Tuesday, February 21, 2012

I'm Over Here....With The Girl From That Thing....Talking About A Really Important Topic

I'm sorry...Post # 3 for the day...it's totally worth it, though.  pinky swear.

Meet Ashley Marie from Chickadette


I have only good things to say about her.  And I truly hope that if I am ever a mother, I am the kind of mother that she is....she's gorgeous and nice and creative and has tattoos, and somehow still has time to blog.  Ah-mazing!  Anywho..I'm on her blog RIGHT NOW and you just have to do two things for me!  

(1)  Click Here to read the post on how to remove Word Verification from your blog.  And before you blow this off, please note that it is probably on your blog, too.  It was on mine and I was pretty sure that I had opted out of the whole Word Verification thing.  So...just DO this for us all, pretty please.  It only takes a few seconds!  I've broken it down into 7 of the easiest steps on the internet WITH pictures.  It doesn't get any better than a well written post on a pin-up model's blog with the intentions of making Blogger a better place.  So, go do it.  Immediately, please.  :) 

(2)  Become Ashley's newest follower & fan!  :) 


Ashley Marie said...

Aaaah! My love affair with you is only just beginning! I am flattered you think so great of me! I've been exhausted trying to keep up lately! Your words are encouraging... keepin on, :) BTW, LOVE how you used my tag line "the girl from that thing"! Hahahaha xo

Kristen said...

I just found you from Ashley Marie's blog, and had no idea that the word verification crap was a default! Thanks so much for talking about this, and I'm totally digging on you and your blog too =)

Amber in South Carolina said...
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Amber in South Carolina said...

If you had asked me earlier today I would have told you I had already done this. However, it was still set to Yes! Hopefully it stays set to NO!