Monday, January 30, 2012

Wish Out Loud {for the perfect, affordable closet}

Hey Y'all!  Today I'm linking up with some pretty cool ladies for Wish Out Loud.  It's a Blog Hop and you should go join in!  You have 5 more days to participate and you can do so at any of these three blogs:

Ashley at Chickadette
Robin at Fly Far. Fly Free.
Krystina at Cup 'a Hot Chocolate

If I may encourage you in one more way, let me just tell you about my opinion in link parties.  I like them, but sometimes I get bored because I feel like you are forced to blog about one thing.  You'r post has to be about Pinterest or crafts or recipes or whatever...but this linky party blog hop is AWESOME because you are not limited at all.  Just write about something you wish for.  How easy is that?!  You can wish for something and shallow like a cup of hot chocolate, because it's cold outside and Krystina's blog title got you thinking about it.  Or you can wish for something deep and meaningful like Ashley does.  It's a lot of fun, and I hope you'll go do it because sometimes a fellow-blogger can help your wish come true.  So cool.  So go.  Go now! :)  But my post first.  

Yesterday I mentioned my walk-in closet plans and, like a spaz, I didn't link up when I said I did.  Silly wabbits.  Sorry about that, ladies. is the link.  For real this time.  Wait for it....

Click Here! 

Did you look?  Did you read?  I hope so, because this week I am wishing for some help.  I am horrible at making decisions.  My husband has decided that I can turn an extra room that we don't love into my dream closet.  The problem, though, with dreams is that they cost money.  Don't worry...I'm not going to ask for money.  Haha.  I would just like some input, some ideas, some suggestions.  And like 99% percent of the world, I've got to find a way to create & live a dream {closet} on a budget.  

I've created a Pin Board.  That's not really helping me out, though.  I have SO many ideas!  I have so many choices...

the choices
Do I want to (can I afford to) paint the walls first?
There are a lot of nails in the walls, can I use them or am I going to have to pull them out?
Can I pull the nails out without having to repaint? 
Do I want a more permanent hanging system, like wire racks?
If I get a wire rack that is drilled into the wall, that room will always be a closet.  What if we have kids?  We won't have a room to use a down-stairs nursery.  Then we'd have to put our baby or toddler upstairs, alone, with the possibility of throwing him-or-herself down the stairs and dying.  
Should I just go with a rolling rack then?
Wouldn't I need several rolling racks?
Or what about stationary racks?
Can I display my wedding dress in my closet without spending 7 billion dollars?
Should I put a vanity in my closet so that I can put my make-up on in the room?
My make-up gets kind of messy...or I can get messy, rather.  Shouldn't I just leave my make-up station in the bathroom?
What about my scarves - how can I store/display those?
What should I do about my accessories?
Where can I put my purses?
Should I hang up everything - clothes, bathing suits, lingerie?
I wish I knew what would work best without having to go through the whole trial-and-error thing.  It's hard to make all of these decisions with no prior experience to base my judgement on.  Oh, and calling in a professional is absolutely not in the budget.  So, if any of you have ever worked on a walk-in closet or a closet-room, or anything of the like, will you lend me your advice?  I'm a little scared.  And I know I'm over-analyzing and just making a huge, dramatic issue out of something I should just be THANKFUL for and happy about.  But, I'm a girl & I'm pretty sure all of you are girls.  So you get it, yes?  

Thanks your help in advance, beauties!


MeetMrs.Robinson said...

wallpaper the closet... I've seen it done.

you can go crazy with pattern/design!

also recycle sites can help you get free leftover paint.

Britt @ The Magnolia Pair said...

Wallpaper closet sounds really cute! Why hadn't I thought of that before!

xo. Britt

♥ ♥ Just a Girl in Love w/ a Soldier ♥ ♥ said...

Add some pictures and make it personal, man I wish I had a walk in or even the space to build one. :)