Friday, February 17, 2012

Friday's Letters

Dear Eyebrows,
you're looking much better!  I think we are coming to the end of your awkward stage!  Hooray! 

Dear Bloggers,
Have you noticed that you have been having to type in REALLY LONG words lately to prove that you aren't a robot?  Have you also noticed that sometimes those long words are so twisted and distorted that they are super difficult to read?  Have you TESTED YOUR BLOG TO MAKE SURE YOU DON'T HAVE THAT SETTING TURNED "on" ON YOUR BLOG?  Obviously not because these annoying things are EVERYWHERE.  Here is a post that tells you how to turn off this setting.  I've been battling these stupid robot-police-men for two days.  They waste time.  I keep getting the words wrong.  I typed out the word correspondence earlier this morning.  I'm just letting you guys know...that I am taking a stand and no longer commenting on blogs that have this capcha setting turned on.  Unless it is absolutely necessary.  Or unless you are one of my favorite bloggers.  Hint:  I have three.  Do you think you're one of them?  Haha.  People don't like the those stupid capcha things.  If you get spam, delete them.  Don't punish the humans.  Please.  If you need help figuring out how to turn the damn thing here.  Think you won't lose comments if you leave the capcha on?  You just lost one.  Promise.  (Like I said, unless you're one of my three favs.) promise I've made to my readers who comment is that I respond to every comment you leave.  It is IMPOSSIBLE for me to do that if you don't have an e-mail address attached to your account.  And you will not be getting a response.  And you won't have any blog-friends.  If you don't want to use your personal e-mail, don't.  Make a new one.  For example.  My "blog" e-mail is mynewwifelife(at)aol(dot)com.   

Dear Zombie,
It's really weird that lately you've been thinking that kale, tomatoes, carrots, and celery are treats.  I'm sad that you don't like squash, though.  I am all for you wanting to be healthy, sweet pup!  Mommy supports and loves you...but you're weird.  

Dear People Who Are Dieting,
I've been dieting since the first week of January.  So far I've lost 10 pounds.  I'm kinda stuck, but I'm working on it.  :)  I learned something really great and wanted to share!  I've been eating Special K Vanilla Oats (or whatever it's called) cereal with Almond milk for breakfast.  It was the lowest calorie per serving that Special K offered.  The almond milk helps give it flavor.  Sometimes I add fruit.  My problem was that one serving was 2/3 cup.  That made me sad.  It left me hungry.  Alas!  Special K Protein has LESS calories and a LARGER serving size of 3/4 cup.  I was so happy to learn this!  It's still yummy...especially with almond milk.  ALSO!  This is so exciting!  I heard that if you eat CAKE FOR BREAKFAST you'll lose more weight because your body has all day to burn it off, you take care of your sweet tooth early in the day, and are less likely to cheat or indulge at night!  Seriously!  There was a STUDY.  I'm gonna try it this week...until we run out of cake.  Haha.      

    Dear Friday,
Usually I'm glad to see you.  Except today I have to go to the OBGYN and that's no fun.  Blah.  I will say this though....thanks for letting hubby & I go on a double date tonight with my friend Brittany and her hubby Christopher!  Brittany & I have been friends since {pretty much} birth.  She was in my wedding.  I was in hers.  We love each other.  Mr. Robinson & Christopher are in a Bible Study together and are learned to be friends.  Let's face it.  They don't have a choice.  So...we are going on a double date tonight with a CHRISTIAN couple who we LOVE.'s our first ever double date.  Haha.  Hooray!  So, thanks, Friday.  I don't completely hate you for making me go to the OBGYN today.  Blah.

Dear Mr. Robinson,
Thank you so much for being willing to share shampoo with me.  One of my happiest moments was last night.  I showered.  The shampoo & conditioner ran out AT THE SAME TIME.  On the same day.  This has never happened to me before, and it's all because of you!  You shared shampoo with me.  It's made a world of difference.  I love you.  <3

Dear Momma & Daddy,
I'm so happy you are home from your cruise.  I missed you both.  Mostly Momma.  Daddy....I'm still working on forgiving you for what happened at work while you were gone.  Haha.  :) 

Dear New Contacts,
You are the and I love you.  I can see!!!!

Dear Mr. Robinson,
You are sweet.  And nice.  And cute.  And a good daddy to Zombie.  I love you so much.  

Dear My Nail Lady,
I write letters to you often.  I love you, I really do.  I really appreciate the way you let me come into your home at dinner time so that I can have pretty nails.  :)  You did a GREAT job this week.  However...I was there for 2.5 hours.  Get it together, please.  



Pamela said...

Have fun on your double date! I cant believe you were at the nail salon for 2.5 hours!! Crazy! Your nails sure do look great though! :)

Emily Hope said...

Even though your nail sitting wad 2.5 hours they turned out amazing.
I also hate those captcha boxes - The words are insanely long and I always get the spelling wrong. Why do they cram the letters all together? Now that I am typing this - I hope I took that silly thing off my blog.....I think I did.....????!!!

Amira said...

I HATE THOSE CAPTCHA BOXES!!! So glad you took a stand, I've been dying to post something similar. I mean do I LOOK like a robot?


Allison said...

The Captcha boxes have been driving me crazzzyyy! I wish everyone would get rid of them! Your nails look awesome! That's great you're hanging out with some Christian couple friends! Have fun tonight!

♥ ♥ Just a Girl in Love w/ a Soldier ♥ ♥ said...

Omg I'm hating the new comment captions its SOOO annoying. I double checked mine and I don't think i have it on mine but would you pretty please let me know if I do.
Have a fabulous double date chicka!!!!

Val said...

Like everyone else, I hate those captcha things too. maybe require it for the FIRST time someone ever comments on your blog, but not every time!

I recently heard about that cake study too. luckily there was cake at work this morning, so I was more than happy to test it out!

I no longer have an email address attached to my blog (been going through domain name/hosting site hell) and until I can transfer my domain name to a new hosting site, I have to use my husband's domain name and have no email :-(

Basil. said...

Ughhhh right there with you on the word thing! Hate those!!!

Alyssa said...

Word verification is the WORST! Thank you for posting about it!!!

bonbon said...

Oh my gosh I so agree with the stupid word verification. What I don't get is why the makers of the word verification make it so freaking hard to see the words. Half of the time I really don't know what the words says and I am perfectly human! UH! So annoying. I could seriously vent about this topic all afternoon!

new follower :)

Jennifer said...

I love your nails!

Tracy said...

Found you on Adventures of Newlyweds, hi!

Karla said...

Did you make that cake?? YUMMMM.. looks delish!! I smile at the thought of one day having a double date with a christian couple! umm SO you want to move to Cali?? LOL