Friday, February 3, 2012

{A Little Newlywed Thing}

Mr. Robinson and I will celebrate 5 blissful months of marriage on February 10th.
We dated for around 2 weeks, were engaged for around 6 months, and now we're married.
February 13th will be the one-year anniversary of our first date.
In so many ways, we are still newlyweds.
We still have so much to learn about each other.
It's an odd thing to realize, because I feel like I've known him forever.
Most days, I can barely remember what my life was life before I met him and loved him.
Even on the days when I can remember life before him, I don't want to.

Moments that remind me that I am still a newlywed, blow my mind.  I love having the title "new bride" or "newlyweds."  I honestly miss the attention of being engaged, being a soon-to-be-Mrs. Robinson.  I miss the anticipation.  So I adore any reminder, but in being honest, I don't feel very much like a new bride.  I feel completely natural in my role as his wife, partner, and friend.  Every part of my life with him feels right.  Because of that, newlywed moments just blow my mind.   

Take last night for example.

It was a usual night.  
We are in the living room watching Grey's Anatomy.  (Loved the episode last night, btw.)  
The show goes off.  
Time for bed.  
Mr. R takes Zombie outside one last time before bed
 I walk into our bedroom, throw my phone on the bed, and go into the bathroom and start getting ready for bed.
  At some point, Mr. R comes in and brushes his teeth.
He finishes his nightly regime first.  
When he is done, he goes into our bedroom, puts my phone on my pillow, cuts off the light, and gets into bed.
When I'm done in the bathroom, I cut off the bathroom light and have to feel my way around the dark room to get to my side of the bed.
Once I'm at the bed, I have to feel around in the dark for my phone.
Once I've found my phone, I have to stumble to the wall across from the foot of the bed where my phone charger is, because there aren't any outlets on my side of the bed.
Once I've plugged my phone in, I have to stumble back to the bed and crawl under the covers and get situated.

That whole me-fumbling-the-dark-thing happens every single night, so it's nothing new.  

Except last night when I got into bed, there was a huge pile of clothes on top of my side of the comforter.
I instantly became irate.
Poor Mr. Robinson.
Patient Mr. Robinson.

I told him that he was insensitive and thoughtless. 
All I wanted was him to help me out.  Help make my life easier sometimes! 
the thoughts in my head were worse than the words on my lips..
He said he did want to help me!  He wants to serve me!  He puts my phone on my pillow..
I interrupted to tell him that he only wants to help when it suits him.  He only wants to serve me when it's convenient, or when it's something he wants to do.
I roll over, angry.

A few minutes pass.

I realize I left his calzone (his lunch for today) out on the counter.
I jumped out of bed, being as loud as possible, and went into the kitchen to put the calzone in the fridge.
Still, being pretty darn loud.     
I come back to bed, in a huff, climb under the covers and put my back to him.  
Still mad.
He gently grabs my shoulder and tries to roll me over.
I resist.
He tells me he loves me and wants us to make up.
He tells me he doesn't want to go to sleep with me angry..what if one of us doesn't wake up in the morning?
I laid into him again.
He sighed and didn't really say much.  
We drifted off to sleep.

Did I mention that last night I washed towels?  
Well...last night I washed towels.
I didn't put any clean ones by the shower for us to use tin the morning.
He woke up first.
He showered first.
He asked me if the towels were dry.
I checked.
They weren't.
I told him fresh towels were under his sink.

About 30 minutes later, after he has left and gone to work, I walked into the bathroom to shower.
His used towel was hanging over the shower-curtain, as always.
I went to move it to the towel rack.
And this is what I saw..

He loves me!

He put out a fresh towel for me this morning.

By the time I woke up this morning, I was defintely over what happened last night. I was, after all, being silly.  I was acting spoiled and unattractive.  But, in my defense, I feel like I spend so much of my day making his life easier.  All I want in return is a little thought..a little help..a little recognition.  I'd love if he just decided to help out in the kitchen one night, leave the light on for me, or put out a fresh towel when I'll need one.  

Oh, wait.  

He did put out a fresh towel for me.  

It looks like I'll be apologizing tonight, for sure.  It's all part of learning each other.  It's part of figuring out what he needs and him figuring out what I need.  It has a whole lot to do with being appreciative and thoughtful.  I love that man so very much...even if he does drive me crazy sometimes, which turns me into a.... 

Have a Great Friday!  :)  XOs


lo @ crazy ever after said...

J and I got into a similar argument on Weds night. It's crazy how similar this fight was to yours. Ha!

Tamara said...

We go through the same thing!! I have to come to learn to accept that men will be men and they honestly don't think like us! And they have to know that we will occasionally fly off the handle! Haha! They still love us, though!

Meg @ said...

keepin' it real as always. :) i can be petty, selfish, spoiled, and bossy sometimes...always have to remind myself of all the ways Mr.C takes care of me, be they big or small, that we're in this for the long haul and that if he doesn't take out the garbage one night or leaves his clothes all over - it isn't the end of the world. what's one day in a lifetime? we definitely have different styles and ways of showing our love for one an another and just because he might do it differently from me, doesn't mean he doesn't love or appreciate me. p.s. you two should totally take the 5 love languages quiz - it helped us out so much! :) a little bit about love languages... & the quiz....

Mrs. Pancakes said...

Hasp anniversary!

Brooke said...

Love this. I'm celebrating my 6th month anniversary on February 6, and it really does feel like you've known them forever. And that is a great thing :)

lilmoomoo said...

I mean, this is so true...
We're just asking for a little consideration is all!!
I actually LAID INTO snookums the other night because he straightened the sheets on his side of the bed and got in it, and left my side all wonky.
I flipped my lid.
Mostly, because I am a nutcase about my sheets. I can't stand them messed up. LOL
But still, hilarious how the little things can make a difference, such as putting out a fresh towel!!!

PS. I am emailing you tomorrow.. I have a GREAT idea about the 5 love languages thing that someone posted about above... It's kind of ironic she mentioned it!!