Wednesday, November 9, 2011

New, Old Trunks!

I had the greatest thing ever happen today. I won't even describe it first.  I will let the pictures tell the story before I let my fingers go wild!  :)

Today, my grandma comes to me at work and tells me that she has something for me from her sister (my Great-Aunt Linda).  Apparantly they had recently spoke about my new obsession & search for vintage suitcases.  I am particularly fond of family heirlooms.  I much prefer to have things handed down to members' possessions that have a story to tell...possessions that have another life to live (through me/us)!  

The suitcase on the bottom belonged to my father's mother's father's mother.  My great-great grandmother.  Wow.  

The bluish suitcase on the top is my Great Aunt Linda's.  Her parents gave it to her as a high school graduation gift.  

+ an engagement picture of us, a strand of broken fake pearls, a mirror project I've been working on for about a month, a set of skeleton keys from our wedding decor, a skeleton key burlap sack I bought from Etsy, a lamp from my old apt., and a cross-stitch of a roses that my father's father's mother made.  :D  

What a story, huh?  Tell me about your family heirlooms!  


Amber said...

I love these trunks!! They look amazing. Thanks for coming by my blog and commenting on Corey and I's story. We loved our Disneymoon. Can't wait to go back again for a vaca!

Katie Michelle said...

This is so cool i LOVE LOVE the mirror!! and the suitcase's!!