Friday, December 16, 2011

Friday's Letters :)


I'm linking up with Ashley at Adventures of Newlyweds for Friday's Letters and it's fa-sho one of my favorite link-ups.  Go participate!  :)

Dear My Head,  Thanks for the first migraine.  I really appreciate all of that time I got to spend out of work, on the sofa, completely unproductive the WEEK BEFORE CHRISTMAS.  Really?  You couldn't have held that off until January?  I seriously have too much to get done.  Don't do that again, alright?  Thanks.

Dear Husband, Speaking of my've been a complete dollbaby-angel-Hulk-sweetiepie for taking such great care of me when I was being a wine-y little wuss all week long.  Also, thanks for this morning hot pants ;)  It was good to catch up on my "wifely duties" that I absolutely do not consider to be a duty.  ;)  tee.hee.

Dear Lady Who Does My Nails,  I love that you live very close to our home and do my nails out of your home.  I am appreciative, really. should not take you two hours to do a full set.  I like you as a person.  I like you as a nail-tech.  I do not like being at your house that long every two weeks, no matter how convenient it may be for me since it saves me a trip into town.   Meanwhile, check out my awesome lime green & gold-glitter nails.  :)  Super pleased with funky-Christmas feel they have.

Dear Readers,  I love y'all.  Y'all have been more amazing that usual this week with all the comments and love.  :)  It's been so much fun, really.  I hope next week you'll all participate in my link party "Thriving Love Thursday."  Yesterday was the 2nd week and I had no participants.  Sad face.  Help a blogger-sista out!  :) Next there or be SQUARE ;)  JK  But no, seriously.  I hope you'll participate next week!

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Karla said...

You have your very own "nail lady"! Lucky.. just got really embaressed when I took a peek at my nails= not cute!!And yaii to your hubby taking care of you :)!

Amber in South Carolina said...

what type/color of nail polish is that? i must have some of it. i had my toes painted a similar color for my wedding (not traditional, i know!). i love green!

Mrs. Robinson said...

Amber, it's China Glaze brand and the color is called "Treehugger." I love it. I had my nail lady put some gold glitter on top of it to be a little Christmassy, but I love the color! :)

& I love that your toes were green for the wedding! I had my toenails bright blue when I took my bridal portraits and my wedding planner FLIPPED out on me. haha He was so mad. He had the photographer photoshop my toes. haha