Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Once Upon A Time: Zombie

Once upon a time, a long, long time ago, there was a girl who was dating a boy.  This boyfriend was all wrong for her, but she was young and silly and foolish and knew no better.  This boys mother bred Chihuahua's and when she could not sell off all the puppies from a particular litter, she "gave" one of those ugly little rats to her son and his girlfriend.

The girlfriend was very upset.  She did not like Chihuahua's and she did not want to get stuck taking care of HIS dog!  

But then...she began to notice how cute the little fella was!  It all started when she bought him a snuggie...

The bond between this dog and his daddy's girlfriend grew and grew!  The girlfriend ended up being the little pooch's primary caretaker, and when things went south in their relationship...the girlfriend KEPT THE DOG!

Did I mention that this story is about me & Zombie? :)  

I mean, really, how could I give him up?  He is so adorable, even for a little rat dog.


For a long time, mommy looked for the perfect daddy for little Zombie.  Finally, Mr. Robinson came along and today, Zombie has a daddy who loves him very much!  :)

It's crazy, but Zombie completes our little family.  :)  I take him almost everywhere with me - even to work!  He loves keeping my company in the craft room....he was being particularly photogenic the other day and I just had to share the pictures!

Since he so tiny, he gets cold very easily (even though it's been in the 70's here this week!) so he likes to lay near the little space heater I use to heat my little room, or in the sunshine by the window.  :)  He also thinks he is a princess and has to be laying on the biggest pile of pillows and/or blankets in the room.  :)  He is just precious to me!

You'd love him too!  I mean...seriously, just look at this HANDSOME FACE!  :)  Isn't he photogenic?!

I'd love to hear about anyone else out there who happens to be equally obsessed with their pets!  Are your animals a part of the family, much like a child?  My husband and I do not have any children quite yet (we may decide we never want kids), but we both regard Zombie as our offspring.  Maybe it's a little weird, but he requires a lot of attention and time.  Tell me about your life, love, & pets!  :) 

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Anonymous said...

I just found your cute blog and I am your newest follower! I love all of the pictures of your dog! Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!