Thursday, January 12, 2012

50 Followers ~ Thanks for Yesterday ~ Diet Update ~ Button Swap ~ & I've Been Tagged

I want to start out by thanking those of you who are reading this post, especially those of you who read my stuff regularly.  :)  My blog hit 50-followers yesterday.  Butter my butt and call me a biscuit.  :)  50 people who think I'm interesting is a pretty cool thing.  :)  So, thanks.

Yesterday was not a good day for me.  I was having a bit of a pity-party, and was just  feeling confused and lost and down in the dumps.  I wrote this post.  I received some awesome, much-needed, Christian advice on this post.  I really felt the love & y'all helped me sort out my thoughts...I just needed it.  So, thank all y'all fabulous people who commented and encouraged me.  Seriously.  Thanks.  I'll do a follow-up post on where we stand with missions & going to Africa when we know more.

I'm also going to take a brief moment to brag on myself.  I've been making healthier choices when it comes to food.  I've been doing this since January 3rd and I've lost 6 pounds so far!  :)  Yay me!   And all without working out - double yay!  I am so lazy.  I really don't want to excercise, but I know I'll have to if I want to continue slimming down.  I know a lot of people are trying to watch what they eat, and I'd love to hear from you & maybe form an alliance against butter.  :)  E-mail me at mynewwifelife(at)aol(dot)com and we can team up & support each other.  Fun stuff.

In other news, maybe you've noticed that I've added a tab at the top of my blog?  It's about button swapping & I'd love to swap buttons with any of y'all.  So leave me a comment or send me an e-mail, and we'll totes m'goats trade buttons.  :)

Alright, and now.......

I was tagged!  I'm a dork - I know - because I am SO excited about being tagged.  I've seen these posts all over & thought they looked fun.  So, thanks Alison, darling, for tagging me.  :)  

...The rules...
(one)  you must post the rules.
(two)  post eleven fun facts about yourself on the blog post.
(three)  answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post, and then create eleven new questions to ask the people you've tagged.
(four)  tag eleven people and link them on your post
(five)  let them know you've tagged them!

...11 fun facts...
(one)  I have my very own .32 gun.  It's pink.  I have a permit to carry it concealed on my body or in my purse.  It's tiny but packs enough punch to provide me with a way to defend myself against bad guys.  It's a big enough gun to kill with.  So, that's cool.
(two)  With the local primaries going on right now, I'm pretty mildly obsessed with politics - which is something new for me.  I've never really cared a whole, whole lot.  
(three)  I took piano lessons for 7 years, but I can hardly read music anymore.  And I wasn't very good.  
(four)  My favorite hairstyle is a side braid.  I have super long hair / braids are easy / braids are cute / braids keep my hair out of my face.
(five)  I have teeny, tiny feet.  Size 5.5.  And teeny, tiny hands.  My wedding ring set is a size 4.5.  But really big but & boobs I'm fuller & curvy everywhere else.  So my small hands & feet look weird.  
(six)  I have four tattoos so far.  Love 'em! 
(seven)  I'm a Christian.  
(eight)  I "sign" all of my posts with "coo-coo-kachoo, Mrs. Robinson" because of this song:
(nine)  I've lived in South Carolina all of my life, but done a good bit of traveling around the Caribbean and Mexico.
(ten)  I learned how to drive on a 6-speed manual transmission car.  It was awesome.  When I graduated high school, I got a new car and my parents gave my first car to my Aunt & Uncle, who needed it.  We recently bought it back from my Uncle and my husband drives it, now.  :)
(eleven)  I hate change & am extremely uncomfortable with new and/or different things.  Change just scares me, I guess.  And I usually cry..even though I'm usually not  a cry-baby.  

...questions from Alison...
what is your favorite part of blogging?
meeting girls from all over the country who i have stuff in common with.  relating to people...supporting people...receiving support from them.  it's cool.  and what's great is that blogging is somewhat like a diary.  i'll always be able to look back on this time in my life.  

what is your dream job?
well, i always wanted to work in the family business and eventually, maybe, someday, run it.  and i currently work in sales at the family business so.. i guess the only thing that would make job more dreamy would be less hours.  haha  i wish i could work 3 days a week & make just as much money

what is one thing that is in your dream home?
um....narrowing it down to one thing is hard because my dream home would be a perfect reflection of my husband & i, and how we would need our home to function to fit our needs.  but i would just love it so much if we had a huge shower....just an amazing bathroom in general. 

