Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Happy Thoughts!

Today is a good day!  =)  I got a spunky new manicure, I'm wearing on my favorite dresses, I'm having a good hair day, work has been fairly slow, I entered a giveaway, I have a very exciting meeting tonight, and then I get to go grocery shopping!


(1)  Manicure:  My Faux Nails are here to stay!! =)

(2)  It's a purple maxi dress... 

(3)  Yesterday was a BUSY day at work, and it sucked.

(4)  Precious Bethany reached 200 followers!  Very exciting for her...I can't seem to get off of 90, but whatevs.  ;)  To celebrate, she's hosting a give-a-way.  Honestly, I usually don't enter give-a-ways.  They're often very HUGE and I don't have the luck required to win.  I did, however, enter Bethany's because I love her and the odds are pretty good so far.  There are four options or ways for you to enter, I did all four, and I hope you'll go celebrate with Bethany by entering her give-a-way!!  It has to do with foooooood.... =)  Click Here!  

(5)  Okay...so...GOD put it in my head that I should organize a conference for women in our community.  It will be at our church and we'll use it as a tool to reach out to the women who need our love the most.  I'm so excited about all of the plans and we are going to meet with the preacher tonight to fill him in!  So, if you're a praying person, pray for us!  If you aren't a praying person, let me know so that I can pray for you.  God answers prayers, and I'd love to be a light shining for Him in any way that I can!  But, like I was saying, I am trying to organize a conference!  I'm so thrilled - God is using me in ways that are bigger than me.  It's the coolest feeling! 

(6)  Grocery shopping...ahhhh....I haven't gone in about two months!  I stretched it out and we are finally running out of food!  I love grocery shopping and I am THRILLED about going to the sto' tonight!!    

What are you happy about?!  Any blessings going on in your life that you just HAVE to share before you burst?!  Give HIM the glory! 



TIffany Gabriel said...

I love love the nails, I cant pull off color on my fingers only the toes :)
Im abt to bust out of the seems with excitement because Thursday I only have to work 1/2 day and Friday Im off all day WOOHOOO!!!!!!!!!!

Val said...

I'm taking a page out of your book and putting off grocery shopping. I've been so hell bent on going to the grocery store this week, but we have enough food to last us another week, so I'm just not going!

lilmoomoo said...

Yay for having a good day!! :)
I'll say a little prayer for you tonight.. GOOD FOR YOU taking the initiative and doing something for your community!

Also- I am major impressed you haven't grocery shopped for 2 months! Awesome. I need to do that really bad when I get back and just eat what I have. This whole vegetarian thing is making it hard though. LOL

Stephanie said...

I hope you share more about this women's event you are doing! I used to be on the women's leadership team at church, and we planned retreats and lunches and game nights...it was so much fun!

Autumn Ingram said...

Very cute manicure! LOVE the accent nail!!! I'm glad you had such a great day, and I will definitely be praying for your conference, how exciting! Oh, I also sent you an email yesterday:)

Bronwyn @ Our Beautiful Blessings said...

It's a wonderful feeling to be used by God. I'll be praying for you!