Friday, December 9, 2011

Friday's Letters #2

This is my second time linking up for Friday's Letters.

She hasn't done a post today, but I'm going to link up anyway & maybe she'll post later on this afternoon.

You should totally go visit Ashley at the Adventures of Newlyweds and link up, as well!  

Dear Readers,
Do you follow Amber at The Pless Press?  I love her blog.  She's a newlywed and a Christian and I am just so in love with reading Christian Newlywed blogs.  :)  Even if you are not in the same boat as me, you should still go check her out.  She is doing this series right now called "Share Your Story" and it's amazing.  Every Friday she will be posting a new story about different bloggers and what they've been through.  It's very encouraging to read.  This is the second week she's done it.  Also, next Friday is my story!  I hope you'll all go visit Amber and get your daily dose of inspiration.

Dear  Mr. Robinson,
I know you hate your job.  I wish that you didn't.  Or I wish you had a job you enjoyed, rather.  I wish that you could work with the old days....when we waited tables together and were learning each other and falling in love.  I miss those days.  I miss being engaged.  I miss getting married to you.  I loved our wedding.  I woke up thinking about it this morning.  It feels like forever ago.  Can you believe our 3-month-wedding-anniversary is tomorrow?  It's a little crazy.  I'm sorry that you've been so miserable with some of the responsibilities of marriage.  It's a huge adjustment to both of us.  It gets very confusing.  Thank you for loving me enough to tackle all of weirdness.  We both get so overwhelmed.  Somehow, you are strong for me and I am strong for you...even we are both weak.  I love that about us.  Things will get better.  You'll find a career you love.  God will take care of us.  I love you.

Dear Hot-Natured Old Man At Work,
I know that you are 90,000 years old and get hot.  Well.  Go outside.  It's 50 degrees out there.  Stop turning the air conditioner on high in the middle of the fareaking winter.  Frickin idiot, gah!

Dear People Who Like To Participate In Linky-Parties,
I started a linky-party!  Yesterday was the very first day.  It's called Thriving Love Thursday.  I only had two participants.  Sad face.  In retrospect, I just decided to do it this past Tuesday. was only a two week notice.  I hope you'll participate next week!  Follow me...check out this link....& come back next Thursday!

Dear Husband,
Please don't make me go to some white-trash bar tomorrow night.  I know our three-month anniversary is not really a big deal.  But you are so cheap great at managing our money that we rarely have nice evenings out.  :)  I usually do all of the cooking & cleanting (yep.  clean-ting.  See "Madea" please.)  I like going to nice places and making messes I don't have to clean up.  I don't WANT to go to a white-trash redneck bar. & yes, I am completely aware that places like that totally used to be my scene.  But I'm a classy, married lady now.  Ok...maybe I'm not 100% classy.  But I'm not classless either!  ;)  Let's go someplace nice and then do it the car in the parking lot for dessert.  Pretty please?

Dear Sweet Zombie,
I love you.  But please get the eff off of my desk.  I'm trying to write Friday's letters, yo!

Dear Precious Hubby,
(You get three this week).  Please stop waking up grumpy.  Cooing "don't make me pull your happy handle" is becoming less & less funny with each morning.  So...stop making me do it.  Wake up in a good mood!  Yes, I know you hate your job.  See Letter # 1 to you.

Dear South Carolina Weather,
You know it's December, right?  And Christmas is in T-15 days, so it's time to be cold.  :)  So chill out already!  Oh, and with my birthday being in T-18 days...I would totally be fine with you warming up for my 23rd birthday so that I can look hot.  Winter clothes make me look fat.  Okay?  I am tryin to score some wicked hot birthday sex ;)

Dear Readers,
thanks for being here & humoring me.  Love y'all!  XOs


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