Tuesday, January 17, 2012

DIY: Vinyl Record Bowls

I found an amazing idea somewhere online before I discovered Pinterest.  It was to melt down records, mold them into cool shapes, and use them as bowls for candy, snacks, or whatever.  :)   I don't remember where I found the idea because (again) I wasn't on Pinterest yet.  Sorry.  =(

So I did it!  And we gave them to our parents are Christmas presents, as both sets are lovers of music.  I also made a few for hubby's Man Cave.  &&&&&&& here's how:

First, preheat the over to 250 degrees F.

While the oven is preheating, turn two oven-safe bowls upside down on a baking sheet and place the records on top of the bowls.

Once the oven has preheated, place the baking sheet in the oven for about 7 minutes.

  Using a pot-holder, check to make sure that you can bend the record(s) before pulling the baking sheet out of the oven.  If the record isn't flexible in the oven, it won't be flexible when you pull it out of the oven.  

Working Quickly:  Use your hands to mold the record into a bowl shape.  The records will  be hot, so be careful and use a pot-holder.  It also works well to use a bowl.  You would need a bowl that is pretty large, bigger than the bowl you're trying to make.  Place the flexible record on top of the bowl, and press the record down into the bowl.  Don't worry, it won't stick.  

If you aren't completely satisfied with the shape you end up with, pop the record back into the over!  This will make it flexible again and you can continue experimenting with shapes until you're happy.  :)

We gave our parents the records and the record sleeves they came in for Christmas.  They loved them because we chose records by artists they like AND everyone loves a homemade gift!  :) 

My husband has his record-bowls in the man cave, and his Star-bursts stash lives in the bowl.  

Have you made these before?  Or received them as a gift maybe?  They were really easy to make!  And I ordered the records off of Etsy.  They were between $1 and $3 each (plus shipping).  So, it's not much of a tutorial I guess, I didn't take many pictures.  But...I hope maybe you'll try it out for yourself!  :)



Alison said...

These are incredibly cool! Thanks for sharing :)

Meg @ mrcandme.blog.com said...

That's so funny because I also had this craft booked marked B.P. (before pinterest haha..maybe it'll be the new B.C. or A.D.). If you intend to make more you can find super cheap records at garage sales and at most any thrift store. P.S. over the summer I wanted to make one of these bowls but then my brother found out my plans he confiscated the records I horded saying it was sacrilegious! ha (just fyi he's a college freshman, a bit of a hippie, vegetarian, who prefers the good old stuff like records :) gotta love him!)

Brooke said...

Haha the same thing happened to me. I saw it, and then had to find it again later when I became a Pinterest user/addict. I haven't actually made any of them yet. Yours turned out great!

lilmoomoo said...

Those are very cool!
However, I LOVE playing records.. So I would totally have a hard time deciding if I could "melt/mold" any of them!?

I'm jealous of that STYX record. Sigh..