Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Fabric Garland

Some of you may recall that we have a TON of fabric left over from our wedding.  We used a lot of burnt-orange in our wedding, and even had a 50 foot aisle runner made out of orange iridescent fabric.  Whoa, that sounds tacky.  It wasn't.  I promise.  It was gorgeous.  Here, look!  (I know that it's hard not to look at the bride & groom...but check out what we standing on!  And all of these pictures were taken before the wedding...before most guests arrived, but we did have a small wedding.)

Fabric Garland for their Christmas tree was one of the crafts Ashley made for their tree.  I admit, I had pinned a few different fabric-garland ideas, although I had never seen the garland on a tree before.  I loved it!

I took a piece of fabric down to the living room.  I am sorry the picture turned out so blurry... but I laid the fabric out on the floor.  Do you see the lines from where it was folded?  Those are the lines I cut along.  I like the longer pieces of fabric for garland over short, stumpy pieces.  It is all a matter of opinion.

My husband (bless his heart) and I took turns cutting up about 20 million strips of fabric.  Each strip of fabric was between one and two inches wide, probably.  :)  It's all about what "look" you like best.

Then, we took turns tying the pieces onto the hemp string!  I made a loop at each end so that it would be easy to hang and hold on to.  Here is my hubs being a silly goose after we finished!  :)

We put it on it tree....but it looked really dumb.  Since we used longer pieces of fabric, the garland kind of covered up the lights on the tree.  That's what we get for using extra long pieces of fabric & not tying them to a strand of lights!  ;)  But, we feel like our creation will be very versatile and we can use it year-round!  :)  Here is the finished product at the end of the stair case...for lack of a better place to put it as of last night.

We spent about two hours working on it and we started & finished it all in one night.  It was very simple.  :)  We both love it!  It is also a unique way to preserve some of our wedding cloth.  Hooray!  

So, tell me.  Do you have any ideas as to what we could do with this strand of fabric garland?  It can't stay where it is...we use the upstairs of our home fairly often.  My craft room is up there!  :)  I'd love to hear your ideas!  

XO's! Thanks for reading!  Merry Christmas!

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Christina'Marie said...

Last year, I started a tradition of getting a new ornament for the tree that sums up the year that we had together. But I really like the idea of "making" something:) Love the colors you chose for the garland!
I also wanted to thank you for stopping by <3