Thursday, January 19, 2012

Part Two: The Wedding Party

I have to start out with the wedding party because they are so important to our wedding story.  Mr. Robinson and I chose to have a very small and intimate wedding, and the people we chose to stand with us are priceless and irreplaceable.  :)  I hope that all of you have friends like this.

However, for all of you wedding crackheads like is your little tease of the bride and groom.

Ladies first...
My Bridesmaids.

My Maid of Honor was my younger and only sibling, Miranda.
Do you see a resemblance?  Some people do..some people don't.

She is 2 years and 11 months younger than me.  Alright, she's three years younger.  :)  She took her job as my MOH very seriously from the beginning.  It was the most precious thing.  Even though we haven't always been the best of friends or seen eye to eye, it was great to have family right next to me.  She had to be there, ya know?  We've done everything else together.  


She was a wonderful MOH, pulling back my hair-piece so that my daddy could give me away with a kiss on the cheek.
And here she is at a shower, taking notes of who gave what gift, in her iPad, of course!
Other than my sister, I had two bridesmaids.  These girls?  
Well, they are the best friends I've ever had.  
{You should know that I'm crying as I write this.}  
Meet Lizzy & Brittany:
(From left to right)  Lizzy, me, Brittany

We've been together for as long as I can remember....even before I was a big sister.  Lizzy is the oldest, born two months before me.  Brittany is the baby, born 8 months after me.  But we have been together through it all.    

We are so busy and rarely are in the same place at once, but nothing will ever change the fact that are the greatest girlfriends I could ask for and that we will stay best friends until death.  We have a strange bond, because we are nothing alike.  We have nothing in common except for the fact that we love each other and were forced into being friends at a very young age.  We learned to love each other in a forever kind of way.  They taught me about unconditional love.  They taught me how to love people that are different from myself.  If not for them...I probably would not have fallen in love with my husband.  If not for them, I wouldn't have known how to love and adore that which is "different."

These three lovely ladies made up my bridal party.  I could not have had anyone else up there beside me on the most important day of my life.  I have other friends that I could have added on to these girls, but...honestly, I didn't want to look back at our wedding pictures some day and point to a bridesmaid and say "What ever happened to her?" because she was just a temporary friend.  These three girls have always been and will always be a part of my life.  No matter what.  That's what best friend means.
And these three?  They taught me what the words "best friend" really mean.  It was an honor to have them by my side on the most important day of my life.  =)

Now, for the gentlemen!  
~Drum Roll, Please~
The Groomsmen!

Mr. Robinson chose his three favorite men.  

His best man, Josh.

He came up to SC all the way from Miami, where he attends Seminary.  They were roommates earlier in college.  Mr. considers Josh to be his best friend (other than me), even though their lives are busy and they live very far apart.  They can always lean on each other for support when it's needed, or call on each other when they need a prayer.

This is Jeff, his old roommate.

  They were living together when I met Mr. Robinson.  Jeff actually tried to talk Mr. out of dating me because I was "a bad influence."  Jeff and I did not like each other, but when I figured out that what he was saying about me was true...& that Mr. had been taking up for me anyway, it changed the whole ballgame.  Jeff & I made peace, and I consider him to be a friend of mine, as well.

And finally, his cousin named Daryl.   

He is from Texas, and also traveled a long way to be with us.  Daryl was quiet and goofy, and I loved him!  :)  He was so great.  Mr. Robinson loved having a family member in his line up.  Daryl and Mr. are close in age and played together growing up and on family holidays.    

So, folks.  There you have it!  Our wedding party consisted of us, obviously, as well as three bridesmaids and three groomsmen.  We also had one flower girl, but you will meet her later.  :)  I'm going to give her a separate post.  She did a great job, so she deserves it!  

It was such a fun day!  All of us were so....gussied up!  It was the best any of us had ever looked.  Below are all of the specific details about what we wore on that fine, September day!  If you aren't interested in our clothing, that is perfectly fine.  You don't have to read past here.

Stay tuned for Part Two!

Wedding Party Attire

David's Bridal Oleg Cassini
Style CWG352 in "Ivory and Champagne"


(rented from)
 Men's Warehouse 
Black dress shoes
Orange dress socks 
Black Tuxedo Pants
White Tuxedo Shirt with Black Buttons and Black Bowtie
Ivory Dinner Jacket

Style 81026 in "Champagne."

These dresses were amazing.  They looked gorgeous on all of the girls.

The dresses were flattering on all three girls, and they said they were comfortable to wear.  


They wore the same tux as Mr. Robinson,
but with black dinner jackets.
And yes, with orange dress socks.  :)


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