Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Our Christmas Decorations {so far}

Everyone else is doing it.  I might as well post pictures of our Christmas Decorations.  Watch out...a tutorial will be sneaking up on you in here.  :)

On the Front-Door-knob hang Christmas bells
You are greatest with the wonderful scent of Christmas!  :)  I love my wax-warmer.  I have one in every room of our house.  I have a ton of Christmas~sy scents - ranging from Christmas cookies to pine to peppermint!  This poinsettia wax warmer was a wedding gift.  I have it right by the front door so that people are greeted with a subtle but delicious scent.  
When you walk in the front door of our house, the first thing you see is the staircase.  There is a small foyer.

"If you don't have Christmas in your heart, you will never find  it under a tree."

 Below, you'll find the Christmas details of the foyer from left to right.  :)  Enjoy!

This little corner is to the left of the front door.  That curtain?  It's hiding a door.  :)  Don't tell!  I hated the door there.  It goes to the den...a room that is currently used for storage.  I covered it up!  If you follow me on Pinterest, you might recognize the framed fabrics on the right.  No?  You mean you DON'T follow me on Pinterest?  Well, let's just fix that.  Click Here, please.  :)  You can see the Christmas pillow in the chair.  It was a wedding gift.  :)  Also, the little gift bags under the desk?  Those are my Homemade Sugar Scrubs!  Read all about those here.  I had fun making the sugar scrubs and they were super easy!  They'll make great gifts.  Wrapping them was simple, too!  I covered the jars in tissue paper, covered the tissue paper in a clear sandwich bag, and tied them up with a silver ribbon.  So simple.  Highly recommended.  

This is just an outdoor snowflake that I picked up from a dollar store over three years ago.  It's held up nicely.  :)  The smaller snowflakes were cheap & old ornaments that I pushed into a picture-holder / card-display.  I'll be putting the Christmas cards we receive opposite of the snowflakes!  Cute, huh?  At the very bottom is some of that white-glittery felt "snow" stuff that I had left over from my freshman dorm-room Christmas decor!  Yikes!  But I am proof that you don't have to spend money to make your home look cute and festive.  I didn't spend a single penny this year!  

The stairs going up to the second floor of the house.  That's where he has his music room & I have my craft room!  :)  I wrapped the banisters in cheap garland that I had front my college days.  Between the garland is some really cute snowflake ribbon that I had on my tree last year!  I tied little ribbons around the looped garland on the left of the picture.  Again, the ribbons were just something I had.  They had little twisty-ties on the back.    

The Christmas Tree
It's my favorite part of decorating.  :)  I love old-fashioned and simple looking trees.  I've seen a lot of pictures on Pinterest lately of gorgeous trees that are dripping with ribbons, bows, ornaments, garland, lights, glitter, etc.  They are lovely.  But I love our pitiful little po-dunk tree.  I love it in all of it's simplicity and I wouldn't trade it for anything.  

"Jesus knows me, this I LOVE!"  

Skeleton Keys from the wedding :)

"Just Married" Ornament from Lennox
from my grandma 
(it's okay that neither of us are brunettes, right?)

Handmade Clay Ornaments We Bought Ourselves
in Rockhill, SC

Our First Home
DIY Ornament
Click HERE for the tutorial :)

Check out the "flower" I made out of wrapping paper!  Cool, huh?  Remember the labels I used when I made the sugar scrub?   If you didn't click on it the first time, it's okay.  Here's your second chance.  :)  Click HERE.  Also, the same label I used in the "Our First Home" ornament pictured above. Well, I used the same labels for Mr. Robinson's Christmas gifts.  They say "To My Precious Husband."  Both of these presents pictured are for him.  Ya know what he said when he saw these?  "You have more than one husband?!"  Cracks me up.  Love that guy.    

This is pretty cool.  It's a lantern.  It was a wedding gift.  I have a battery-operated candle in it to keep it mess-free!  I like it.  It's to the right of the tree, at the bottom of the stairs.  I'm sure you could have guessed that.  :)    

On the far right side of the foyer is this little table.  I love this little table.  On top of the table is a whimsical little tree.  Don't tell anyone, but it was not crooked when I bought it.  It got bent in storage.  I don't call it damaged.  I called it whimsical, weren't you paying attention?  ;)  AND..none other than our Christmas Memories book!!  WHAT?!  You don't know what that is?!  Click here and here, please, and I'll forgive you.  :)    
NOW, we can finally leave the foyer.  Do you remember the old, vintage, heirloom trunks that I came into possession of fairly recently?  Click here.  They've been replaced.  I had to rearrange some stuff to make room for Christmas decorum!  (Yep.  Decorum.  I said it.)  Below is a picture of what's keeping their spot warm.

 Now, here we find ourselves in the living room.  Our huge living room has not been touched at all.  We did not decorate it one little bit.

Until...I got a wild hair up my self this morning and decided I'd rather decorate our fire place full of gas logs that have no gas instead of make it to work on time!  Welcome to my life.

Actually, it all started with stockings.  Where to hang the stockings?


 I liked the way the stockings looked here, but they weren't very accessible.  Plus, I'm not convinced that the garland would support the weight of the stockings once they're filled with gifts!

So I decided to try and bring some Christmas cheer into our living room. to hang them?  We don't have any decorative stocking hooks.  I had some tension rods in the craft room.

I had to stretch the tension rod allll the way out so that it would reach.  By doing so, it made the rod crooked.  It wasn't sturdy enough to support the stockings.  Grr.  

I tried hanging some little snowflakes on the rod to disguise the crookedness. 

 Which, as you can see...did not work.  It helped a little, but not enough.  
Then, I decided to try and cover up the crookedness with some ribbon!  

Which I decided to braid, for some reason.

That was a horrible idea.  It looked really bad.  I didn't even take a picture.  Sorry.  I unraveled the braid and stuck the ribbon in a tiny mason jar.  Cute.  :)   

After tinkering with it for a while, I came up with this:  If I lowered the tension rod to the top of the gasless gas logs, maybe the gold rod would blend in with the gold fireplace cover.  It did!  So, the rod is still crooked.  But, you can't tell!  AND I kept the snowflakes because I liked the way they contrasted against the gold.  

And I had some Wal-Mart "Warm Apple Pie" candles in the craft room that got to make their debut!  They are in the corner opposite of the mason-jar-full-of-ribbon.

Whew.  THAT was a long post!

So, what do you think of our decor so far?!

Have you finished with your decorations yet?  Or do you think it will be more of a month-long process that never really ends?  I'm thinking that's how my decorating is going to go!  But that's okay!  :)  I'd love to go look at your decorations if you leave me a link.  If you made it this far, thanks for reading!  :)  You're my favorite.

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