Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Confessions & Dirty Little Secrets

So...first things first...I started off my day with reading:  53 Days Til Christmas and it absolutely made my morning.  "Thrifty Decor Chick" is a really cute blog with some down-to-earth and easy-to-pull-off ideas that I KNOW you're looking for.  So go ahead and click on over there.

And now..... it's time for some confessions.

I am not at work today.

And....my house looks like this:

Cups in the living room, the table cloth is crooked, blankets are all over the place (we watched Brother's Bloom last night), and my shoes are all over the place.  They are hard to see in this picture, but I have four pairs of shoes under the coffee table.

The other living room sofa is topped with homeless gifts.  We received gifts over the weekend as wedding presents, and they don't have a home yet.  I'm not sure if you can even SEE the gifts over the HUGE pile of clean clothes that need to be put away.

And here is our kitchen!  Halloween candy leftovers, dirty dishes, a misplaced chalkboard, and MAIL everywhere.

More gifts that need to be put away.  A dog kennel, my husbands coat, and some random bags.

Non-reusable gift bags & boxes that will be burned today.  Hopefully.  
The mud room...constant disarray.
More cardboard for the fire!  We don't have a recycling center around here, and throwing it away takes up too much room!  So...gotta let it burn, baby.  
It's horrible.  We had two showers over the weekend...and before that, the house was already a wreck.  We use Saturday's to clean and we were busy last Saturday.  AND we brought home a carload of stuff every time we came home, so.  Even areas of our home that aren't messy are SO disorganized that it drives me nuts.  I will be using my day of freedom from work to surrender to the house.

But...to be a little honest... (After all, this blog is about being brutally honest.  If I can't be honest with myself in front of strangers, who can I be honest in front of?)  There is something comforting about a messy home.  A mess means, to me, that LOVE LIVES HERE.  The house is lived in, people live and love in this space.  They live and love SO much that they don't have time to clean or organize.  So, while I like it a little...it also pisses me off a little bit too.    

But...the best part is....look what I found!!  (Again, we are living in my parent's old house.  They left all of their stuff because the last time they "moved" they planned on moving back.  Now, they don't have room for all of this stuff & we can have whatever we find & want.)  THIS is the best part...I found....
So, as you can see, there is plenty to do!  Blogging about it won't help.. :( Sad face..

That concludes my confessions & dirty secrets of the day.  My house is a mess & I am not at work.   

Better get to it....  

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