Monday, December 5, 2011

Bush Concert & A Christmas Show

Last week I mentioned that we were going to a Bush concert on Friday night.  Well, we went.  It was AMAZING!

We both had to work Friday.  I get off work at 5 and Mr. Robinson gets off work at 5:30.  The concert doors opened at 7:30 and were about two hours from our home, but we knew we could make it!  :)  You see, we had recently watched a documentary about Bush and their lead singer, Gavin Rossdale.  Bush is one of the few bands that both my hubby and myself enjoy.  I mean, really, who doesn't love Glycerin?  I know there is a lot of controversy over Gavin Rossdale...apparently he used to be gay?  Whatever.  He's married to Gwen Stefani.  He is fah-reaking GORGEOUS.

So, we decided to go to his (somewhat) local concert as long as we could go to a Christmas show the next night.  DEAL!  :)

We did get into a pretty big fight on the way to the concert.

About his parents paying for him to attend seminary school.  I'd much rather us rely solely on ourselves.  I cried most of the way to the concert.  Um.. but we got there and made up and everything was fine!

A band named I Am Dynamite opened for them.  I had never heard of that particular band before, but I was impressed.  There was only a drummer and lead guitarist.  No bass.  I'm pretty sure that a two-man-band is a rare thing.  But they were great!  The amazing thing was...I didn't even miss the bass guitarist.  You couldn't tell at all!  So they were cool.  I didn't know any of their songs.  Then Bush came on.

 They rocked.  I have been to quite a few concerts.  I've seen my favorite bands play.  Mr. Robinson has also seen his favorite bands play.  A friend of mine went to a Kenny Chesney concert over the summer.  We lied to security, jumped over baracades, pushed pass people, and snuck into the VIP area.  Kenny touched us.  :)  We were those people.  I've been to some great concerts.  I know what a "good time" is.  Bush is not even my favorite band.  I like them, but I would not call myself a die-hard fan.  With all of that being said, they put on the best concert I have ever been to.  And Mr. Robinson said the same thing!  Best. Concert. Ever.  If you have only heard one bush song ever, I encourage you to go see them play if they're ever nearby!

The energy was top notch.

The fans were pumped!  There was such a wide variety of people there.  Sure, there were the typical "scary" fans decked in all black, but there were so many different "genres" of people, if you will.  It was amazing.  Bush obviously has a very broad fan base.  I saw a ten year old and a seventy year old.

The concert was pretty clean.  No horrible language.  I think once he might have dropped the f-bomb.  Not that bad considering the venue and music genre.

The musicians on the stage were all so talented.  Amazing talent.

Gavin Rossdale has the cutest personality on stage!  He dances and moves his hands all around in a funny little way, he does some weird and awkward dance moves.  He cracked me up.  He was not arrogant, which I loved.  He seemed very humble.  He looked like he was enjoying himself and his fans.  He did not act like he deserved a room full of screaming fans.  He looked surprised.  It was amazing.  He was so quirky.  I love quirky.

I really liked the lead guitarist!  He had really long hair, a long beard, and a handle-bar mustache.  My husband, being a lover of facial hair, was pretty obsessed with this guy.  May have had a man crush, but what can I say?  I was ooogling Gavin Rossdale.    

See his loooong hair?  He's the guy on the left.  You can't really see his 'stache.  But click here to check out his Twitter & to see a better picture.  :)
Toward the end of the concert, Gavin came out into the crowd!  It was so cool.  I've never seen that happen at a concert (in real life) before.  Mr. R and I decided that when we retold the story of the concert, we would tell people that Gavin came into the crowd as an exclusive treat for the House of Blues in Myrtle Beach.  We will tell it that way because the HOB is so small...we think that he probably doesn't go out into the crowds at every concert.  He only did it at our this concert because the venue was smaller and he felt safe.    

