the word - it comes naturally for me. i don't know why.. that's just something i have always enjoyed. i love journaling and keeping notes of the things i study. those are my 'strong points' if you want to call them that.

but prayer.. i need more of. well - i could always read, memorize and study the scriptures more as well.. but i long to have a strong prayer life.

have you ever heard of [#shereadstruth]? well it's awesome - so you should check it out! right now we're studying... yes you guessed it! prayer! i am enjoying it too! i have challenged myself to study prayer, and then journal about what types of prayer there is.. what these prayers look like. and then i.. of course, pray!

i don't have all the answers to the questions above.. but so the Lord has been putting on my heart is that there is so much power of a praying woman. 
as women of prayer we can come together in as the body of Christ and seek Jesus. we can be prayer warriors for our husbands, children and loved ones. i am married.. and one of the best things i can do is pray over and pray for my husband. according to scripture, husbands are to be the head of the household, with that there is a lot of attacks on them to provide, minister, lead and support us and our families. as women, we have a special role in life. we were created to care, love, comfort and be in relationships. we can experience what it means to sit at the feet of Jesus like mary did. my husband listens to a lot of christian hip-hop. i really don't know how else to explain it.. it's the most powerful lyrics i've heard ever put into a song. and every song is like that! i mean.. these people have theology, scripture, doctrine in their lyrics. it's awesome! anyways.. the reason i bring this up is because one of their songs is called L.A.D.I.E.S and the chorus goes like this..

'Jesus did walk with women in a special way,
this is odd for men in the first century,
look at God callin' women to the ministry,
Jesus did walk with the ladies...' 

if you're interested.. you can hear the entire song [here] the song is by da T.R.U.T.H feat. flame. some other hip-hop artists can be found [here], [here], and [here].

so ladies - we are needed! our conversations with Jesus ARE important! so how do we do this..? i have started by just praying.. praying for the Lord to use me, to open my heart, to grow my desire for prayer. i pray for the Lord to reveal himself to me and to speak to me. sometimes my prayers involve just listening instead of always asking. it's a temptation to just ask, ask, ask and for me to talk the entire time - what i also need to do is just sit and be in his presence. to listen to what he wants to speak to me and show me. 

as you can see.. prayer is needed. and a praying women is also needed. let's continue to come together to pray and grow in community to help build those up around us through the mighty hand and power of Jesus!!

so there is my heart - if you want to see some of my diy projects, cooking recipes, faith stories or photos from awesome adventures - head over to my blog and check them out!
How awesome is she, y'all?!  You know I'm a sucker for women are just real about their issues, and honestly, she spoke RIGHT to me because I don't pray nearly as much as I should.  It's always easier to pray during the hard times or when we need something - it's not so easy to remember to pray when everything is bouncing along perfectly.  So, thanks, Jennifer, for sharing your heart and reminding us all to make more of an effort to pray.  :) 


Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Bosom-Buddy Guest Post # 3

While I'm on vacation in Mexico, I'm leaving you in the trusted hands of my July Bosom-Buddies.  I only accepted 6 Bosom-Buddies this month in hopes of really promoting them and their blogs, because they deserve it oh so much.  While I'm all vacation, you'll hear from every single one of my July Bosom-Buddies! I asked them to write about something was "typical" of them so that you'd know what you're getting into by following them.  I hope y'all enjoy their posts & make some new friends while I'm away!  

Hey there fellow New Wife Life (try saying that 10X fast) readers!
 My name is Elise and I blog over and Forever Changed

I’m a pretty ordinary girl, I often refer to myself as Plain Jane, 
but despite that I believe I have an extraordinary purpose perfectly designed by God.

So let me tell you a little bit about myself and overload you with pictures, 
because lets be honest, pictures make everything more enjoyable

I come from an amazing family that consists of a dad, mom, older sister, 
brother-in-law, and younger brother. 

I have a best friend who without I would probably be lost 

I have the sweetest dog in the world

I run, for fun (and enjoy a good a rhyme ever once in awhile)  

I enjoy eating...

A lot...

Chocolate chip cookies are my weakness

I love Christmas 

More so than any sane person

And at the rip old age of 21 I have a bucket list that I take pretty seriously.
Some of my latest accomplishments consist of parasailing

Completing a Mud Run

And a Sprint Triathlon 

Riding a horse and buggy through Central Park 

Going skydiving

Bungee jumping

White water rafting class 5 rapids

And moving to Rwanda Africa to work in an orphanage.

December 27th 2011 I went on my first mission’s trip to Rwanda and Ethiopia. 

On New Years Eve we visited an orphanage called Noel with over five hundred children and only eighty-seven nannies to care for them.

 New Years Day I made my decision to move to Rwanda and four months later I did just that. 

I have now been in Rwanda for almost two months.

These two months have been filled with smiles, laughter, new friendships, new adventures

As well as tears, frustration, anger, confusion and questioning.

But I wouldn’t trade these two months for anything in the world 
because this is where God has called me to serve 

And no matter the circumstance or consequences
 I will always seek to be obedient and follow Him wherever He asks. 

Forever Changed is my way of documenting this crazy journey that is my life. If you are interested in joining me on this adventure head on over to my blog, I would love to have you! 

Oh but before I go I think I should probably do a giveaway since ya'll are so awesome. 

Please excuse the ugly picture. 
I got food poisoning recently and couldn't manage to get up and take a good picture

No.41 provides skills, training and sustainable income to orphaned young women in Gisenyi, Rwanda as they get on their feet and transition to independence. The proceeds from their bags and beads will also fund a school-feeding program for secondary school students in the area. 
And conveniently is run out of my house and founded by my roommate Tara Clapper. 
So today I would like to offer you a chance to win a beautiful clutch made by one of the amazing 31 women that are currently employed by No.41.


+1  Like No.41 on Facebook, and leave a comment on this post saying you've done so.
+  Follow Forever Changed via GFC or Bloglovin', and leave a comment on this post saying you've done so.

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+  Donate to Ten Talents International to help support mission work in Africa, and leave a comment on this post saying you've done so (you don't have to say how much).
+  Tweet about this post & tag @MyNewWifeLife and @e_coop57, and leave a comment on this post saying you've done so.

The giveaway ends July 28th at midnight!  

Thanks!  Love, Elise :)

Wow.  I certainly hope all of you go check out Elise's blog, and not just click "follow" because she's hosting a giveaway.  This girl has such a huge heart for others and she's an inspiration to anyone who is hesitant to follow God's call.  This is the first giveaway ever hosted on this here blog, so I hope lots of you are able to participate and support this wonderful cause and this wonderful woman!  =)