Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Oh, How Pinteresting - Christmas Crafts!

For the third Wednesday in a row, I am linking up for the Pinning Party over at The Vintage Apple.  If it's something you've never done before, go check it out.  Her page spells out the instructions very well and it's a whole lot of fun!  :)


This week, all of my pins are about Christmas Crafts!  More specifically, they are about Christmas crafts that I actually think I can do before Christmas.  This is so important.  It's actually a very serious post.  I am feeling quite overwhelmed every time I look at the calendar.  Especially if I look at my to-do list AND the calendar at the same time.  Stroke. ya are!  The crafts I hope to complete ASAP!  :)

We are using a Christmas tree that I've had for two years.  A lot of the decorations I used last year were still on the tree when we took it out of the box.  I was such a lazy bum last year.  We decided that we would ONLY put sentimental ornaments on our tree this year, so I took off all the tacky ribbons and cheap snowflakes.  They are currently in a big pile by our front door.  Nothing says "high class" like a big ol' pile 'a trash!  I want to paint some of the snowflakes black...make them a little more edgy.  Maybe use them in our Christmas Memories Journal/Scrapbook.  Whatever...I've gotta paint them black.

I want to make some tie-garland out of some of the wedding cloth we have left over!  I really like the idea of tying them down to Christmas lights...but what if the lights go out?  I think I'll stick with regular string.

I need to make a Christmas ornament from a key to our first home.  Or basically, I need to make ornaments out of non-ornament things.

I need to make some smelly-good ornaments as well!

I would like to make a tree-skirt!

I have lots of bottle caps that I've been saving for over a year!  I also have tons of red & green paint.  I could make something...

I've made the homemade sugar body scrub.  Now, I've got to make them CUTE.  Like this..

What Christmas crafts are you working on?
Are you feeling overwhelmed?
Did you participate in Oh, How Pinteresting Wednesday?  Leave me a link to your post and I'd love to check it out!  :)



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Courtney said...

That tree skirt is amazing! I would love to make one that looks like that!