Thursday, October 27, 2011

DIY Mustache Pillow

My husband loves mustaches and beards!  Don't ask me why, he just does.  So, in a search for eclectic throw pillows I came a cross a black mustache pillow that I *LOVED*.  I obsessed over it and seriously debated spending $55 + shipping on a throw pillow because it was shaped like misplaced pubic hair - er - uh - I mean a mustache!  :)  Once I remembered that my frugal husband would cut up my beloved debit card if I spent that much money on a pillow (even it is was for him), I started thinking of ways to "DIY."

I ordered this off of Etsy for about 2 bucks, total:

At Walmart, I purchased a pillow from the sales bin for about $7:

I simply ironed-on the patch and it took about 10 glorious seconds!  Finished product:

Mustache pillow!  :D  I love it, it's adorable!  My husband is SUPER proud of me for finding a more thrifty way to fulfill our need for a mustache pillow.  Everyone was happy!  :)  This was the most simply DIY project I've done YET!    

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