Wednesday, January 4, 2012

What I'm Loving (on the first) Wednesday (of 2012)

On this Wednesday, I am loving....

*that yesterday, my husband and I bought the car that I drove in high school!  

*that my husband is my best friend, the head of our household, and my champion

*that when I call my husband my champion, he gets this proud look on his face and suddenly wants to do something to help me out.  haha  he's adorable.

*that I am finally starting this diet.  Honestly, I usually dread diets and everything they entail.  But I've been putting this off and putting this off for months now...well, probably longer than that, but it's really gotten out of control in the past month or so and I'm READY to bring sexy back! 

*that I bought a 5-gallon bucket of purple paint.  Ohhhhh the possibilities!

*my sweet, precious Chihuahua!  He just does the cutest little things and brightens up my day, every day.

*all of the new clothes I got for Christmas!  :)  

*that I get to learn how to sew this year.  on my very....own.....sewing machine! 

*that our health insurance FINALLY kicked in.

*that a little birdie told me today that I could be getting a company car next year!  

*that hunting season is OVER, y'all! 

*my bloggy friends.  :)  y'all are the best.

*that my grandpa and i are currently playing a prank on my dad.  we hid a wireless doorbell in his office and i have the button!  :)

*my husband!  he's just the best!  

*that 2012 will be FULL of celebrations!  (I am quite sad that 2011 - which was our year - is over, but we get to celebrate anniversaries of everything this year!)

*that I went grocery shopping yesterday, and therefore get to start the new year with a full fridge and cabinets!  Isn't that just the greatest feeling?

*that I feel really organized and together at the moment.

*that I ordered 50 pictures from CVS!  hooray!

*that our house is clean right now.  

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Kit said...

Great loves!

Elizabeth said...

Haha! That pranks sounds awesome! Hilarious! I got a sewing machine for Christmas and can't wait to try it out either!