Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Oh, How Pinteresting Wednesday!

This is my first time participating in The Vintage Apple's "Oh, How Pinteresting Wednesday" and I am really excited!


For my very first time, I want it to be extra special!  Um...I'm kind of at a loss.

I'm kind of mad at my husband right now, so I think I'll do my first post on things that remind me what it feels like to not be mad with him.  I'm pretty mad right now.  I'll self medicate with romance.  :)  Just go with it.

Source: via Kristina on Pinterest

First things first...remembering what we have to look forward to!  Look at how in love this old couple looks!

And then some advice from some old people.  I think that this picture's existence means that we will WANT TO GIVE UP sometimes.  But people that didn't give up know what reward comes with sticking it out.  Kind of like when God tells us that love endures all things...that means there will be things to endure.

Source: via Zackary on Pinterest

Humor!  I love this part of The Princess Bride.  My soul needed this little reminder!

Source: via Mad on Pinterest

This is what is really is all about...not being able to get enough of each other.

Source: via Kristina on Pinterest

I will end with a scene from a great movie...The Little Mermaid...because their's is my second favorite marriage & I bet they had arguments, too!

Have a great day!  Everyone go visit The Vintage Apple!  She's great.


Pamela said...

Love The Princess Bride!!

Amber said...

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