Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Going On Vacation ~ Needing Guest Bloggers!

I know that I'm publishing two posts back to back, but it's completely necessary!  If you read my most recent post, you know that my hubby and I have taken a week off from work and are going on VACATION!!!! 

As my previous post explains, this little vacation is pretty last minute.  We already had plans for Wednesday - Saturday, and Sunday is church...so we are going on a little road trip Monday and Tuesday of next week.  I need two things from all of you fabulous people!   

  1. I have never been on a road tip.  Do you have any tips?  Must-do's that are not location-specific?  Photo-prompts?  This will be our ONLY vacation this year {other than a mission trip} and I want it to be two completely perfect days!
  2. I am looking for GUEST Bloggers to fill in while I'm on vacation.  Even though I will be at home, I won't be posting.  I am looking for people to post March 1 - March 4th, and then one on March 7th.  E-mail me if you are interested in filling one of my slots!  =)  




Meg @ Mr.C & Me said...

yes! drive around on some back roads :)

Emily Hope said...

I am!!! I love guest posting. Do you have a topic in mind? Oh wait you said e-mail. Does a comment count as e-mail? I am a rule breaker.

Emily Hope said...

As for road tripping - make sure you have music. If you are bringing your iPod (if you have one) make a road trip playlist.

Also bring snacks. And wear comfy clothes. And have fun :)

I love road tripping.

Michelle P said...

ooh have fun on your road trip!

Ashley said...

Definitely take back roads..you may never know where you wind up and be flexible so you can do fun things that you come across. Have fun!!

Amber in South Carolina said...

I love road trips! I've driven on most roads all the way from Maine down to Florida and over towards Tennessee!

So my tips:
1. always pack extra underwear
2. bring lots of snacks and a variety of drinks. if you drink them bring energy drinks.
3. make sure your sun glasses are scratch free and fit well.
4. have access to maps, i am a giant fan of old fashion paper ones and my gps :)
5. have a general idea of where you're going but don't over schedule, pick one or two things you really want to do.
6. be willing to eat at places that look like holes in the wall. they always have the best food.
7. leave your expectations at home. you only have as much fun as you let yourself! :)

have a great time!

Val said...

I know I'm a really new blogger, but I'd be happy to guest post if you need any slots filled!

have a great time on your road trip! the first bit of advice that popped into my head was "bring Coke, ginger gum and motion sickness pills." but hopefully you don't get motion sickness from car travel!

Amie said...

I'd love to guest blog if you're still looking :)
Hmmm...get out and stretch your legs regularly...and be prepared with a good playlist or some books on tape (ok, CD or MP3 or whatever). Those are our biggest tricks! Last summer we roadtripped from Oregon to Yellowstone to Mount Rushmore and then back in one day!

Tiffany Gabriel said...

Hey girl, I'll guest blog on the 7th, it will give me time to write something up!!! lol I got your email and I'll reply in a few.
As far as road tripin, take advantage of everything around you, have a plan but DONT plan it out. Just have a idea of were you want to end up. Stop at historical signs, random eateries and take TONS of pictures!!!!!!!

lilmoomoo said...

I agree with Tiffany ^^^^ Don't plan it out!! (too much.. a little planning isn't awful just so you know a couple places you would like to see)
The best part about road tripping though, is those random roads you end up driving down, and finding something crazy for a perfect photo op! We went on the BEST road trip in Oklahoma once. I will always remember it. It was so much fun because we just kind of wandered around!

And definitely look for hole in the wall places to eat ;)

I emailed you back about guest posting.. It looks like you have a bunch of ppl interested.. but if you would still like me to I will!