Thursday, November 17, 2011

Mrs. Robinson's Homemade Harvest Apple Sauce

Again, I have a made-up recipe I'd like to share because of it's deliciousness!  And also again, read it only if you promise to go find another post of mine to scope out.  ;)  

My grandma and grandpa recently went to the mountains, and they were sweet enough to bring us back some apples.  Don't you just love grandparents?!  They were a mixture of yellow and red apples and they were big and beautiful.  Instead of hiding them in our refrigerator, I set them out on the counter in a beautiful yellow, stone casserole dish.  They looked so pretty...we never ate them.  They were starting to spoil!  Oh, no!  Now I've wasted these yummy, gorgeous apples.  What to do?

Well, make applesauce, of course!  (At least from the ones that were still salvageable.)

Mrs. Robinson's Homemade Harvest Apple Sauce

I had two yellow apples and about 6 red apples that I could use.
I left the skin on the yellow apples and on two red apples, for coloring purposes only.  That's why I'm calling this "Harvest Apple Sauce!"  The colors look like like fall-time!
I cut up the apples into a variety of sizes - large chunks, medium pieces, and small dices. Here they are!

I filled up a large pot with enough water to cover half of the chopped up apples.
I set the stove eye on medium.
I added the apples!
I added about a half cup of sugar.
I sprinkled brown sugar over the surface.  :)  Strictly for coloring, of course.  I hate sugar.  ;)
A touch of cinnamon.
Some Allspice.
Ground cloves.  Yum.
I let them simmer and boil until all of the apple pieces were brownish in color.

Then...I tasted the "water" and it tasted DELICIOUS but a little sweet.  So, I added a bit more cinnamon, ground cloves, and all spice.  Barely any at all, I just wanted to balance out all of the sugar I used.  Then...I did something naughty.

I left the stove...I snuck over to the spice cabinet.  I pulled out my bottle of curry powder (which I secretly add to everything.)  I put a teensy, tiny dash of Curry Powder in the pot.  Stir, stir, stir!

Let boil & simmer.  Refrigerate.  Enjoy.  :)

Truth:  I have tasted the strange concotion and it is more delicious than you can imagine!  The curry powder makes it taste...exotic somehow, while not taking away from the flavors of the season!  I am very impressed with how well they turned out.  It tastes like very fancy apple sauce.  :)  However, I'm not done cooking them.  I'm letting mine simmer down until the texture is a little less chunky.  My husband doesn't really like pulp or anything of the sort, so I'm trying to smooth it out by cooking it down.  So..I haven't tasted this "cold" yet but oh man, it's good when it's hot!  

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