Friday, November 18, 2011

Our Matching Tattoos!

One of the things my husband and I have in common is our love for tattoos and our LUST for constant fresh ink.  Call us crazy, we don't mind.  Our parents all think we are nuts for paying people to hurt us.  Mr. R has 9 or 10 tattoos, it's hard to give an exact number because his left arm is pretty much a complete sleeve.  We got matching tattoos right after we returned from our honeymoon and I wanted to share them with you because they are amazing and so sentimental!

Wedding ceremonies often consist of more than just the vows.  It's very popular and traditional for the new man and wife to light a unity candle together.  
Source: via Kristi on Pinterest

A newer trend seems to be unity sand, where the couples will pour in two different colors of sand to represent how they have become one and cannot be separated.
Source: via Billa on Pinterest

We are all about doing something different or doing things differently than the crowd.  It was also very important to us that our wedding ceremony be spiritual and we concentrated not only on our love, but how GOD brought us together.  We chose to put together a Unity Cross instead of lighting a candle or pouring sand.  

It is something I came across in a bridal magazine I was reading.  We just loved the sentiment and everything about it.  We had never heard of this before, so it was something out of the ordinary.  It also just suited us so well!  We ordered one almost immediately, except the one we have is more of a brownish-gold color, like the one below.

We loooooove our Unity Cross and proudly display it in our living room!  :)  When we returned from our honeymoon, we went and got tattoos of it!  Mr. R's is on his right forearm and mine is on my right rib cage.  These pictures were taken RIGHT after we got the, so they look really red and shiny.  Here they are!  

And here is just a little something I made...a picture of the cross we have, both of our tattoos, and what the pastor read as we put the cross together.  :) The three pegs that go into the cross represent The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit because what God put together, no man can take apart!

Don't you just love it?!  Do you and your husband have matching tattoos?  I'd love to hear from you!  Thanks for reading!

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