Monday, February 20, 2012

Creamy Shrimp Stir-fry

Y'all know that I've been trying to eat healthier right?

Did you know that I'm about SICK TO FREAKING DEATH of chicken?  So, the other day at Wally~World, I bought some shrimp.  Last night before church, I made my lunches for the week out of a bag of shrimp.  I took two frying pans (but didn't fry anything, heavens, no!), added lots of veggies to each one, half a bag of shrimp, and different seasonings.  I divided them the cooked meals up into 4 lunch-sized Tupperware containers.  My lunch today was SO good and I just had to share! 

diced carrots
diced celery
diced squash
diced grape tomatoes
diced onions
diced bell peppers, red & yellow
zesty-lemon seasoning
a dash of cayenne pepper
Philadelphia Cream Cheese 1/3 Fat Savory Garlic Cooking Cream

I cooked all of the above mentioned ingredients in a skillet over medium heat.  You can use whatever measurements you think look good...haha...sorry.  I'm not much for recipes.  I just threw together the veggies I had and the seasonings that sounded good.  The Philly Cooking Creme is SO good!  There are two flavors that are offered with 1/3 the fat as the regular cremes they offer.  It's easy to overboard with this, so be careful.  I just used two spoonfulls of the creme, rather than the whole tub (as recommended for skillet-sized meals) and it tasted amazing.  

I'm still full, 4 hours later!  For me, that's amazing!  Anyway, it's totally healthy & yummy & filling!  What's not to love?!  I'll share the other "recipe" I used for the other half of the shrimp tomorrow....  



Valerie Griffin said...

wow, this looks great!

♥ ♥ Just a Girl in Love w/ a Soldier ♥ ♥ said...

Oh goodness I could eat chicken every day!!!! The hubbs on the other hand likes to change it up, so I try. Shrimp though no bueno lol.

Pamela said...

YUM!! I love how you can just throw something together! I'm too scared, ha! You were still full 4 hours later!? Um, yeah that's what I need. I am like a cow, I graze all day long, ha!

Erin said...

Sounds good! I'm not really a big seafood eater, but I don't mind shrimp every now and again. Plus, like you said-- I'm freaking SICK of eating chicken so much too lol.. Might have to give this a try! :)