Friday, February 10, 2012

Friday's Letters {TGIF}

Good Morning!  

It has been a long, long time since I have looked forward to a Friday this much.  I'm so glad it's finally here.  It's been one heck of a week.  Moving on.  

I wasn't planning on writing a post today.  I knew that work was going to be crazy (again) and that I probably wouldn't have time.  Well.  I like to keep it real, so I'll tell you the truth.  I have decided that everyone can suck on a lollipop - I'm not answering my work phone until I'm good and ready.  I have letters to write.  BUT, I did make a vlog for y'all this morning.  I wanted to post SOMETHING.  I was running late.  I haven't even watched it yet.  If it's dumb...well, I'm sorry.  Haha.


Dear Husband
I am super excited about Valentine's Day this year!  Probably more excited than I've ever been about V-Day.  You are acting awful sneaky.  I'm intrigued.  Also, your gifts came in yesterday and they are legend.......wait for it...& I hope you aren't lactose intolerance because the second half of that word is....DAIRY!  Legendary!  

Dear People Who Want A Cool Hair Tip
I'm obviously not an expert, but I found a sort-of new-to-me way to fix my hair this week, & thought I'd share.  I also got highlights on Tuesday!  Whoop, whoop!  {not relevant}
Step !:  Put on make-up BEFORE making the video.  (Oops.  Am I the only one who puts on my face while I'm still nakey?!)

Step 2:  After applying tons of make-up... make sure you come up with a really dumb, fast-pasted, southern-twangy video!  Make sure you post it on your blog WITHOUT watching it first.  That's how you know it's good!

Dear Minimum Wage Employees that Work for my family's business
Explain to me where your sense of entitlement comes from, please.  Especially you, Larry, coming into my office EVERY morning to take to the mail to the mailbox (because it's your JOB.  you get PAID in cash, not in gum, but with actually MONEY) and you ask us every SINGLE DAY where your biscuit is.  Because you think someone in the office should wake up extra early every day, go to Hardees TWENTY MINUTES AWAY, and buy you a biscuit as payment for doing the job we already pay you to do.  Oh, okay.  That makes perfect sense.  As for the rest of you low-lifes who dropped out of high school, have 17 babies by 29 different partners, why do you think you deserve so stinking much!?  I'm serious.  I want an answer.  You are allowed to "mess up" 9 times in one year.  You can be late 9 times.  You can clock out early 9 times.  You can miss 9 complete days.  WHATEVER.  We don't care what you do with your 9 free-passes.  Once you use up your 9 passes you get fired.  You also get a raise EVERY year.  You don't have to work weekends.  You either get off work at 3 OR you come in at 3.  Either way, that leaves you with PLENTY of time to do whatever you think needs to be done before other businesses close.  Don't even get me STARTED on the Wal-Mart giftcards you receive as a GIFT from the company every Thanksgiving, and the $100+ bonus you receive every Christmas.  AND how you have every major holiday off.  NAD how you get two weeks paid vacation.  AND the Christmas party where the company buys you dinner AND has a raffle where we give away laptops, flat screen tv's, and EXTRA week of vacation with pay, etc. .  SO NO - you MORONS - you are not going to get "discretionary" days because sometimes "you just need a day off."  SHUT UP, quit whining, your 9th grade education doesn't make you DESERVING of jack squat.  Get out of my office, shut your mouth, and get back to work.  Be thankful you have a job.    

Dear Husband Again
Thanks for being so patient with me last night... work has me under a lot of stress and I'm so thankful that you did everything you could to not make it worse.  I love x 7 million.  You're the best.  And thank you for supporting me with my getting-fit journey and desire to lose weight.  I think some of my favorite words to hear from you are "I'm proud of you."  Swoon!  Also, thanks for rubbing lotion on my new (and itchy) tattoo.  I can't reach it.  I'd be lost without you and your long arms.  I adore you, Mr. Handsome!  

Dear Zombie
You are so precious.  Your breath is so offensive.  You melt my heart when you snuggle under the covers like this.  You slightly resemble a nun.  We WUV you, wittle buddy!

Dear God
I really enjoyed the first week's lessons from the Bible Study we recently started.  We started Week 2 on Wednesday.  I couldn't answer the questions from Day 1.  Last night, I couldn't answer the questions from Day 2.  I know You're with me...but I feel "off."  Am I missing something?  Is there something I should be getting out of these lessons that I'm just not for some reason?  Is it me or is it the study?  I feel confused.  