It was just so cool!  He was singing from within the crowd.  He went all over the room so that everyone - yes, every single person - was able to be near him.  I am not the type to worship musicians.  I only worship Jesus.  However, I thought it was very cool of Gavin to spread his sexiness around the room.  He even took off his shirt!  ;)

I touched him, by the way.  Well, I poked him.  I was terrified.  I'm married!  The rules are different now.  It was awkward.  He was right in front of me.  there was nothing between me his bare, sweaty, chiseled stomach and chest.  I looked up at him.  And I poked one of his abs.  Haha.  Mr. Robinson finds this hilarious.  :)  I wanted to touch him...I couldn't pass up the opportunity!  But he was soooooo incredibly hot, sexy, attractive.  I was a little past buzzed.  I was trying to be good.  So I poked his tummy with one finger.  And I smiled.  I got what I wanted.  I turned around and went to find my husband!  :)

He was furious!

Just Kidding.  He didn't care.  He had touched him too!  :)  We were both happy, and he laughed at me for poking a world-famous, deadly sexy rock star.    

Soon, the concert was over.  They left the stage.  Everyone chanted "PLEASE DON'T GO" or "PLEASE DON'T LEAVE" or something like that.  Fans screamed.  Everyone went crazy for Bush!  

They came back out for their encore.  The song they played?  "Come Together" by the Beatles.  It. Was. Amazing.  I love the Beatles.  I love the song "Come Together."  Bush did a great job covering it.  It rocked.  Literally.  Here is an hd video that I found that someone else from the concert put on YouTube.  It's a better quality than the video I took...and it's a lot closer!  :)


Needless to say, I'm officially a Bush FAN now.  They have so much talent.  

After the concert, we went to my grandparent's beach house to spend the night.  We took lots of silly pictures.  :)

The next day, we were hung over.  Haha.  We had three drinks each.  Were not drunk.  But we had hangovers.  And everything was hilarious!

I looked in my purse...I saw:  my hot pink wallet, my white Bible, a light pink make-up container (Too-Faced Naked Eye Shadow ~ my fav!), and a black case that holds inside of it a hot pink gun.  :)  This, for some reason, cracked me up.

 We got up, got ready, and went to Cracker  Barrel for  breakfast at 11 am.  Mr. Robinson beat the little wooden-peg-triangle game.  :) 

We went Christmas shopping.  I came across these "Best-Friends" necklaces, which cracked us both up!  Remember my heart shaped pizza?  No?  Click Here.

After shopping and splurging on some greasy food court food, we went to The Carolina Opry Christmas Special.  We had the option of choosing from several different Christmas shows.  This is the one my husband picked.  :)  Neither of us had ever been to it before, but we both wanted our first Christmas to be super special and decided it was worth the splurge.  The tickets were like $45 each and it was well worth the money!

The building was GORGEOUS!  I've driven past it dozens of times, especially lately.  It's all lit up and the lights on the building sparkle and the trees are lit.  It was beautiful.

Once inside, we saw the most beautiful Christmas tree!  Yes, it was a CHRISTMAS TREE, not a holiday tree.  Thank God I live in the Bible Belt because I think holiday trees are just DUMB.  If you don't like Christmas traditions, then don't participate.  Anyway.  The tree was gorgeous and we had our $15 picture taken in front of it.  :)   However, I don't have a scanner is just a picture of the tree.

We had pretty good seats!  I'm short so I had a hard time seeing over people, even with stadium seating.  Luckily, we were on the back row of our section (not of the theater) and so I was able to perch up on top of my seat.  :)   

I was so impressed with the show!  (And with the popcorn they were selling!)  I read reviews online for Te Carolina Opry's Christmas Special and a lot of people said they were pleasantly surprised with the religious undertone.  I went in expecting a few Christmas Christmas songs.  I was so wrong.  I would not say that the show has a Christian undertone.  I would say that it had a STRONG Christmas OVERtone!  It was amazing.  The last song was not even a Christmas song!  It was really more of an Easter song if anything.  It talked about how Jesus is ALIVE and He is our KING.  People were standing up, raising their hands to God, and praising the Lord!  It was so amazing.  It was so touching and wonderful to be a part of something so incredibly CHRISTMAS in a world full of "holiday trees" and "holiday songs" and "seasons greetings."  It was amazing.  If you are ever on the coast of South Carolina for the holidays, go see The Carolina Opry Christmas Special.  It was amazing.

Aaaaand, that was our weekend.  :)  Did you do anything amazing over the weekend that makes Monday seem more dreadful than normal?  I want to hear allll about it!  XOs!

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