Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Our Love Story: Part Eight

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Since we had accomplished so much before he formally proposed, the 6 months left before the wedding was used to tie up lose [formal] ends.

We took engagement portraits.

We started house-hunting.  That was not fun.  Well, it was fun, actually.  We found the perfect starter house.  It was in the town we both wanted to live in.  We loved our real estate agent.  She was the sweetest little old lady.  The house was in the ideal neighborhood.  We applied for the mortgage.  We were denied.  It was a really difficult time.  We were so close to the wedding and had no clue where we would live.  All we knew was that we didn't want to continue living in either of our one-bedroom apartments.  We felt so up-in-the-air, unsettled, and without direction.

My parents came through at the last minute with another opportunity.  They would allow us to live in the home where I grew up rent free until January 2012.  Starting the first of the year, we would pay them $500 each month for rent and we would pay the utilities.  At the end of 2012, we would need to decided if we were going to buy the house or move elsewhere.  If we decided to buy the house, they would give us back the $6,000 we had given them in "rent" to put towards our down payment.  Oh, and did I mention... they would be selling us the house for half of it's value.  If we decided to move somewhere else, they would still give us back our $6,000 to help us get settled.  We decided to move into the house I grew up in, and we started moving.  We weren't living there together before the wedding, but Mr. Robinson was living there and I moved back in with my parents.

I was meeting with the wedding planner every single day.  Mr. & I were both in the midst of a job-change.  We had both quit our jobs at Ruby Tuesday to prepare for relocation.  

I took bridal portraits.

We had showers.

I took boudoir photos as a wedding-day-surprise for him!  An album full of them was his grooms gift!

I had my bachelorette party (very tame) with my bridesmaids.

Wedding planning was absolutely crazy.  I think every crazy relative came out of the woodwork with the sole intention of ruining our wedding.  I ended up going to the doctor and getting anxiety pills to help me control my emotions.  It was horrible.  There was SO much unnecessary drama... but the wedding was perfect.  I was so happy that the day had finally ARRIVED and that all of the hectic-ness was done and over with!  But our day was perfect, and I enjoyed every second of it.  It was amazing to me because everything came together effortlessly (with a LOT OF EFFORT) and there was not one fly in the ointment.  Every. Single. Thing. Was. Perfect.  Well...that's not entirely true...

If you enjoyed reading our story, I do hope that you will become my newest follower and friend.  You see, the thing with love stories is that the truly GREAT love stories never end.  We are still working on ours, and I created this blog to keep track of our ever-developing love story.  I warmly invite you to watch the rest of our story unfold.  Thank you for reading!  XO's


lauren @ our big fat farm wedding: crazy ever after said...

This has been so much fun to read. I think it's great that you've recorded it. My husband and I me on match.com almost three yars ago, and we're recently featured on the match.om blog. I didn't share all of our love story. It's really easy for me to lIve our love, but relatively difficult for me to record it accurately and with the emotion I feel. The same goes for our wedding day. I started our blog to write about wedding, but have yet to be able to sit down and write about the day. It's such an emotional task. Thanks again for sharing yours. It encourages me. It really does.

Sami said...

I found your blog via Bethany and I just read through your entire Love Story! I think it's amazing because it's not normal and it definitely wasn't simple but it's unique and two people who were meant to be, found each other eventually, even if it wasn't a love at first sight scenario. It's real and I love it! Going to follow your blog now :)