Thursday, January 26, 2012

Farts & Fights

Keepin' it real know how I roll.
This blog is about farts and fights.  

Two days was Tuesday.
And I farted in front of my husband for the first time.
(We started dating on February 13, 2011.  I almost made it a year!)
It was a total accident.
I was mortified.
I think I played it off...
I'm about 99% positive that I convinced him that he was hearing things.

Last night, we got into a pretty huge fight.
For us...that means me crying in the kitchen, snot everywhere.
Him in the living room, mean-muggin, playing games on his iPhone.
We went to bed mad.  Or at least I did, I have no idea if he was mad.  Probably not.  He did try to talk to me, but I wanted no part.  
So, sue me.  
I know we seriously violated two HUGE "marriage rules."  

(1) Never go to bed angry
(2) Always kiss goodnight

Well...that's dumb.  Sorry.  If I have to work the next day & I'm mad at my husband, I'm not going to stay up all night crying and fighting.  Besides, I don't know about y'all, but when I get tired, there is a steady incline of grumpy and unreasonable behavior.  So yes, I believe in going to bed angry.  

I also am not going to give out pity-kisses.  No way.  That's not my style.  If I'm mad, I need some time to get over.  Giving a fake, limp kiss will not do anything.

I know the argument against this type of behavior is:  well what if one of you dies?  I'll be honest and not so romantic.  If my husband were to die in his sleep after we went to bed mad (which is bound to happen, I don't care who are) I would be sad that my last words to him were angry words.  A pitiful little kiss that neither of us wanted would not have prevented the sadness and heartbreak I would feel if my husband died in his sleep (or in general).  We do (and did last night) say "I love you" before falling asleep.  The fight didn't make us stop loving each other...but neither one of us wanted any "sugar."     

I did see this quote on Facebook today...

"Want to improve your marriage?  Start by transforming complaints into positively states goals."

& that concludes today's talk on farts and fights.  haha 



Meg @ said...

haha love it! the first time i farted in front of Mr.C i was super embarrassed...but after 8 years together you get over it. we now fart freely and giggle about it. :) as for fighting, i so agree with you. i really need to time to cool off afterwards. if we go to bed mad, i'll be all apologetic in the morning instead. or 20mins after not being able to sleep, i'll roll over and apologize then and cuddle up for some kisses. that is if those are petty fights (most often brought on by lack of sleep, lack of food, or usual bitchiness lol). real fights will be resolved after mature conversation and adequate cooling off time for both parties.

Amira said...

I am the same way about going to bed mad! Sometimes I just need time, and I almost always feel less mad the next morning. It's futile at night when I'm tired and cranky.

Bethany said...

I could NOT agree more. First of all.. I hear ya on the farting. Shawn and I have been together 5 years and he has only heard me fart a handful of times. I can't stand to hear someone fart. BUT.. I go to bed mad all the time.. and most of the time I wake up feeling so much better! I need to be left alone, too. Don't feel bad.. it will happen a lot more and you won't feel as guilty each time!

♥ ♥ Just a Girl in Love w/ a Soldier ♥ ♥ said...

Sorry yall had a fight, only makes for lots of fun making up tonight!!!!!

Karla said...

I love this!I have said it before. Going to bed mad is "ok" with me.. sometimes we just need time/ sleep to let things go!Its better than trying to fix things and saying something in the heat of a fight that you might later regrett. Ironic how my blog name is always kiss me goodnight .. because like you we still love each other even after our fights

lilmoomoo said...

BAHAHAHA I just laughed out loud. you made it one whole year!!!
we've been married about 3 months, together almost three years, and I also have let one "slip" once and I almost DIED, from laughter.. I forget what really ridiculous excuse I gave.. maybe something like, oh that was my knee popping?!?!
He didn't believe it of course.

HAHAHAHA seriously. I was laughing while reading this.
Also- I have to say, I have REALLY crazy anxiety about ppl getting in a wreck when they leave the house, so although I will go to bed mad, I will never ever ever let someone leave, or me leave without making things ok again..
Is that weird? LOL

I liked this post. a lot.