Dear "Workout Buddy" / Coworker  (y'all remember her, right?  from last week?)
Please, please, please, please, PLEASE stop making excuses.  You tell me every day "I can't work out today."  Then you talk about how much you miss it.  You complain you aren't losing weight, but then justify it by saying that your fat must be turning into muscle.  Excuse me.  You weigh over 200 pounds and you worked out TWICE.  No, your fat has not turned into muscle.  You aren't losing weight because you aren't trying to lose weight.  And if you wanted to work out with me, you'd find the time.  So please stop lying to me.  I have a low tolerance for that mess.  I could care less if you work out with me or not.  Feel free to stay the same size you are and watch me getting sexy from across the desk.  I don't mind!  Just don't lie to me, okay?  Or at least make up intelligent excuses.  Like last week, with the "hot blood" thing.  Re-dik-a-lus!  So, just stop.  We are so lucky to have access to my grandparent's gym & it's right across the street!  Oh the possibilities! 

Note:  weights, ab-bench, treadmill, stationary bike.  (not pictured:  sauna for 1)
Dear Daddy
You left me IN CHARGE of the family business this week.  I've had to make some pretty huge & scary decisions.  I hope you are enjoying your Caribbean 10-day cruise, because you're never leaving me again.  This was your last vacation.  Unless you take me & hubby with you.  Okay.  The End.  (of that letter)

Dear Bloggers Who Insist on Having the "Word Verification" 
I read this post this morning, and it helped me realize that I am not alone.  I hate those darn things.  We are not robots!  Every time I come across one, I swear that I'm just going to delete comment.  But I never do.  I just really, really, really, really, really hate word verification's.  And I'm not alone.       

Dear People Who Haven't Read My Blog Before Today
I love meeting new people, but I'll never know that you were here unless you tell me!  So please go o'r yonder, follow my blog, leave a comment, find me on Twitter, whatever!  :)  Let's be friends! Kthanksbye

Dear Husband {take tres}
Happy 5 Months of Being Married!  I loooooove you!  XOs

Go link up with the fabulous Ashley & get some stuff off of your chest this Friday!  


Ooh, and one more thing.  Go check out Pamela at Pamela's Place.  She is featuring one fabulous blogger and an awesome give-a-way for an "i love you board," similar to the one I made (click here) but cuter.

Happy, Happy Friday!


Meg @ said...

aw, well happy 5 months! :) thanks for the vlog, i both learned something and was amused. lol I am shocked your hair dries over night in a braid...mine is often still damp which is major lame. silly hair. oh and i agree about word verification, i understand it but i don't like it. blah. lol oh man, tgif.

Valerie Griffin said...

I HATE word verification too! :) Happy 5 months!

Amber in South Carolina said...

Love the hair idea. I'm always looking for something new to do but it's so curly I always end up doing the same thing!

Also my male dog's breath consistently smells like dead fish. We've been trying those dental treats but nothing seems to work!

Val - Knot Tied Down said...

your grandparents' gym looks amazing!! I'd like to think I'd work out every day too if I had access to something like that lol.

- Val (Knot Tied Down)

Sarah Lillian said...

I also HATE word verification (yes, so very much that it required capital letters).

Happy five month anniversary! :)

The Bold Abode said...

Yes.Yes.Yes. Word Verification stinks...You can put on comment moderation if you are afraid of what someone might say... Didn't go to the gym at all this week..well, I took the kids for their classes but keep avoiding buying clothes to work out in. Mine all have holes and paint stains. I am going. No more avoiding it. Summer will be here and I will be mad at myself. Thanks for the in yo' face moment...even if you weren't really talking to or about me...I heard you loud and cleyah...

Pamela said...

First off, thanks for showing my little ole blog some love ;) THANK YOU! Ok, I love your pup. SO cute! I looove your work letter! Cracks me up. Umm, can I come work for y'all?? Where people actually appreciate you & the work you do!! Love it!!

♥ ♥ Just a Girl in Love w/ a Soldier ♥ ♥ said...

Goodness gracious girl, you had a ruff week!!! This is a great way to get stuff off your chest though.
I'm not sure if I have the word verification on my blog or not, but I'll be checking and taking it off if I do. I never really paid any mind to it.

lori said...

wow, sounds like you need a new workout buddy...

love your wedding dress! happy 5 months ;)

i hate the word verification too... but i think i have it on my blog? is it necessary? idk...