Monday, November 21, 2011

A Simple Craft

I like it...but it struck me as a little bit..perfect?  Is that the word?  I just love pieces of furniture or a type of decor that has CHARACTER, things that seem a little "off" until you realize they are perfect, too!  So...I found a "Warm Apple Pie" candle at Wal-Mart for about three bucks.  I picked up some sticks in the yard, those were free.  The green ribbon?  Oh, it was free.  I ordered something off of Etsy & it came in two bags that were tied together with a piece of green (as pictured below) ribbon!  I saved it, of course, knowing it would make a come back.

I started out hot-gluing the sticks to the candle.  I quickly learned that hot-glue does not stick to wax.  :)  So, I just began gluing the sticks to each other around the candle. Haha, it was actually kind of funny.  The sticks kept falling off and I kept struggling.  Eventually, the sticks made a shape that clung to the candle and even though the sticks are not ONE with the candle, it works.  :)  It's not like I could ever light the dang thing anyway, not with all the firewood around!  Yeesh!  

I finished up gluing the sticks around the candle and looking quite silly doing so, and I tied the green ribbon around the middle.  Ta-da!  

See?  As I promised in the title, this is a simple craft that I made for my MIL.  :)  Have you made anything out of sticks lately?  :)

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