who is your favorite band/artist?
right now...probably the band perry.  love their sound.  

what is your favorite vacation spot/trip?
i just love mexico...i've been to several different parts with my parents.  i'd love to go back...but my favorite vacation was our honeymoon to st maarten.  it was pretty amazing.  

who is one celebrity that you can't stand?
well that's easy!  kim kardashian.  she's famous but has no talents or skills...she is a moron and her "marriage" stint just makes me loath her even more.  it complete goes against every belief i have about marriage.  it's disgraceful.  

favorite chick flick?
my best friend's wedding is an all-time favorite.  i just love julia roberts...the cast in that movie is amazing.  the plot line is hilarious.  it gets me every time.  

what is one thing that has made you laugh recently?
zombie, my chihuahua.  he comes to work with me so i'm always laughing at that silly pup for something.

favorite website(s)?

are there any tv shows that you must watch?
grey's anatomy.  fa sho.  and it comes on tonight!  yay! 

favorite recipe/food?
my homemade (& made up) recipe for spicy chicken nuggets.  check it out on my recipes tab.  good stuff. questions...
what color are your toenails right now?
what's your favorite joke (or at least one that you always remember)?
how old were you when you had your "first love"?
what is one thing you always find money for, regardless of the budget you're on?
who was your favorite cartoon character or princess when you were growing up?
if you lost your phone and somebody was looking through your pictures, would they find anything embarrassing or inappropriate?  
how many tattoos do you have?  
do you know what slapsgiving is?  if need to e-mail me so that we officially become bff's.  :) haha
do you & your significant other pass gas in front of each other?
what do you think your worst personality/character flaw is?
do you know the muffin man? 

hmm...a few of those got a little personal.  a little weird.  a little random.  oh well.  :)  i never claimed to be normal.  

...i tag these 11 people...
(and I'm tagging people that I don't know very well, for the record.  & also people that haven't been tagged yet)

& that's all I'm gonna do.  I'm sorry.  I keep getting distracted.  I'm looking for bloggers to tag & just end up reading their blogs instead.  So...if you want to participate & haven't been tagged yet, just pretend like I tagged you.  :)  It's fun.  It's a good, change-of-pace kinda post.  



Sarah Lillian said...

I love that your Chihuahua is named Zombie. Awesome.

I haven't gotten around to making a button for my blog yet but once I do I'll definitely play the button swap game with you!

Alison said...

Oh, I love Grey's Anatomy! :) I stole one of your buttons for some button swapping. Only if you want to, though!

Amira said...

Haha, I'm the opposite! I have huge hands and feet! I'm lucky a puppy, I never quite grew into them hehe.

What do you mean you have your own pink gun and you can carry it in your purse!!! My husband bought me a little black one, and when I asked if I could keep it in my purse he laughed at me. Is it because I'm in CA?

Mrs. Robinson said...

Well, gun laws vary from state-to-state. South Carolina allows it's citizens to carry a gun (as long as it is concealed on your body or women can also put a gun in their purse) IF you've taken the concealed weapon's class, passed, and received your permit in the mail. To even get in the class, you have to have a completely clean record. It costs a couple hundred bucks. Then to pass, you have to take a written test and you have to pass the target test. So, you have to shoot at a target 500 times and a certain percentage of your bullets have to hit the target. The permit looks just like a driver's license. There are still rules, though, even with the, I can't take my gun into a government building (schools, govt offices, banks, etc), or a church, or bars/places that sell alcohol. If my gun is in my purse & my purse is in the back-seat of my car, that's against the law. If I get caught breaking one the rules, I could get in tons of trouble (more trouble than people who don't have a permit) because I have taken the class & I know better. AND getting pulled over can be kind of tricky because you HAVE to tell the cop that you have a gun FIRST and obviously telling a cop that you have a gun is going to put them on edge... but carrying a gun is perfectly legal as long as you keep the rules. :)

That was a super long answer...I'm sorry. haha But basically, the laws are different in every state, so I'm sure CA is different. And also, the state I live in is South Carolina. As it the SOUTH. haha so there's that. :)

Amber in South Carolina said...

thanks for the tag! working on my reply now :) how did you come up with the name zombie? he is adorable by the way!

Val said...

I love My Best Friend's Wedding! for some reason, I was just thinking about it this morning and now I really want to watch it.