Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A Pinteresting Home

I am so obsessed with Pinterest.  I love everything about it.  So much so, that I use Pinterest as a springboard for our entire home.  I find things I like on that cherished website, I pin them to their respective boards, and (as time permits & sometimes when it doesn't) I bring that inspiration into my craft room.  In the craft room, we hang out.  I poke it and pull it and make changes until I am completely satisfied with her appearance (yep, all of my crafts are girls) and then...she makes her grand entrance, her debut into our home.  Some of my favorite projects show up in small tutorials, but many are so simple that you've never heard about them!  It is time to share!  Here is a look at all of the many ways Pinterest has made our humble abode "A Pinteresting Home."

This is the first project I ever did for our home!  It is a mirror that I painted with blackboard paint and it is in our foyer.  I love it.  :)  I call it my Fancy Chalkboard and you can read it's tutorial here.

While I had the chalk paint out, I also painted these which appear throughout our house.  They were just regular picture frames.  I painted the glass that protects the pictures.  Very simple, very easy, and it's a sweet little touch that I love.  :)  The first one (the one about pee) is in the guest bathroom.  The Mr. & Mrs. one is in the living room, and the "Hey Punkin" one was in the kitchen for Halloween.

(Sorry for the bad picture quality)  I used some burlap as the liner of a gift basket for my maid of honor.  I had some left over.  Pinterest is all about framing fabric!  So... I had a tiny frame.  The guest bathroom wall already had a tiny nail.  I used a tiny scrap.  Voila!

In the same bathroom hangs more left-over burlap.  I hung it on another existing nail, tied some ribbon around it's middle.  It's simple and it is nothing fancy, but I like it's rustic little self!

As for the remaining burlap?  Well...I discovered fabric roses!  And the burlap and I had a splendid love affair that resulted in precious, burlap rose babies!  I owe all of the credit to Pinterest for the millions of fabric-flower-tutorials it offers!

I used a hot-glue gun to add these wonderful flowers to a lamp I had revamped!  (Tutorial to come soon!)  This picture really does them no justice.  :(

I purchased this bookshelf from Wal-Mart for like $10 about a thousand years ago for my very first apartment.  :)  Memories..  The vinyl decal came from Hobby Lobby.  I thought it was precious.  :)  It's an easy way to spruce up a sad little bookcase.

Here is a book shelf in our huge entertainment stand we have in the living room!  :)  From left to right... the cream "R" with the decals on it was something my mom and I made for the wedding.  The gold "R" laying down was purchased from Hobby Lobby.  I painted another picture frame with chalk and wrote an "R".  The tiny "R" coaster is something my sister & MOH made for us as a wedding gift in her ceramics class.  The Backward's R (which is my favorite) is a paper-mache I bought at Hobby Lobby & painted.  The other cream, smaller "R" came from Hobby Lobby as is.  The brown, curly "R" came from Hobby Lobby.  It's just solid wood and I painted it.  This whole shelf was SO EASY and is a simple collection I pulled together in honor of OUR last name.

5 picture frames, 5 fabric scraps.  :)  One old school desk from Salvation Army.  So simple!  :)

I love my mustache pillow!  The full tutorial is here.  I found the inspiration for a pillow like this on Etsy, but the inspiration to make it myself came from Pinterest.  :)  .

There are so many more pictures I could post!  It seems to me that Pinterest is popping up in every corner of our home!  Every nook and cranny is accounted for and I adore it!  But tell me, how has Pinterest helped shape your home?  What makes your home your own?  I want to hear every DIY, eclectic, fascinating detail!  :)  I hope you enjoyed this as much as I did!  I had a great time going through all of my old pictures and finding different Pinterest-inspired projects.  Thank you for reading & I hope you'll come back soon!   

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