Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Double Trouble

I have 14 posts that are still drafts.  FOURTEEN!  Isn't that nuts?  So stay tuned for tons of awesome posts coming up.  I have a lot of good stuff for ya in the works.  However, the huge amount of drafts made me combine WILW and OHPW.  :)  I didn't want to make my number any higher... 

First up...


I am loving that this week is halfway over!  :)  

I'm loving that it is Wednesday because thanks to these two lovely ladies, Wednesday's are a better place!  Click on their names to link-up and join in on the fun!  
This Kind of Love
The Vintage Apple

I am loving that I had a great time with my girlies last night! 

I am loving that Christmas is right around the stinkin corner! 

I am loving that my birthday is one week from today!! :) 

I am loving my husband.  der.

I am loving this awesome recipe for Chocolate Covered Cherries made from scratch.  
Boom goes the dy-no-mite!

I am loving that I'm starting to collect buttons and add them to my side bar. :) 

I am loving that tomorrow is Thriving Love Thursday.  :)  The fun starts here & I hope you'll all come back!  :-D

And I'm loving all things Pinteresting...


What are you loving & pinning on this dreary Wednesday?



Amanda said...

Love the countdown sign! I would love one of those!

Elizabeth said...

Happy early birthday! And that chocolate covered cherry recipe sounds yum!