Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Kitchen Projects

I apologize for the low quality of this picture.  But I added cork squares to the inside of my cabinets.  I'll use it to post recipes :)  The cork squares are hung with indoor mounting tape.  Four squares of tape per cork board.  The cork square on the left... has yarn wrapped around two thumb tages to make a "clothes line" and I've hung up a recipe for Nutella breakfast muffins (stroke!) with tiny baby-sizes clothes pins.

I made this from an old, boring picture frame that was sitting in my craft room staring at me.....begging me to make it beautiful.  Here are the steps I took..

  1. I gathered my raw supplies.
    1. One old, boring picture frame
    2. One fat-quarter of red fabric
    3. Folk Art Acrylic Paint in "Aqua" and a paintbrush, obviously
    4. Hot glue gun & glue sticks
    5. Fabric glue
    6. One knife, one spoon, and one fork.  I just got married and we received brand new, very pretty silverware as a wedding gift!  I still have the old, ugly, cheap silverware from my apartment.  I'm going to slowly incorporate them into our kitchen decor, so I've been saving them.  I grabbed three of those to paint.  
  2. I painted the silverware first.  Two coats did the trick.  I also took a short-cut and only painted the fronts.  :)
  3. I painted the frame.  The frame took about three coats to make it look smooth and even, but how many coats of paint you need will depend on what kind of frame you're painting. 
  4. I wrapped the protective glass that comes that picture frames in red fabric.  I used fabric glue to keep the fabric pulled taut across the glass.
  5. I let all of this stuff dry overnight.  This is not only takes about thirty minutes at the most, but since I was going to be gluing things down and handling all of the stuff..I wanted to make sure the paint was extra dry.  The last thing I need is fingerprint-tainted-paint.  ;)
  6. This morning, I put the frame together.  It took about 30 seconds to hot glue the utensils to the fabric. I let the glue dry and harden for about five minutes before I stood the picture frame up.  Ta-da!  Adorable decor in 6 simple steps.

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