Saturday, December 10, 2011

My 3 Hair Secrets

I see so many posts about hair.  And Pinterest?  Don't get me started.  TONS of hair styles to oogle!  Today, I decided I would share my very own hair secrets with you.  :)  
I am 5'1".  Did you know that?  
Now you do.  
My hair is 2'6".  Bet ya didn't know that either!  :)
I'm bad at math but...that's a lot of hair, right?  

A lot of people think that long hair = high maintenance.  Well.  This is the longest my hair has ever, ever  been and I love it because it is so incredibly low maintenance.  And I am here to share my secrets!  
I am in no way an expert.  These tips are just what works for me.  :)

Secret # 1
Use moisturizing shampoo and conditioner.  I had long hair once before and I was constantly torturing it with bleach, blow-dryers, straighteners, and curling irons.  It's so important to keep your hair hydrated.  I didn't.  And it started falling out and breaking off.  I was forced to cut off all of the damage.  Look at how short and ugly it was...  
 (We were "DJ-ing" my little sister's 15th birthday party.  So we tried to look thuggish.  I have no's okay to laugh)  

Secret # 2
If you can help it all, don't use any heat at all on your hair.  None.  No blow dryers.  No curling irons.  No straighteners.  There are plenty of ways to curl your hair without using heat, just look on Pinterest!  If you have naturally curly hair, go with it.  I love the way my hair looks straightened, but it's not good for my hair so I reserve that look for special occasions.

My mom has flat, straight hair.  She drives me nuts because every single day she puts hot rollers in it.  It looks great when she leaves the house, but an hour later it's flat.  No volume.  No curl.  Drives. Me. NUTS.  I don't understand why people work against their hair.  Go with what your hair does naturally and it will be better in the long run.  I promise.  :)     

Secret # 3
Use leave in conditioner.  I love Panteen Pro-V's leave in conditioner.  It's also great  for detangling.  I have to use a detangling spray because my hair gets knots VERY easily.  It's the downside to long, thick hair.

So...are you ready to see pictures of my every-day hair?   

How I Style My Hair:  I wash it every day.  I spray leave-in conditioner throughout (except for my roots).  I brush it.  It air-dries.  :)  And looks like this.  Easy!  Aren't ya jealous?  I never have to style my hair.

That's kind of a secret, right?  My secret is ~ there is no secret.  My hair is going to look it's best if I follow it's lead in the first place, right?  Instead of working AGAINST the grain and trying to make my unruly hair bow to my wishes, I just let it do what it wants to do.  And 9 out of 10 times, it looks pretty cool.  I get tons of compliments on my hair and people always ask me what I do to make it wavy or who cuts my hair.

Well.  My haircut is not the secret.  It's mostly all one length.

I just treat my hair well.  I give it plenty of moisture and love.  :)  I don't hurt it, and my hair's way of saying thank you is letting me look pretty every day without any effort.

So...that's one of the many ways I am a hippie.  Am I alone?

What do you do to your hair?



Mckenzie Jean Lund said...

your hair is beautiful! Those are great tips.
I've got such thick hair that straightening/curling/blow drying take so long, that I rarely do so.
(blessing in disguise for this thick hair of mine!)

Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

Thanks for the tips! I am going to have try these :) Loving your blog by the way, happy I found it!

Meg C. said...

amen sister! i follow the same routine your do except i also add my miracle serum ( just garnier fructis' sleek & shine serum). however, any tips for combating flyaways? or frizz? i'm plagued sometimes and i drives me crazy!