Monday, October 31, 2011

12 Goals by AND in 2012

A lot of people are doing "12 before '12" which translates to...12 goals to complete before 2012 arrives.  The year 2012 is very close...about two months away.  The goals I will set to be completed by 2012's start will be small, quick, easy, and simple goals that I will very easily be able to complete by the deadline.

The second list are 12 BIG goals to complete in the year of 2012.  Got it?  Make sense?  12  goals to complete in 2 months.  AND THEN 12 more goals to complete in the year 2012. we go.

12 By 2012.
I will complete the following 12 goals before the year 2012.

  1. Vacuum our house.  (We have been living in our house since September 18th and it has not been vacuumed since we've been there.  Gross.  Don't tell my mom.)
  2. Put away all of the gifts we received as wedding presents.  
  3. Have my craft room set up to be organized, functional, & adorable. <-- This is a constant task, but I've done it!  
  4. Try to make homemade marshmallows! epic. fail.
  5. Bring a new outfit into the bedroom ;)
  6. Pull off a BLACK Christmas tree in a way that is still plenty festive!
  7. Create a Christmas Journal we use every year.
  8. Also...create a Birthday Journal we use every year!
  9. AND I really want a cook book of the recipes I made during our first year of marriage!
  10. Order out Wedding Photo Book!
  11. Send out Christmas Cards with photos of us on or in them.
  12. Buy or Make a really cool apron! 

12 In 2012.
I will complete the following 12 goals in the year 2012.

  1. Make a quilt
  2. Complete 10 things I have in my "crafts" to-do folder!
  3. Post a really impressive & difficult cooking tutorial, complete with TONS of pictures!  :)
  4. Make a table for the inside of our house.  Check this out...
  5. Spruce up the Laundry Room!
  6. Have at least ONE eclectic piece in EVERY room.
  7. I should try a DIY Vinyl Wall Art project...
  8. Go stay at the B&B we went to on our wedding night.
  9. Get another tattoo.  Maybe of The Little Mermaid?! Maybe a tattoo of this scene?
  10. Finish up our eclectic den!
  11. Take my husband on a surprise vacation!  
  12. Buy SEVERAL vintage dress forms.
And there we are!  A list of 24 different took longer than I thought it would to make this list.  I could really use your encouragement in the upcoming months...and then again in the upcoming year.  :)  XO's!

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